Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chris Kyle’s Lies Damaged His Family

I suppose most people who care know by now.  Jesse Ventura has been awarded 1.8 million dollars in his defamation suit against the late Chris Kyle.  And since my blog has been popular for my “Chris Kyle, the Lying Sociopath” post, I suppose some response is in order.

As I said in that previous post, I am not against what he did in Iraq.  I’ve never been in any combat situation in my life and I hope to never be.  I can only imagine the fear and angst and the life or death choices one has to make in an instance without hesitation.  He killed hundreds of people in combat as a sniper.  I am sure he had good reason to do so.

And, as I said in my post about his murder, I did not wish for his death.  As far as I know, he was a somewhat decent family man and now his children are fatherless.  He was probably a good husband too for all I know.

But he was a braggart and a liar.  He lied about punching Jesse Ventura.  Worse than that, he lied about what Jesse Ventura said before that.  In short, he dishonored himself by lying about the integrity of another man.

This is something that is lost on modern society.  When you lie about someone else, you defame them and damage their integrity.  Now, Jesse Ventura himself may have little integrity in the eyes of many people already for being, among other things, a 9/11 truther.  But let his words bless or damn him.  There was no need to lie about him.

Unfortunately, the late Mr. Kyle’s family is paying the price for his lies.  One should never tell tall tales in order to make money and damage another person’s reputation.

Jesse Ventura himself has said that there are no winners here.  On the surface, it looks like he was merely trying to clear his reputation.  I would hope that whatever money is left over after paying his lawyer’s fees would go toward some kind of war veterans charity.  But that’s not my decision to make.

I consider this matter resolved.  Jesse Ventura has been exonerated and Chris Kyle has proven to be a liar.  Let this be a lesson to anyone who wishes to make money without honor.  Such things will only damage you and your family in the long wrong.