Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Stock Market Is Not The Free Market

A few months ago, there were a ton of YouTubers promoting a new sponsor: Established Titles.  This was a means by which a person could buy a 1 square foot plot of a Scottish noble’s land and then they would allegedly be able to grant themselves the title of Lord or Lady.

Also, they would plant trees on it or something.

The problem was the entire scheme is basically a sham.  You don’t become a lord or lady simply by owning a parcel of land.  Not in the modern age.

This is not to say that owning the plot wasn’t real, just that their claims of becoming a lord or lady were bogus.  Seriously, would the House of Lords in London let you in because you had title to 1 square foot of land?

As fraudulent as the scheme was, it pales in comparison to one of the biggest schemes devised by the modern West: the stock market.

Established Titles was really just a smaller scale version of the stock market.  Essentially, publicly traded companies have sold partial ownership of their company to whoever can afford it.  In effect, stockholders are considered owners of the company.

This is inherently anti-free market.  You see, in order for the free market to function, it requires private property ownership.  When you dilute a company’s ownership in such a way, it’s not longer really anyone’s property.

When everyone owns it, nobody does.

Setting that reasoning aside, think about the nature of the stock market and what would happen to it if the Federal government stopped regulating it entirely.  I mean, it became a truly free market system without any government interference.

More than likely, it would all be exposed as a fraud, much like Established Titles was.  While there are some additional benefits in owning a stock, like dividends or the ability to direct company policy, ultimately it’s a scam.

I know there are free-marketeers out there who would argue that this is not the case and that owning stocks does equal property ownership.  But if you own Disney stock, do you have the power to tell Disney to stop making LGBTQ content?  You are an owner, after all.  Your concerns should be valid.

But they aren’t.  You are no more the owner in the company you hold stock in than you are a lord or lady by owning an Established Title.

It’s really a sham that’s been developed into this behemoth of a parasitic financial system.  And it is backed by the full force and fist of the Federal government.

Unfortunately, we are stuck in a situation where investing in the stock market is one of the few options available to us.  I do have a few things tied up in mutual funds myself (not all my eggs are there, but there are some) because it is one of the few long-term investments you can make in this broken monetary system.

I would advice most business owners to never go public with your business.  If you can, keep ownership of your company in the hands of a single person, not an entity, not a group, and certainly not stockholders.

Because being a true owner means you have total control of your business, for good or ill.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Elections and AI

Here’s a fun conversation I had with the ChatGPT bot:




Note that this doesn’t prove there was election fraud in 2020 for either party.

But it is a huge smoking gun.  Voter turnout doesn’t just go from 55% to 97% due to ballot harvesting.  If an accounting firm was doing an audit, this would be a big red flag.

I should also note that the AI chatbot here wasn’t lying to me, it was simply repeating the data it had.  It wasn’t designed to do actual data analysis, which means that our current AI is little better than a young child in terms of data processing.  It can only report data, it cannot analyze and provide context.  It’s still a long ways to go from actual sentience.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Of Cain

To understand Cain and why he murdered Abel, we must go back to the original sin of Adam and Eve and the curse that was laid upon the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Genesis 3 verse 15 states,

I will put enmity between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
and you shall bruise his heel.

The key takeaway here is that Eve’s offspring would strike back at the Serpent and the evil that it perpetuated upon all of Mankind.  And, just like the Apostles of Christ who stated that the kingdom of God was at hand shortly after Christ’s ascension.  I imagine that both Adam and Eve believed that Cain would redeem them for Eve states, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord” when Cain is born.  Abel is basically an afterthought when his birth is mentioned.  He is the second-born, meant to simply live as a man without the heavy burden placed on Cain.

It appears that Cain was elevated and given praise by his parents.  They more than likely believed him to be one to redeem all of mankind, lift the curse of sin, and bring them back into the Garden of Eden.  It is probably why he was tasked with growing produce rather than raising livestock.  Livestock is often considered to be a lower practice by most societies and I am willing to bet that Abel’s chosen profession was one that left him as an outcast among his family.

And so Cain and Abel brought their offerings to God.  And God rejected Cain’s offering but accepted Abel’s.  When I was a child, my father said it was because God could see Cain’s heart and while that is probably true, more than likely God was expecting blood sacrifices in order for Cain to redeem his sin.  In a sense, Cain was telling God that he was without sin, unlike his brother Abel, and that he need only give God an offering of produce, not an animal sacrifice.

Cain was, naturally, angry with this rejection.  All his life he had been held in high regard and given all the praise that was due to a redeemer of Mankind.  But here was stinky Abel, who offering of animal flesh was accepted over his best produce.

And so God, recognizing the danger, commanded Cain to master his own sin, which I imagine only angered Cain even more.  And so, Cain murdered Abel in a perversion of the blood sacrifice that God demanded of Man.

Cain was cursed by God for his great sin, of which he was never remorseful over.  At no point does he express regret for his brother’s death.  God curses Cain to be unable to provide for himself anymore, instead having to wander the land begging and scavenging for scraps.  Eventually, he builds a city, probably leveraging his status as Adam’s firstborn in order to establish a kingdom.  And thus, we see the first instance of the elite, born in human sacrifice and cursed to never be able to provide for himself.

The most striking element of the story is when God commands Cain to master his own sin.  This is echoed by Jesus when he tells the people to strive to be perfect as the lord God is perfect.  This runs contrary to a lot of modern Christian thought where the general consensus is that we cannot overcome sin on our own, but only through the saving Grace of Jesus.  And while that is certainly true, it does not absolve us of self-control.  We are saved by Grace but we are to conduct our lives in a manner that strives to be perfect like God.

So let go of your Pride, your Envy, and master your sin.  Otherwise you may find yourself murdering your brother.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

America the Cursed Nation

Lately, it seems to me that the United States has become a curse before God.

I know, this sounds like something some random preacher would say to his congregation in an attempt to keep them around by assuring them that they are not like all the others.

But I don't have a congregation and I wouldn't kiss their collective asses if I did.  That's probably also why I don't have a congregation.

The fact is, Americans have turned their backs on God.  As a collective group, we have rejected His messages, His teachings, and His Grace in favor of our own devices and designs.

This sounds cliche, but we are all suffering from a very deep spiritual sickness right now as a result of this.  And the effects aren't just limited to spirituality.  The past several elections where we are seeing massive voter fraud is one such effect.  God has turned His back on us and thus allowed evil, wicked, and quite possibly demonically possessed yahoos to rule over us.

In this past election alone, we saw red states like Montana and Kentucky vote via referendum to keep abortion legal or expand it.  It should have been an overwhelming landslide vote in both those states to overcome even the voter fraud, but it didn't.

The people have flatly rejected Christ.  I see it all the time.  I see it when people say that they don't care what consenting adults do in their private lives, forgetting Jesus's lessons on the yeast of the Pharisees.

I see it with the Christians who declare that racism is a sin, forgetting that Jesus said some things that would be considered racist by modern standards, and thus they elevate themselves above Christ Himself.  Meanwhile, they do not acknowledge their true sins of Pride, Envy, and Lust.

I see it with the Christians who declare that their church is the one true church forgetting that Paul himself admonished the Corinthians for such nonsense.  And thus, we all bicker and argue over pointless things and fail to unite against the rampant sin and evil that is in our midst.

The planks in our eyes are massive.

Our women do not submit to men.  Instead, men simp for women leaders and are happy when they get elected, even though they are the worst possible people to be in those roles.

As a result, our government is now bullying the rest of the world to engage in abortion, sodomy, and usury.  The isolated communists and Islamic countries are more moral than the US, even though they deny Christ.

So I see many people who seek God and His Son building things to replace what was lost.  But such things are nothing more than folly, a chasing after the wind.  It is materialism, just like the sons of the devil, and it seems to lack any kind of spirituality.

Do you say to have many children?  St. Paul had none and he had no regrets.  St. Philip had four daughters who could prophesy and he was teleported to different locations.  Do your daughters have the Holy Spirit upon them?  Do your sons proclaim the Christ?  Do you focus on what truly matters?  Are you not worth many sparrows?  Your barns are full but your lives will be accounted for soon.

I say these things not to shame you but to challenge you.  We need a real spiritual awakening in this country.  We need the Holy Spirit to spread across this land more than ever.  We need the demons to scream in pain as they are driven out by Christ.

And all you do is take pride in your works, bicker about who is a grifter, and boast about the size of your family.

Take time to really focus on God.  See if He will intervene not just in your own life but that He would pour His Spirit out on our nation and the people here.  Yes, things are broken, but they can be fixed and God is good at doing that.  But we have to turn back to Him and stop talking nonsense and doing evil.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Deep State Watergate

I just finished reading Born Again by Charles Colson.  It’s a solid book and I recommend it.  Colson gives us a brief overview of his time as a political operative, starting in Boston, and becoming one of President Nixon’s top men in the Whitehouse.

The book is not really about that, though.  Most of his narrative surrounding Nixon and Watergate springboard for telling his conversion to accept Christ and became one of His mightiest disciples in our modern era.  You have to understand that this man was involved in one of the greatest political scandals of his time and through all of that he came to Christ and ended up finding redemption, forgiveness, and serving restitution to those he had wronged.

So overall, it is a good read and I’d recommend it because firsthand account of what happened during those times that won’t be watered down by stupid high school textbooks, communist journalists, or stuffy professors who have never had to face the possibility of prison time in their miserable lives.

To his credit, Colson never did anything wrong with regards to the Watergate break-in or had anything to do with the subsequent cover-up but he does admit that what he was imprisoned for was legitimate.  He did commit obstruction of justice against Dr. Daniel Ellsberg during his trial for releasing the Pentagon Papers.

And this is what I want to focus on.  Charles Colson states in this book that he never ordered the Watergate break-in and that he tried bothered to cover it up.  The most you could say he did was making the mistake of hiring Howard Hunt, the man behind the actual break-in, as he was a, supposedly, former CIA operative.

This part stuck out to me.  While it’s not a significant part of the narrative of the overall book, it does shed some interesting light on the truth about the whole Watergate affair.

The Watergate operation was more than likely not an operation to bug the Democrat campaign, but it was an operation perpetrated by the CIA and the Deep State to discredit Nixon in some fashion.  The operation was botched, that much cannot be in doubt, but at the same time, if they had succeeded, the end result would have been the same.  The bugs would have very likely been discovered by Democrat party members and the scandal would’ve perpetuated anyway, especially if the CIA decided to tip them off.

When Colson found out about the break-in, he found out when everyone else did by reading about it in the local newspapers.  He states in his book that despite being a political hatchet man, he would have never resorted to such tactics as they were incredibly stupid.  President Nixon personally called him to confirm whether or not Colson had ordered the break-in and Colson stated as much and Nixon agreed.  The Watergate break-in was an independent operation done by E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Libby designed to bring low a man who commanded massive popular support among the American people.

In the book, Colson states that at one point he was given access to CIA documents which showed they were trying to frame Colson as a means of deflecting attention away from the CIA.  He also states that Bob Woodward was a CIA asset.  My guess is that the whole reason the Watergate scandal got as big as it did was because the CIA was pushing their narrative in the press and drumming up as much anti-Nixon fervor as they could.  They didn’t care about the country or the duly elected officials.  They wanted to protect their own skins and if that meant making a popular president look like a sack of shit, so be it.

I’m not exactly sure why the CIA went so far as to get Nixon to resign.  Perhaps they were afraid of his power.  He did win the 1972 election with 61% of the popular vote and 49 states.  People were back then, as they are today, completely disgusted with the radical Left’s insanity.  It’s something that gets overlooked in your public skool history lessons where the hippies are often the good guys fighting against wicked old men like Nixon.  But that wasn’t the case then and it isn’t the case now.

Fortunately, the Watergate scandal backfired on the CIA as well.  I doubt we would have had the Church Committee investigations if nothing had happened.  The whole Watergate incident should have fizzled out.  Had the people trusted Nixon a little bit more and had Nixon been a little less paranoid, maybe he would have never resigned in disgrace.  The truth is, Nixon had nothing to do with the break-in and it doesn’t look like he was trying to cover anything up.  The Whitehouse tapes pretty much proved all of that.

But the truth is not something that the general public deals in.  The truth was the Charles Colson was innocent of everything surrounding Watergate, that he was merely a shrewd political operative but not so unscrupulous as to plant bugs in the offices of his rivals, especially when his side was winning so soundly.

It should be noted that Howard Hunt has been fingered as one of the men behind the JFK assassination.  I don’t know how true that is, as this was all inconclusive based on faulty deathbed confessions of his, but given how Watergate was executed outside of the Nixon administration and Republican party’s wishes, it would not surprise me.

Whatever the case is, I suppose we’ll never know the full extent of it.  I still don’t have a clear motive for why the CIA sandbagged Nixon myself, but it is very likely that they did it.

And sometimes, evil men do things for no reason at all other than to hurt others.