Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Reason For The Alt-Right

Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton addressed a rapidly growing segment of the conservative movement last week, known as the Alternative Right or Alt-Right.  As predicted by many, this speech did nothing to dismay Alt-Right followers.  Instead, it merely strengthened them and gave them legitimacy on the national stage.

I won’t go into what the Alt-Right generally believes in, as I think Vox Day does this well, but I will highlight that many mainstream conservatives are opposed to the idea, largely because it is viewed as racist by the communists.

I’ve always found it fascinating that conservatives will bend over backwards to prove they aren’t racists, from funding liquor and strip clubs for blacks to granting amnesty for Mexican invaders all the while calling the Left the real racists.

So far, gay marriage has been made legal via Supreme Court mandate and transsexual bathroom usage is now a national issue.  More than likely the latter will be put up before the Supreme Court, which a long and proud history of ignoring basic science (see Nix v. Hedden as an example).  The result will probably be that there are 200 human genders and that all businesses must create bathrooms for all of them.  They have a tendency to engage in magic thinking, after all.

Moreover, the greatest sin of all time, murder, has been legalized in the US, provided the doomed human being is present in his mother’s womb.  The conservative movement has made zero headway in this issue but for some reason always trout it out during an important election cycle.

The Alt-Right is merely a response to these failures and a retooling of tactics to use against the communists.  It is a refution of the old, vague conservative ideas which seem to grow more moderate as the decades drone on.  The communists lost the Cold War.  It appears that they’ve won the propaganda war.

What the Alt-Right recognizes is that the communists only have the political equivalent of shit tests, applies political Game theory to them, and turns those tests into a win.  Being called a racist means nothing to them.  Homophobic?  Nah, they’re just pedophiles.  Misogynistic?  What’s wrong with wanting women to be happier at home?

I would like to note too that Donald Trump is not Alt-Right.  In fact, the only political ideology which Trump ascribes to is himself.  I have no illusions about who he is.  But when he took Megyn Kelly to task when the supposed conservative blond brought up the “War on Women” idea to him, he cleaned her clock.

If nothing else, it highlights the kind of attitude that the Alt-Right has.  Having observed many prominant people on the Alt-Right, I can say that they are not afraid of the charges of racist, sexism, or “homophobia” and instead of trying to prove themselves to their ideological enemies, instead focus on attacking them.

Ultimately, the mainstream conservative movement better embrace the Alt-Right or get out of their way.  Because if you aren’t with them, you’re against them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Here's Another Group of Guys Who Deserve to be Tossed Out of Helicopters

First listen to some of the following video, courtesy of the TheBechtloff, which is a debate between Matt Forney and Beardson Beardly:

Okay, I lied, it wasn't a debate. There were no logic, reason, or rational thinking coming from Beardson. Instead, we had a total and complete loser who has to lie about everything yelling at Matt Forney for not being Beardson Beardly.

That is really what the debate boils down to. You have a man who is so jealous of another man's modest success in an increasingly popular political movement looking to knock him down a notch. In other words, Beardson Beardly suffers from a vice primarily afflicting women: Envy.

Any average, normal person would listen to that dialog and view Beardson as a reprehensible dirtbag who produces no entertainment value. He has to instead troll and verbally attack others who have done a better job than him and when he is called to account, he instead behaves like a child. Because he never matured beyond the teenage years.

Don't believe anything Beardson says about himself. Within the video itself, he contradicts himself and he doesn't care. Don't bother to tweet at him or debate him or others like him. There is no point because narcissists like him feed off attention.

The best way to deal with such men is to simply ignore them. Don't acknowledge, don't talk to them, and don't believe a damn thing they say. They are degenerates who celebrate the destruction of others with no regard to themselves.

If they were in ISIS controlled territories, they would be tossed off of rooftops, not for being homosexual, but for being themselves. There is a reason that disobedient children in ancient Israel were stoned to death. Beardson represents why.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Utility Does Not Derive Morality

Mainstream American culture by and large rejects God.  At best, God is an apathetic pro-sodomy deity with limited powers and is generally a wussy (see this past season of Supernatural for an example).  The very idea that God has His own rules which He expects all of us to follow, beyond the natural laws which cannot be violated, seems to generate feelings a rage or hatred from most people these days.

So what happens with the absence of God's Law? You create a power vacuum in our society where morality is based on vague notions of emotions and utility. Hence you see all these degenerate morlocks running around squawking "consent is needed" in order to justify every perverse act imaginable.

This kind of thinking crosses all boundaries of political spectrum because we are now no longer allowed to talk about God in public. Talking about God in public means talking about morality, pointing out that all people are sinners, and then hurting the feelings of people who like to wallow in their sin like a pig in its mud. And we can't have hurt feelings after all.

Truth is something that is very hard to come by these days. Instead of telling the Truth, that Jesus came and died for ours sins and we must strive to be perfect once accepting Him, we are marginalized as fanatics or zealots. Frankly, I'd rather be a zealot than a faggot.

So instead of deriving our morality from God, we instead look to utility. Did the two men consent to sucking each other's dick? Did the adult son consent to the sexual advances of his estranged mother? Can a six-year-old consent to sex?

And yet, there are people out there (for lack of a more eloquent term, let's call them "assholes") who view the world exactly like that. They seek to destroy children, either through education or molestation, and they have no qualms about ruining people's lives if they vocally disagree. If they had total power, they would round people up and slaughter them for the "sin" of disagreeing with them.

I've said in the past that economics is not morality nor can any moral code be derived from it. The same applies to utility. Because you can justify anything through utility (did it make you happy?).

It is high time we call all Christians, both devout and casual, to come back to God in a big way. Because we already are seeing the alternatives, which involve promoting gay pride parades, murdering unborn children, and allowing freaks to engage in carnal relations with non-humans.

A society built on God and His Son suddenly finds itself falling apart after rejecting Him. There should have been a book written on this somewhere....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Question of Integrity

When I was offered a job at the current company I am working for, I received another job offer two days later.  But I already had accepted the first job offer.

The second offer was for more money, although the commute would be longer and require me to use public transit if I wanted to keep my sanity. It was also a permanent hire position rather than a contract to hire position.

While it was definitely a better offer overall, I had already accepted the other offer and told them I would be working for them. Despite talking with both a recruiter and a person in HR, I had to ultimately decline the second offer on a matter of principle.

I had given my word already that I would work for the first company. What good am I as an employee or a man, if I ultimately waffle on my obligations or promises at the last minute?

This is not meant as a boast about my character but rather to hopefully convict others to maintain good integrity. When I was talking with various recruiters, I found that they have had issues in the past where a client would accept a job offer and then break the agreement at the last minute. While in the short-term, it may seem like a good idea, but long-term it may not work out.

Maybe this is pie-in-the-sky thinking but I try to hold myself to a higher standard. No, I don't expect some kind of reward for this, but I think that if everyone behaved with more integrity, meant what they said, and followed through with their declarations, our society probably wouldn't be collapsing around us in riots and debt.

I know, I don't owe the current company anything really. And I could have backed out of the obligation and faced no serious legal repercussions. Hell, the company I work for now may cancel my contract early and I may end up on the job market again rather quickly.

But utility isn't morality. Morality comes from God and while we are called to be shrewd, we are also called to ensure that our "yes" means "yes" and our "no" means "no".

And that is really what integrity comes down to. It's about saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lessons From my Sudden Unemployment

I have posted in over a month now and there is a good reason for that.

Back at the end of June, my boss called me into an HR office and told me that the team was being restructured and I wasn’t on it.  I was given a full paycheck for the last half of June, a four week severance, and about 13 days of unused vacation income.  Also, I was considered “re-hirable” so I suppose it wasn’t anything I’ve done on Twitter or Facebook.

But it was totally unexpected and left me with no job and a family to take care of.

And so, I was left unemployed for the month of July.  I’m a software developer by trade and I live in the DC Metro area, so I should be able to find a new job, right?

For the first couple of weeks, I was dealing with the 4th of July vacation fallout.  Basically, I was laid off on the biggest vacation period of the year.  So that meant I was stuck talking with recruiters for two weeks while trying to set up in-person interviews.

Eventually, I was able to secure a job offer after nine in-person interviews and about a dozen phone interviews.

So what did I learn?

For one thing, I need to find alternative forms of income, which I can do in my spare time without disrupting my normal daily routines.  This is not to replace my regular job but simply to supplement my existing income and not put me in desperation mode.  I have a good amount of savings to hold me over for a while, but I hate having to tap it, especially because I am also hoping to have enough savings to buy a house someday.

So I’m going to try a few new things, like Twitch, or maybe re-monetize my blog.  Or perhaps I’ll just find another form of income entirely.  Anyway, I’ll try and figure something out in the next several months.

Secondly, even if you’re in high demand, that doesn’t mean you will easily find a replacement job.  In many cases, I found that I didn’t have exactly what people were looking for.  There were plenty of people who could easily get the job over me because they had skills oriented toward what the employer wanted or who would work for less.

Being in high demand means you are also highly replaceable apparently.

Third, most recruiters aren’t going to find you a job.  I think I wasted a lot of time talking with recruiters.  I did get my current job through a recruiter but he was extremely aggressive and sales-oriented.  Find a recruiter who is willing to push you through some hoops.  In this case, he was able to bypass all the useless phone interviews and cut straight to the in-person interview.

So while recruiters can be useful, you may be better off just applying at various places directly unless you can find a particularly aggressive recruiter.

Lastly, never assume that your job is secure.  I fully expected to still be working for that last company for several years, instead I was dumped to curve the instant budget cuts had to be made (I’m assuming that’s what happened, the details were fuzzy from their end).

God-willing, I will be able to keep this current job for a few years, but I should keep my eyes open for better opportunities as nothing is a guarantee anymore.  The days of working for a company for most of your life are gone.

For some reason, we are considered replaceable cogs even though we are highly skilled workers these days.  That probably doesn’t bode well for the future.