Thursday, February 23, 2017

Milo Was a Target of the Soros Defamation Machine

So the mass-media campaign against Milo has largely been successful, for now.  This is largely not without merit as Milo’s own statements, while not straight up supporting pedophilia, did more or less talk about young teenage sex as a potentially positive thing.

Of course, this was him basing it all on feels rather than actual morality.  Sin always feels good.  It’s a great feeling to sin.  But it is fleeting and leads to death and destruction.  Milo himself admitted that he never saw himself as a victim of sexual abuse, he did engage in self-destructive behaviors indicative of sexual abuse.

Besides the semantics of what he said, which has been done to death, very people are acknowledging what really happened here.

Milo was targeted by the Soros Defamation Machine.  He was targeted because he was the popular writer at Breitbart, which has direct ties to President Trump through one of his top advisors Michael Bannon.

This is why when he spoke at UC Berkeley, a bunch of jack-booted blackshirts showed up to commit blatant acts of terrorism.  And this is why the narrative in the mainstream press became about how Milo supported pedophilia.

Nevermind that Salon, the news organization behind the initial hit piece, had previously published two articles promoting sex with children.  These articles mysteriously disappeared following the hit piece’s publication of course.

I hope this experience is a turning for Milo’s personal life.  I hope he realizes that he was taken advantage of by older, wicked men who exploited a confused young boy.  I hope he realizes that the teachings of Jesus are incompatible with his sexual lifestyle.  And I hope that the Grace of God shines on him and heals his very deep spiritual wounds.

But make no mistake, this man was targeted by the globalist machine.

Monday, February 20, 2017

That One Arrow Episode About Guns

Last week, the show Arrow decided to tackle gun control.  No, it wasn’t a side-story, it was the main story of the episode.  Basically, the beginning featured a man walk into City Hall, where the protaganist Oliver Queen is working as mayor, and gun down a bunch of people.

It turns out later he was a gun control activist who lost his family to a shootout (he was an activist before he lost his family) and decided to go on a gun rampage in response to this.

That’s the brief overview of the episode.  There really wasn’t much of a story to it other than that.  But I am going to give a review of the episode because unlike Supergirl which did a gun control episode where Supergirl was pro-gun control, this one was little more well-balanced.

The Good

So over all, the gun-control debate was pretty balanced.  On the gun control side, you had Mr. Terrific.  On the other side, you had Wild Dog.  Both presented their points well, for the most part.

What I give more credit to is the fact that the pro-gun side was presented well enough for a primetime television show.  Often times, even serious news outlets don’t even bother to present the pro-gun side as being nothing more than dumb hicks.  In this case, you had a serious debate with characters who were invested in their sides.

On top of that, neither of them came to physical blows over the debate and even had a bit of reconciliation in the end.  They made the point in the show that people used to debate political issues without breaking friendships or creating bitter enemies.

Another good aspect of the episode is that we get a back story for Wild Dog and a sense of why he’s so angry most of the time.  Basically, his wife was a drug addict whose dealer shows up to collect a debt from her.  Rene (aka Wild Dog) tries to trick the dealer by saying the money is in his safe when his gun was actually there.  The gun was there largely because his wife didn’t want him carrying it around.

Tragically, while Rene is able to take out the dealer, the dealer’s gun goes off and hits his wife.  In the aftermath, Rene loses custody of his daughter with CPS stating that his home was an “unsafe environment”, even though it was his wife who was the unsafe element.

So we get a jab at Child Protective Services in the episode as well, which is a bonus.

The Bad

Oliver Queen as mayor advocates for gun control in the wake of the shooting.  So the main character, who moonlights as a vigilante and occasionally kills people with a bow and arrow, decides that guns are too dangerous.

On top of that stupidity, the shooter was a gun-control advocate who lost his family in a mass shooting and decided to go on a mass shooting himself.  In the end, we’re supposed to feel sorry for this asshole, despite the fact that he’s killed 7 people in a mass shooting.

The Ugly

The resolution that Queen reaches at the end of the episode is a city ordianance that supposedly restricts gun access but at the same time allows for guns to be owned and operated by all the citizens.

In other words, it was an impossible compromise.  This is highlighted by the fact that the details of the law aren’t really spelled out other than “both sides win”.

Overall, it wasn’t a very good episode and I generally don’t like it when television shows get all preachy.  This is why I stopped watching Supergirl.

The only real good aspect of this was that we got some backstory with Wild Dog and what some of his motivations are.

But even if you’re a hardcore fan of the Arrowverse, this is one to skip.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Crashing Waves of Feminism

Here’s a quick overview of the various waves of feminism:

  1. First Wave – Women wanted the “right” to vote and to ban all alcohol.  The latter stance was probably because they had regrets the following morning.  The former has a direct correlation with ever increasing government.
  2. Second Wave – Women wanted the “right” to murder their own children, to be able to enter the workforce, and the ability to divorce without consequence.  The first was unnecessary since birth control pills were already available by the time abortion became law.  The second has caused wages to stagnate as the increased supply of labor was faster than the demand.  The third turned marriage into a social dating contract and empowered women to financially rape their husbands when they aren’t happy.
  3. Third Wave – Not really sure about this one honestly.  The best I can say is that this one is about sexual freedom, sexual harassment lawsuits, and the ability to acquire feminine products for free.  Many of the problems that are cited by third-wave feminists are the direct result of the previous waves.  In truth, I suspect this wave is more about complaining than any actual grievance, though the past grievances weren’t that big of a deal.
  4. Fourth Wave – Supposedly, this is the new wave a feminism that is quickly approaching.  So far, it appears to entail things like sex is bad and video games are sexist.

You see a trend here.  It starts with politics, then goes to culture, then continues on to economics, then finally settles on simple pastimes.  Feminism is hell-bent on making the lives of everyone miserable.

Notice too that responsibility is constantly taken away from women and placed on men as the trends move forward.  At this point, much of our culture doesn’t even bother to call out women for their bad behavior and only in extreme cases are they given any kind of punishment.  Even then, others make excuses for them rather than accept the simple fact that women can be just as bad as men, just in different ways.

I think it’s high time we fought against these wicked women.  We must take away everything they have gained in the last century.

Of course, we don’t have to fight back.  Nature has a nasty habit of reasserting itself, often in violent ways.  Fighting back is the more compassionate option, in my opinion.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Football: Timeout to Sodomy

So the Superbowl happened yesterday.  I didn’t watch it largely because I wasn’t all that interested in it or its outcome.

I’m not going to complain too much about the people who did.  Football was once a serious staple of American culture and it embodied the spirit of the masculine.

These days it doesn’t.  The communists have seen the attention that football gets and have taken to targeting the common man with propaganda through this sport.  The commercials, from what I’m told, took the Leftist narrative and codified it.

There was a time not too long ago when the Superbowl commercials were just fun to watch.  I’m sure there many commercials that were fun to watch last night but there were plenty of anti-American commercials as well.

And make no mistake, there are plenty of companies out there who are anti-American.  They are like the feminist who secretly wants to be raped, these companies secretly want to be regulated.

In any case, another thing that has become tainted is the halftime show.  Before, it was usually an entertaining endeavor, but lately has devolved into a mock pagan ritual.  Really, nothing could better describe it than that.  And this year’s headliner was Lady Gaga, of all people, whose music videos are usually nothing short of dark sex magick rituals.

And she probably fucks her father.  Just sayin’, giving what she’s been seen wearing while hugging him in public.

So no, I don’t bother with football.  I was never that interested in football to begin with and these days, I no longer believe it to be as American as apple pie.

I don’t expect people to stop watching football.  Sports is the main distraction of the common man, after all.  Nor do I wish to impose this view on anyone really.  But just don’t question my manhood when I refuse to watch a sport which promotes sodomy and social justice at every timeout.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Catholic Foolishness

I’ve seen some blog posts and comments, as well as heard comments on podcasts, about how Martin Luther was a heretic and that he ruined Christianity in the West, which was universal and united.

Such historical ignorance is astounding, especially when the people I hear it coming from are usually smarter than average.  I really boils down to the lament that “things were better back then” and “if only we could go back, then it would be better”.

Unfortunately, that is never the case.  If you are any good in your studies of history or just the Bible in general, you’d know that human nature is the same at all times.  Sure the technologies change, the nationalities change, and settlement rise and fall, but humanity more or less is the same since the Garden incident.

So no, things weren’t better back when the Catholic Church had united most of Europe.  This is because if they were better, then why would Martin Luther have a need to break away in the first place?

Martin Luther, you see, did not wish to initially break from the Catholic Church.  But the institution had become corrupt and engaged in the practice of providing salvation through money in order to fund excessive projects.  That was the basis of Luther’s 95 theses.  It was, in effect, a series of complaints about the corruption that had taken place within the Church.

I have seen this same scenario play out in my own time.  From SFWA’s campaign against Vox Day to the break of the Anglican Church from the Episcopal Church, institutions which become corrupted often break into splinter factions.  The break is usually not pretty and often involves great sacrifices.

But even more astounding is the complete and utter denial of the simple fact that there was already was a great schism in the church beforehand with the Orthodox Church in the East.  In fact, it was the Catholic Church that broke from them because at the time, the last remnants of the Empire were housed in Constantinople.  So the Catholic Church was created because they didn’t want to answer to the Eastern Emperor.

I’ve also heard that the Church of England was created because King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife.  And while that is true, the fact remains that despite its immoral start, the Church of England successfully established itself all over Africa and in parts of South America and East Asia.  Those are souls that have been saved who otherwise may not have been had Henry VIII decided to be beholden to foreign spiritual leader.

Man is falliable and the institutions he creates, even the Christian ones, will break apart and be destroyed in the wake of corruption, incompetence, and arrogance.  So whenever some idiot Catholic calls Martin Luther a heretic and says that things were better before his break with the Catholic Church, I say that they are damn fools.

In a thousand years, there may not be a Catholic Church or a Church of England.  There will be a church in some form, but it will be one that is more than likely completely unrecognizable by today’s standards.  This is the nature of mankind really.

So save your stupid and petty statements and try and see the bigger picture.  And note that the “Catholic” Church is to universalism as the “People’s Republic of China” is to democracy.