Monday, December 5, 2016

Fake News is Projection

The communists have come up with a new term for Internet news sites which don’t conform to the Narrative: fake news.  Not entirely original, but catchy and very easily employed to dupe the dumb masses into thinking that we are at war with Syria, not ISIS, and that we have always been at war with Syria.

So far, it has been used against the various blogs and low-level news sites which have been reporting on the growing scandal known as PizzaGate.  I won’t get into that horror show here, but basically it involves another pedophile scandal amongst the elite power brokers who rule over us.

Instead of investigating the claims made, mainstream press has taken to calling the independent investigators “fake news” sites and completely dismissing them.

The term “Fake News” though wasn’t created initially to debunk the PizzaGate stories.  No, it started shortly after Donald Trump’s win, which was unexpected by everyone in the mainstream press and the mainstream social media sites.

Instead of accepting the simple fact that they were incredibly wrong in their predictions, the social media monopolists decided to blame it on “fake news” sites like Zerohedge or Brietbart.  So the grand purge has begun.  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other social media sites are now outright employing the Orwellian tactics they cried out against during the Bush years.

In other words, targets are marginalized, banned, muted, outed, libeled, or otherwise maligned as promoters of badthink, which is doubleplus ungood.

The fact is, though, many of the mainstream news sites and channels have been nothing but fake news sites from the beginning.  CNN has been running fake news stories as far back as 1991 during the first Gulf War.  And nearly every poll this year had Hilary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump, in some cases by wide margins, despite the fact that Clinton herself couldn’t get more than 200 people to her rallies in contrast to Trump who got thousands.

If the sites which these supposed proponents of truth are indeed fake sites, then they need more than just a list of fake news.  They need to cite specific articles and correlate them with truthful facts.

In other words, they need to prove it.  One does not simply make a claim like that and assume it can’t be scrutinized, analyzed, and clarified.

In the meantime, I suggest that people avoid getting their news from mainstream sources completely.  Because if Wikileaks is true, then they are merely getting marching orders from the globalist elite and more than likely are lying in every story they report on.

Friday, December 2, 2016

On Greed and Modern Society

One of the few vices which the Left still holds as a vice is Greed.  However, that vice is usually reserved for the wealthy, because the only people they can ascribe any kind of vice to are people who they envy.

But Greed is not reflected in what you have or how much money you make.  There are plenty of greedy people in this country who are not rich or wealthy at all.

For example, when the EBT system broke down at that Wal-Mart, many people took it upon themselves to loot the store of all its food.  This is a prime example of greed amongst poor people.

Middle class folks can also be greedy.  Those who attend church and don’t bother to tithe, for example, are greedy.  They are attending a church and not contributing their own resources to a church.

Greed, like all sins, comes from the heart.  In “The Fairie Queen”, Greed is depicted as a starving, poorly dressed man clutching his gold coins.  The point was to illustrate that greed is about holding tight unto what you have.

This does not mean you need to give up your possessions and let go of the things you have.  There is nothing wrong with having wealth or material possessions.  It is more about making sure that your priorities are not centered on those things.

On the other side of the political spectrum, I’ve heard libertarians say that greed is good.  They do this with a sufficient misunderstanding of what greed actually is and focus on how greed motivates profits.  In this instance, they accept the Leftist premises with regards to greed and argue the opposite case.

But we all know it is dangerous to accept any Leftist premise.  You might as well accept Satan’s claim that you shall not die at face value.

Greed is a vice that is vastly misunderstood in our culture, largely due to Leftist cultural conditioning and an unwillingness to question the Leftist narrative on these matters.

But now that we have an alternative right-wing movement rising, perhaps we can condition those on the Right to never accept the premises of Left-wing lunatics and instead formulate our own ideas.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Decline of Libertarianism

While I share many views with libertarians, I don’t consider myself one.  I do think that the non-aggression principle is a good standard to live by, for example, but that it only covers half of the second greatest commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.

But libertarians themselves seem to have fallen into irrelevancy of late, which is unfortunate.  I think this is largely because while they squabble over what constitutes consent or aggression, our entire country and society is being thoroughly dismantled by Moloch worshippers.

Of late, I have noticed a sharp divide in the libertarian movement.  Mostly, this revolves around the Left-Libertarians, who appear to be only interested in sex, drugs, and promoting anti-discrimination laws, and the Nationalist Libertarians, who are more concerned with the imeding collapse of the United States and the destruction of the culture of freedom.

It looks to me that the Left-Libertarians have, by and large, won the Libertarian Party.  This was solidified when Gary Johnson took the nomination and when that jackass danced naked live on C-SPAN.  My brother, who supported the Libertarian party, disagrees and argues that the Left-Libertarians are only a fringe group.

I argue that the Libertarian party and the greater movement has been successfully converged by Social Justice Warriors who seek lower taxes so they can rape children.

That’s probably an exaggeration but the evidence of convergence is fairly clear to me.  At Porcfest, a annual libertarian conference in New Hampshire, the focus appears to be oriented around sexualizing children, promoting prostitution, orgy tents, and gay slow-dancing.

It seems to me that many libertarians get lost on trying to use rational thinking to apply the non-aggression principle to immoral actions.

And there lies the problem with libertarian thought: applying rational thinking to the inherently irrational concept known as morality.  Look, you can rationalize morality all you want.  But at the end of the day, the non-aggression principle cannot be created using mathematical proofs, scientific methods, or Socratic methods.

There is no logical reason to not murder someone.  It simply is wrong in the same way that 1+1=2.  The reality of the situation is, that while customs and practices are cultural, morality tends to be universal in many different ways.

I have yet to come across a culture where theft is legal, where murder is considered godly, save a few obscure cults, and lying is considered a virtue.  While I am not an anthropologist by trade, I think I’d have heard of some civilization or society somewhere.  And in the rare cases where morality is inverted (like holding up sodomy as the highest virtue), those societies usually collapse within a few generations.

And this is the crux of the libertarian movement as a whole: it seeks to impose a kind of moral code through logic, reason, and evidence without understanding that morality is, at its core, irrational.  Because of this, the movement is doomed to be converged by drug addicts looking to avoid jail time, child rapists seeking validation, and nutcases trying to subvert reality.

Like the anarchists of the 1800s, I suspect that the libertarians of the 1900s will continue to fade into obscurity as the decades of this century pass.  Those who seek to shift the reality of morality and society through political movements often do go the way of the dodo.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Too Much Sodomy On TV

So I’ve been thoroughly disgusted with CW’s superhero shows as of late.  The big one that has turned me off the most has been “Supergirl”, which seems to focus more on Left-wing talking points and lesbian relationships than actual story telling.

“Legends of Tomorrow” comes in a close second.  So far, every character shown to have a stable relationship in that show ends up being gay, because depicting the truth about gay people is wrong.

I will give “Arrow” credit though in that Mr. Terrific is depicted as a gay man who constantly likes to remind people of this fact, even people he just met.  It’s like he’s wired wrong and wants to brag about how he sucks dick and takes it up the ass to complete strangers.

So far, “The Flash” hasn’t emphasized sodomite characters except in passing and focuses instead on telling a story.

And that is all that I ask for.  I don’t want your ideology in my story, especially directly.  Tell the story and if it’s good, I can enjoy it.  Better yet, showing regular people engaged in regular relations is another plus.  Like having a married couple depicted as having a stable relationship.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that most entertainment these days cannot depict stable straight relationships except in comedies and even then it’s pretty rare.

Last season of “Supernatural” made me not want to watch this year’s, largely because God was depicted as bisexual.  As if God would even defile Himself with a woman, much less a man.  The sad part is, they could have excluded the lines about God dating anyone from that scene and the entire story would have been maintained.

Fortunately, “Luke Cage” didn’t feature any of that nonsense, unlike “Jessica Jones”, which featured an unnecessary abortion subplot.

It seems that many fantasy stories strive to make unnatural relationships front and center, along with the cultural Left-wing worldview.

But Donald Trump won.  This indicates that cultural Marxism is on the decline and if any of these shows want to maintain their ratings, then they need to stop preaching to people.

In the meantime, I’m going to simply switch many of them off.  It’s a shame that these shows are doing this because I do enjoy superhero tales of all types, from gritty to light-hearted.

It’s also a shame that I live in a culture where sodomy is considered sacred and that people go out of their way to demonstrate how much they support men who suck dick.

Idolatry is a sin people.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Two Weeks After Being Found, Baby Jesus is Having Trouble Adjusting

Two weeks ago at a Wal-Mart in Martinsville, VA, the baby Jesus was spotted in a Christmas aisle.

At first Gladys, the middle aged woman who found him, thought he was merely an abandoned child, one of many that has occurred all across the country in the wake of Trump’s election.  But when she held up the boy next to a small nativity scene set (now on sale for just $12.99), she instantly recognized his likeness.

“I can’t believe that his mother would just abandon this poor little child here,” Gladys said adding, “I’m sure glad I found him on the Christmas aisle.  If he had been on the electionics aisle, the poor little guy would have starved to death.”

The baby was immediately taken provided foster care with interracial gay couple Jamal and Michael, both of whom are ecstatic about raising our Lord and Savior.

“We just can’t wait to make sure that xe becomes the person xe is meant to be,” said Jamal.

“Teaching xe about all the new things like non-binary genders and the true meaning of love will be a lot of fun,” Michael added.

The strain of being abandoned by his mother, though, appears to have caused the child some mental trama.

“Xe’s starting to throw things at us,” said Jamal, “it’s amazing really.  We were having this little Clinton rally in our home with a bunch of other friends.  We heard xe crying and when I came in with a bottle while still wearing my party costume, I was suddenly hit in the arm with a metal top Michael found while antiquing.  It must be telekinesis or something.”

The couple has taken the baby to a therapist who has already prescribed the baby anti-depressants.

“Once xe started taking medication, we were able to feed xe without incident, even in our night apparel,” Michael said, his husband adding, “Oh Michael, nobody needs to hear about that.”

Despite this minor setback, Pope Francis has already visited the baby, although he had to be removed when he tried to strangle the child.  Several world leaders have also requested an audience with the baby, most involving some kind of “Spirit Cooking” event, but the happy couple have declined for now.

“Xe’s just a bit overwhelmed by all the attention,” said Michael, “we just don’t want xe to be exposed to that kind of stressful environment until xe is at least 3 years old.”

The couple is hopeful they’ll be able to adopt Jesus into their lives and maybe being hormone treatments to make xe the proper gender xe is supposed to be.

A continual vigil is being held outside the couple’s home in Roanoke right with many religions claiming ownership of the child.  Their candlelight is barely visible in the night, though, since there seems to be an unusual star in the night sky.  Scientists are still investigating but are confident that the star’s appearance is just a coincidence.