Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Equality a Virtue?

Ever since Thomas Jefferson famously wrote “all men are created equal”, this country has been obsessed with equality as a kind of forgotten virtue.  Never mind the context with which Jefferson wrote or what he truly meant, which I imagine is much, much different from the modern notions, but people have somehow taken hold of it and started applying it in absurd ways.

It’s like the Kurt Vonnegut story coming to life before our very eyes.

But is equality really a virtue?  Is it something that we should strive for as a society or is equality merely just an abstract concept that ultimately has no meaning in a modern context?

I believe that the quest for equality is more a vice than a virtue.  It is another one of those good intentions that always leave the rest of us worse off than in the beginning.

When I was growing up in school, I vividly remember my teacher telling us that we were all equal.  She had us repeat the mantra quite a few times actually.  It seemed like a good thing, that all my classmates and I were basically the same.

Looking back though, I wonder if I could have questioned it.  Naturally, I was still in the early on in my intellectual development and lacked the ability to properly question the teacher.  Very children are intelligent enough to do so even in high school.

But the question remains: were we all equal?  Was I equal to the troublemaker kid and therefore deserved the same punishment has him?  Could I take the place of the teacher and instruct the class on the lessons of the day?   Could I receive the same grades as the smart kid because, after all, we were both equals?

In truth, we were not all equal by any valid metric.  Grades, conduct, physical prowess, and many other metrics demonstrated just how different we were.

Somehow, equality has be foisted upon us as a necessary virtue, forgetting the real virtues of Charity, Faith, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, and Courage.  Really, our modern society has abandoned those virtues, the ones that formed Christendom, and replaced them with other, more abstract, and less easily definable ones.  Equality happens to be one of them.

If you ever want to question the morality of equality and consider that maybe it is immoral, consider desegregation.  Back when segregation was the law of the land, blacks more or less behaved themselves.  Yes, whites were not “nice” to them, but injustice was occasional really and the black communities did a good job of keeping their members from doing stupid or criminal things.

These days, the black community is a place you avoid, even if you are black yourself.  The murder rates amongst blacks is much higher than all other races, drugs are rampant, single families are the norm, and their churches focus on hating whitey rather than convicting the congregates to do better (white churches aren’t much better, but that’s besides the point).

Maybe these things are overblown by the media, but it seems to me that many of the predominantly black neighborhoods were much better off when they were under oppression.  At least they were fighting for something.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very articulate speaker and a well-versed wordsmith.  Could any modern black leader say the same?  I can barely understand them half the time and I have a toddler with a speech delay.

I could go on and on about this topic, but it’s nothing you can’t search the Internet for yourself.  My main point is that once we declared blacks to be equals, they took that inch and went an extra mile to vote to oppress white people.  The welfare state has greatly expanded since the Civil Rights Act, although I’d say that is one of the factors.

The truth about Equality is that it is an immoral vice.  No one individual is the same as another.  People are not interchangeable cogs in society’s clockwork.  We all have different things to contribute and the ability to choose whether or not to contribute a certain way.

But this reality is harmful to the dominant communist thinking which strives to invert reality as best it can.  In the minds of the communist, a person can be any sex, any race, and have any sexual preference.  We can do anything as we are born blank slates.

This could not be further from the truth.  In reality, people have genetic factors which determine the limits of their abilities.  While I don’t believe that genetics is destiny, it is important to know that genetics does limit your life ambitions and you should adjust accordingly.

Finally, the main reason I oppose equality as a virtue is because the primary pushers of equality tend to be communist operatives seeking to oppress me and my family.  And pretty all ideas which Leftists push should be opposed merely on the principle that they are a wicked lot with no love in their hearts.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Soulless Communists Get Crazier

So a gay Muslim walks into a bar, murders about 50 of them, and then is killed in a confrontation with the police, who arrived three hours later I might add.  The gay bar was celebrating “La Raza”, by the way, so not only are these degenerates celebrating their ability to suck dick, but also celebrating open racism against whites.

You can imagine that I have very little sympathy for degenerate hedonists and hostile barbarians.  I wonder if this is a sign of God’s judgment on our increasingly degenerate society?  Seriously, what if it was?

The communists have all gone completely and utterly nuts though in the wake of this incident.  We have calls for gun control, which is typical, and no calls for border control or Islam control, which is to be expected.

But then we have commies who are saying this shooting is the fault of Christian, white, straight men.  Or that all religions are equally oppressive against gays.

A brief and cursory glance at the history of Christianity yields very little in the way of massive witch-hunts for homosexuals, unless you count actual witches among them.  Hell, the prime examples I can think of are the Marque de Sade and Oscar Wilde and neither man brought the death penalty on himself for their sodomite behavior.

In more modern times, the worse you can say that a Christian group has done to gays is hold up a sign that “God Hates Fags”, which might have been an anti-smoking rally, I don’t know.

But Muslims have gone out of their way to target homosexuals with death.  From throwing them off of buildings to shooting them with bullets, Muslims seem to get off on killing gay men.

But what about Uganda?  Didn’t Christian Uganda pass a law making sodomy punishable by death?

No, they didn’t.  They pass a law that made acts of sodomy punishable by death IF the victim was a child or disabled person and only if the victim contracted AIDS as a result.

Didn’t Russia pass anti-gay legislation?  Yes.  They passed a law that outlaws gay pride parades and teaching sodomy to children in public schools.

In both cases, neither secular nor Christian governments made being a giant cocksucker punishable by death.

Meanwhile, a two-year-old boy was mauled to death by an alligator while his family was vacating at a Disney resort.  Yes, the family of the boy did something stupid in that there was no swimming signs and it was late in the day.

But the commies took to the Internet to brag about how much they didn’t care because the boy was white.

Yes, that’s right.  Communists hate white children and want to see them all dead.

I’m not a man of violence.  I abhor it, especially as I get older.  But every day I read about this kind of insanity and I fear for my life as a Christian, white, straight man and the lives of my family.

The communist death squads are coming soon.  Be prepared is all I can say.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Review of “X-Men: Apocalypse”

Over the weekend, I watched X-Men: Apocalypse and I enjoyed it immensely.  Here’s a brief review of it:


The latest movie features the first live screen appearance of my favorite villain of all time: Apocalypse.  He’s basically a mutant who powers made him near god-like and who managed to augment his powers even further using technology from the Celestials.  You know, those giant god-robots who are briefly seen in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anyway, in this version Apocalypse is a mutant who transfers his essence (or “soul”) to new mutant bodies as he grows old, each time coopting the powers of that mutant with each transfer.  His latest transfer, seen in the beginning, is a mutant with accelerated healing, which enables him to live forever.

Unfortunately, some of his high-ranking guards betray him and bury him alive.  Flash forward 5,000+ years and it’s the 1980s.  Xavier has re-established a school for mutants but isn’t interested in weaponizing them into a superhero team and Magneto is living in secret in Poland following his attempted assassination of President Nixon.

Xavier takes in Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Kurt Wagner as students, the next generation of mutants.  Meanwhile, CIA agent Moira MacTaggert accidently wakes up Apocalypse while spying on some of his worshippers.

He then begins a covert war on humanity in order to ensure that the strongest survive.  To this end, we see him showcase many of his powers which is a real thrill.  On top of that, he represents everything which Professor Xavier opposes, which is to not protect the weak but let them die off and even create the situations where that happens.

He is also an expert demagogue, masking his true intentions to his horsemen until they are fully onboard and luring them in with enhancements to their power.

We see the continuation of the alternate timeline created in Days of Future Past with Xavier not locking down Jean’s powers and basically all previous five movies (the first X-Men trilogy and two Wolverine movies) are nullified.

The Bad

The altered timeline created by the previous movie does make some flimsy plot points to explain why Apocalypse appeared this time around.  The main reason was that because of Magneto’s public appearance in the 70s, people started forming cults around the world.  And one of these cults worshipped Apocalypse.

The other issue was that Angel appears in this continuity in his 20s when he appeared in the third movie at the same age, which took place 20 years later.  No explanation is given for this inconsistency other than the writers wanting a live action version of Archangel appearing in this movie.

Also, it is hinted that Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother, but this is very subtle.  Basically, she targets him and him alone for saving from the mutant cage arena and no one else.

The Ugly

Didn’t see Apocalypse grow in size in real life.  That was only done when he was in the astral plane fight with Xavier.  Between that and his shape-shifting,  these were the few powers he wasn’t demonstrating, which made him even more menacing in the comics and animated shows.

In summary, I highly recommend seeing this movie if you are an X-Man fan or just a superhero fan in general.  I consider it to be just as good as Captain America: Civil War and is worth the price of admission.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Nature of Degenerates

The latest mass murder in Orlando can best be described as a case where a barbarian (or barbarians) decided to impose barbaric law on a bunch of degenerates.  This is the typical outcome when barbarians invade any land in that they first go for easy targets where civilians are concerned.

I am not saying that all gays are degenerates, though many are.  In fact, the vast majority of LGBT people are a subset of degenerates.  They are, however, usually only around 3% of the population and hardly representative of the majority of degenerates in a society.

The degenerate class is made up of people whose ideals specifically call for the destruction of civilization as a whole.  In order to understand that, we have to understand what keeps a civilization going.

Firstly, civilizations require a solid culture as a foundation. Rome for the longest time made it difficult for foreigners to obtain citizenship, had a solid foundational moral code, and a solid idea of what makes a Roman.  Note that culture includes a common religion, a common race, and a common idea of what government should do.

Secondly, civilization needs children.  Children are key because they are the next generation.  And the children who are being born need to be children of the primary race who built the civilization in the first place, otherwise the societal IQ suffers for the worse.

Thirdly, people living in a civilization need to have low time preference.  This means that they plan ahead, stave off most pleasures of the moment in order to ensure that they are not destitute in old age or leave their children in financial ruin because of their bad decisions.

These are the common traits that most people need to have and agree upon in order to maintain a civilization.  There are probably more, but these three things are probably the primary traits of any successful civilization.

So what do degenerates do?

For one thing, they do not particularly like or encourage children, either outright or indirectly.  For example, telling women to pursue a career, go to college, and have children when they are nearly too old to do so is a mainstream ideal.  Tell a woman she should not go to college, have a career, and marry early so that she can have children while she is in her prime sexual health is considered sexist by many people, especially the entertainment culture we live in.

Obviously, sexually deviant practices and encouraging of said actions is also degenerate and anyone who does so should be considered a degenerate.

The welfare state promotes high time preference along with our materialist culture encouraged by corporate marketing.

Finally, the cultural Marxists and the Feminists (the primary subgroup of the former) are out to utterly destroy the idea of being an American.  The pro-immigrant factions of both parties are doing so as well by pushing for another, inferior culture or cultures.  And if these folks spent any time in any of these foreign nations outside of the resort bubbles they are used to staying in, they might see why American culture is far superior.

Degenerates are people who actively work against the interests of civilizations they reside in, even if they don’t consciously know it.  They usually exist in civilized societies in low numbers but when they gain a significant minority (like greater than 20% or so) or take power in key institutions (like entertainment, journalism, or government agencies), they tend cause civilization to decline.

The trouble is, the civilized usually fail to recognize the problem until the decline is in full swing.  Now, there may be leaders who are able to stave off the decline but once it begins, it tends to snowball.

But this is why the barbarians last much longer than the civilized: they have a zero-tolerance policy towards degenerates.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Truths About Feminism

Here are some of the unvarnished truths about feminism and feminists:

  • The modern feminist movement was created in order to encourage corporate materialism and promote cultural Marxism.
  • The accomplishments of feminists largely have to do with what important man they’re sleeping with.
  • The greatest accomplishment of feminism is getting women full access to medical services where legal baby murder is committed.
  • Feminism’s chief goal is not about granting more rights for women nor is it about making women happier, but making other women miserable and taking as much as they can from men.
  • Feminism hates the institution of marriage because it was a sacred rite before God.
  • Feminists are driven by reason or logic but by emotions.
  • Feminists are generally not all that attractive because attractive women are always at the top of the social structure.
  • Feminism is the politicization of envy.
  • Feminism was never about equality, but revenge.
  • Feminism denies the realities of biological science.
  • Feminism is anti-child and thus anti-civilization.
  • Feminism promotes the sexualization of children, especially young girls.
  • Feminism is supported by the mentally ill or sexually abused.
  • Feminism will not get a man laid.
  • Feminists do not make for good wife material, church-goers, life partners, or customers.
  • Feminists want access to all “male institutions” not because of equality but because of envy.
  • When a feminist calls a man a “rapist”, what they mean is that either he is openly opposed to their agenda or he is not sexually desirable to them.
  • Feminists encourage other women to ride the cock carousel because they are dead inside.
  • Feminists cannot article why the patriarchy was bad for women, other than vague accusations of abuse and rape.
  • Feminists worship their own victimization at the hands of a predator.
  • Feminists overlook the crimes of their fellow Narrative adherents because the Narrative is the most important thing.
  • Feminists dare not call any non-white person a rapist because they view them as barbarians and are afraid of getting an axe to the face.
  • Feminists don’t need a man except for alimony, child support, protections, dirty jobs, tax dollars, children, etc.

There are more, I’m sure of that.

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