Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Civilized Tribalism

A few years ago, I would have told you that the individual is sovereign and that government policy should respect and reflect that.

I believe this was because I myself am a naturally extreme introvert, enjoying the songs of silence and taking solace in loneliness despite living in a two bedroom condo with a family, and so I think I was projecting my own personality traits on others.

Unfortunately this is not the case.  People, by and large, find comfort in group dynamics and communities.  I realize that now.  While someone like me can survive without human contact for extended periods of time, not many people can.

In short, people were meant to be social creatures.

In light of this realization, I have since modified my stances on various ideas to fit this epiphany I’ve had.  As such, I now view many conflicts in modern society as nothing more than a form of civilized tribalism.

When you see the black lives matters riots, it is an expression of tribal loyalty, nothing more.  Gangs are formed as a result of innate tribalism.

As such, I have nothing but contempt for the Left these days.  While I don’t believe in the superiority of any race, I don’t believe in racial equality either.  Such concepts are subjective based on location, community, and culture.

This is not a moral judgment or assessment of a group of people.  Unfortunately, the morlocks on the Left tend to make only value judgments when it comes to racial identity or any kind of identity for that matter.

So when you bring up the idea that gay men are largely hyper-sexual and destruction based on their own observed behavior, you are “homophobic” at best.

When you say that blacks in the US are more likely to commit crimes based on criminal statistics, you are racist, at best.

And when you believe that women would be better served staying home and raising children, you are sexist.

There is nothing wrong with breaking up into identities based on common community, race, culture, religion, or some combination of those things.  It is how people provide security, stability, and order with each other.

But if you happen to be a Christian, white, straight man like I am, well, you’re shit out of luck.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Contrasting Atheists

Man is not a naturally rational being but a rationalizing one, to paraphrase the character of Lazarus Long.  Despite being the fictional contemplations of a fictional character, it is a true observation.

Rational thought is often a product of irrational beliefs among intelligent men.  And there is no group more adept at avoiding this fundamental principle than atheists and other assorted skeptics.

It never ceases to amaze me the logical gymnastics atheists do in order to justify their non-belief in God.  Or the supernatural.  Or their worship of science.  Or their need for evidence.

However, there are plenty of atheists who are willing to recognize this fundamental truth and seek out the truth, regardless of where it takes them.  In contrast, there are atheists who would deny reality itself if reality showed them the dead rising up to meet Jesus Himself.

The latter group I would describe as “entertainers” while the former I would describe as “philosophers”.

The entertainers tend to push for their worldview of atheism to their detriment.  They push for the elimination of God from cultural discourse.

And they have largely succeeded for the most part.  Discussing the Gospel with others is now taboo and considered, among other things, homophobic.

The philosophers, on the other hand, tend to favor actual logic and evidence.  Unfortunately, they forget that man is not a naturally rational animal and so they tend to have little impact on culture.  This is because many people are simply too low-IQ to really understand the implications of what they are talking about.

Most people like to cling to their irrational beliefs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, even if you are able to articulate clearly why said beliefs are utter bullshit.

I’ve heard, for example, that Muhammad’s original holy city was not Mecca, but Petra.  Unfortunately, I doubt any Muslim gives a damn about this assertion.  And they’d probably kill you if you brought it up in one of their own countries.

It is an interesting contrast though, to see how we have two very different types of atheist groups, one which seems to adhere to fantasies like communism and genetic equality while others use their reason and the evidence before to come to practical conclusions.

Of course, both of them fall into the irrational beliefs trap, it’s just that the entertainers do so more than the philosophers and end up looking like bigger fools instead of rational actors.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Valve Takes Measures Against SJWs and Other Trolls

This week, Valve’s chief product, Steam, had a client update to its software, specifically changing how user reviews are viewed and filtered for a video game.  Basically, they’ve set it to filter out all reviews from users who do not have a Steam key.

This means that while the user who reviews the game may have the game, Steam can’t verify this as the user didn’t buy the game through Steam.

Many indie devs have expressed concern over this as many of them develop and sell their game before getting it released to Steam.

However, I see this is as a step in the right direction.  In many cases, user reviews of games can make or break it as players often times have limited funds and a large set of positive reviews may cause a player to buy a game he nominally interested in.

So having legitimate user reviews means potentially more revenue for developers who create good games.

Conversely, we have seen the rise of the armchair (basement-dwelling) communist in recent years.  What these people do is find any avenue to marginalize and isolate anyone who openly defies them or produces content which is counter to their narrative.

This has been happening at Amazon for a long time now.  I’ve seen many posts from Vox Day where he gives out Amazon reviews from such yahoos who clearly have not read his or his clients’ books.  Amazon has yet to remedy this issue, although I am under the impression that they will ban the user from making reviews if a false review allegation is proven true.  Vox himself also has zero problem with doxing and sicking his legion of followers on said user.

Most non-creative types who produce no entertainment content usually don’t care about this kind of thing.  But what you have to understand is that negative fake reviews are basically like stealing money from the creator’s income.

What Valve has done here is allow users who haven’t bought the game through Steam to review the game, but basically refused to show it by default as they may potentially be trolls or SJWs with a Marxist mission.

In other words, if gamers want to negatively review a video game, even for political reasons, they’re going to have to buy it first.

While it doesn’t eliminate the problem of trolls or SJWs entirely, it at least adds a layer of protection which wasn’t there before.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Leaving the Blessing of Esau

I wonder about the kind of society I am going to be leaving my son.  I grew up in the late-80s and the 90s, where the US was prosperous, despite being is decline in comparison to the 1950s and 60s.

My children have been born in the midst of a depression.  Yes, the economic numbers indicate that we had a recession and that we have recovered.  And certainly, in the area I live in, there is some decent levels of prosperity.

But when I travel I notice many things.  Going to various small towns in the US is a depressing thing as many people appear to be living in a much lower quality of living than they could be.

The wealth of our nation has been eaten up by debt, inflation, and taxation.  Meanwhile, wealth is shifted from the wealthier classes to the lower classes via welfare collections at the behest of the crony corporations.  You see, when most of your necessities are paid for by government money, what little money you do make tends to be more disposable than the average salaried worker.

Meanwhile, inflation is triggered by debt which, in turn, triggers inflation.  The prices of many major goods, such as housing and cars, are largely purchased via debt these days.  As such, many people who are way too qualified for loan approvals are buying homes and cars they can’t afford using bank notes.

This spiraling of debt cannot be sustained.  Sure, there will be artificial controls by the banks and the government in order to try and keep it all from crashing down at world-ending speeds.  But it will crash.  When you can’t afford a house or a car payment because you have to pay your college debt payment, suddenly the prices of these things drops.

Deflation is inevitable and with it comes collapse and unemployment.

There was no recovery from the 2007 housing crashes.  A real recovery would have seen reforms in the mortgage approval processes, no bailouts, many banking executives serving extensive prison terms, and a relaxation of banking regulations.  We also would see housing prices drop even more as a result and more people able to buy houses without having to go 30 years into debt.

I know I didn’t have much of anything to do with any of this.  The worst thing you can say about me is that I loan money to banks via my checking and saving accounts on their terms.  I have struggled to save money and to ensure that my family has adequate things.

But I’m nearing 35 years of age and I still live in a two bedroom condo with my wife and two kids.  If all Americans managed their finances the way I do, ensuring that savings are done first, we wouldn’t have seen such high inflation in the past decade and a half.  We wouldn’t see housing prices skyrocket.  And cars would be much cheaper overall.

I know, it is arrogant of someone like myself to say that everyone should manage their finances like I do.  No, you shouldn’t do everything that I do.

But doing what you’re doing now just dooms your children to the blessing of Esau:

39 Then Isaac his father answered and said to him:

“Behold, away from the fatness of the earth shall your dwelling be,
and away from the dew of heaven on high.

40 By your sword you shall live,
and you shall serve your brother;
but when you grow restless
you shall break his yoke from your neck.”

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Tragedy of Not Knowing Phyllis Schlafly

When I was in high school, I recall a segment of my history textbook showing a picture of Phyllis Schlafly with the caption describing her being instrumental in stoping the Equal Rights Amendment.  But that was all.  There was nothing else in the textbook which talked about what the Equal Rights Amendment did and, more importantly, why a woman would oppose it.

And not just oppose it, but lead a whole movement to do so.

This speaks to a broader tragedy regarding government education these days.  It largely overlooks many problematic facts that don’t fit the Narrative.

In this case, we have a strong, independent woman who starts a grassroots campaign to stop the passage of a constitutional amendment without the funding of a ethically challenged rich Jew.  On top of that, it was an amendment which supposedly would give her more rights, if you are to believe it at face value.

To top that off, Schlafly herself did much of this while raising six children and getting a law degree.   She was mocked for not having a law degree by the hairy apes known as feminists in her day, so she decided to get one.

While raising children.

All of this amazing information could have been summed up in a high school history textbook.  But because she opposes the communists until her death last week, she doesn’t get much reknown in our post-post-modern education system.

Instead we are told of Betty Friedan, whos only real accomplishment appears to be sleeping with the right men in order to lower the happiness of women while raising the cost of living for families.  Oh sure, she gets a mention under the civil rights section.

But God forbid we have a real woman of accomplishment taught to our young people.

I guess what I’m saying is that government education is garbage because government is run by commie bureaucrats who need a specific narrative in order to indoctrinate our children.

Because when parents do it, it’s wrong.