Friday, September 24, 2021

Porn Blocking Shill Post

A couple of months ago, I signed up for a service called FreeFiltering, which is a service that you can use to block pornography.

But not just pornography, but pro-abortion sites and pro-LGBTQ+ sites.  By default.

On top of that, it offers a lot of options to censor or restrict other sites, such as the Big Tech platforms.  You can, for instance, set YouTube to be in restricted mode for all devices connected to your home system.

It works a lot like a VPN, except you simply redirect your home router to go through the filter service.  I'm not going to get too technical, but essentially this service is designed to protect your home Internet, specifically meant for children.

So if you have children who have Internet access (or grandchildren), it might be in your interest to sign up for this service.  It will help you to keep bad Internet sites from reaching your children and instead allow you, the parent, to have proper conservations with them about sex, abortion, and sodomy.

FreeFiltering is a free service, but you can sign up for a couple of tiers of premium.  I'm signed up for a premium tier myself because it adds a few more features and allows for more configuration.

The free service does let you configure a lot of options, though, and it does allow you to try it out.

I'm going to include a link that is a referral link.  If you sign up for the service through this link, I'll get a small commission.  Just a full disclosure.  It probably won't amount to much, but it's there to encourage others to shill and spread the word.

That being said, that's not why I have this service in my home.  And this isn't why you should sign up for the service as well.

I'm going to post a banner ad on my page for this service as well.  I encourage everyone to sign up and spread the word to family and friends, especially those in Christian circles.

Digging Up to Fight Evil

"If you don't like it, build your own"

That's the quote I get from the Right and the Left when it comes to complaints about how our economy is being subverted to be a political weapon against people who engage is thoughtcrime.  The Left does so as a sneer against the Right and the Right does so because it's run by gatekeepers who are propped up by the Left.

Either way, it is both a useful and stupid suggestion at the same time.  It is useful because there are some things that you can build on your own.  Andrew Torba has largely been successful building Gab, although it has been a very rocky experience for him, especially early on.  But he's gotten Gab to a point now where it is both stable and accessible without going through the Google or Apple overlords.

It is also a stupid suggestion because no man is an island and local communities are terrible, especially when they've been flooded with third-world idiots whose only desire to consume, much like stuffy urbanites, but without the arrogance or snobbery associated with them.  Also, most of them are on welfare.

Yes, you should probably try and grow some of your own food, locally source what you can't produce, and keep focused on local politics and activities.  These are wonderful things that should not be dismissed.  But at the same time, you need to understand that the Beast doesn't tolerate those outside their grid.

I've seen this before.  Residents in local areas go off grid completely, either generating their own power or simply living without it, and local supervisors go in and fine them for daring to leave.  I've seen people get arrested and imprisoned for not paying taxes they were never on the hook to pay to begin with.  And I've seen children taken from their parents because the parents had the gall to educate their own children as they saw fit.

This has all happened in the United States and nobody gave a flying fuck.  You didn't care about them.  You only cared about yourself.

And now it's all collapsing around you and you're demanding that we all get together and build new things.  That if we build new things, we'll win and defeat the Beast.  Because the Beast only applies to those who live in the system, not outside of it.

Sorry, but that option is gone right now.  You aren't going to be successful in building new things because the Beast isn't going to let you.  In Project Veritas' latest video, we saw a FDA official stating he wanted to use blowguns to vaccinate people.  Now, he was more than likely being facetious about using blowguns, but the mentality is clear.  He wants to force everyone to take the vaccine.

This isn't the mentality of someone who will leave you alone if you leave him alone in his sodomy.  This is someone who openly seeks to control you because he has given in to wickedness and evil.

The government, at all levels, and society at large is full of these people.  They are so given to fear and sodomy that they are incapable of loving others as they love themselves because in reality they hate themselves most of all.

So you have to fight.  Really fight.  It's not enough to just check out of the Beast system and do your own thing.  By all means, do that.  But you will not deliver yourself from the evils of the Beast.

If you homestead, awesome.  Keep doing it.  And start selling your extra food at local farmer's markets.  Or on online ones.  Better yet, supply your local militia groups with food.

If you homeschool, awesome.  Keep doing it.  But also, you'll need to run for local school boards.  Your overqualified anyway, so might as well take over and throw a wrench in their system.  It's not enough to just sit go to the meetings and shout at the idiots who currently run things.

You vote and that's awesome.  Keep voting.  It makes it hard for the Beast to steal elections.  But you should also volunteer to be a Poll Watcher or Election Official.  It'll be a thankless job, but you are perfectly qualified to stop fraud.

Find ways to fight, not just build.  Because anything you build can easily be destroyed by the Beast.  You have your Bible and your gun.  Great!

The Beast has more.  So much more.  And they are perfectly willing to murder Americans in the name of sodomy and "diversity".  Not so much Afghanis.

We are currently in a Cold Civil War.  Our side is on God's side.  Theirs is on Satan's.  Yes, God wins in the end, but we are nowhere near the end yet.  So fight like you're going to Hell in order to earn your way into Heaven.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Review of That Castlevania Show

While most of Netflix's original content is garbage, I actually enjoyed the Castlevania anime overall.  And yes, I totally have Netflix and did not go to an alternate site to watch the series and to do so would be totally immoral, theft, and criminal.  I can't believe you would suggest I do such a thing.

In any case, the anime is based on the popular long-running video game series from Konami and usually found on Nintendo systems, which is why I can't find any of the damn games for my PC.  At least none of the good ones.

It tells the story of Dracula and how his wife is cruelly murdered by the church when they find her practicing science, granted to her by her vampire husband.  Because her being in league with the world's most powerful and dangerous being isn't a cause for concern amongst those faithful, ignorant Christians.

The show was largely written by Warren Ellis, a man who is a devoted secular humanist, so of course you have the obligatory Christian bashing and weird ideas about God, Jesus, and faith in general.  Seriously, check out his photo.  He is literally a living example of the fedora meme.

The show ran for four seasons, although the first season could be called the introductory session to the second season, which was the true first season.

And here's a quick overview of the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of the show:

The Good

Despite his anti-Christian, fedora-tipping views, Warren Ellis largely did a great job fleshing out the characters and more or less writing a coherent plot.  It's a solid story from start to finish with only a few major plot holes that I could identify.

The show focuses mostly on the adventures of three main characters: Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, Dracula's son.  Each of them have their own unique fighting styles and are very adept at what they do.  Trevor, who could have been just another bumbling brute with a whip, is actually surprising knowledgeable and empathetic throughout the series.  He just tends to put on a gruff fa├žade in order to keep people away from him.  And who can blame him, seeing as how his family is renown for killing demons and vampires.  It's actually an annoying legacy to deal with from time to time.

Alucard is well done as a lonely character, unable to exist in both the human or vampire worlds.  He has no desire to conquer or prey on humans but he also has trouble relating to people.  His character arc gradually overcomes this as the series progressed.

Sypha is probably the weakest of the characters.  While she is pretty solid in combat with her fire and ice magic, beyond that, she can be annoying as she is portrayed as having no real flaws to speak of.  This is even acknowledged by Trevor at the end of the third season.  So her character is largely dull with a pretty face.

As for the rest, they aren't boring at all.  Isaac has an amazing character arc, where you really start to root for him from the end of season three and onward.  Hector has an interesting arc, especially his interactions with Lenore.

The ideas that the show explores are interesting as well.  The idea that vampires conquer sections of the world, ruling in secret, and then develop advanced technology.  The fact that they are stuck in their ways and tend to dislike change.

The nature of alchemy is also explored, especially in the final season.  This is something that is done well with Saint Germain, a man who is very dangerous, but comes across as cowardly and foolish.

And the battle scenes are a lot fun to watch.  It's a lot of fun to see the various characters use their powers in interesting and unique ways.

The voice acting is solid as well and features a lot of well-known actors.

The Bad

Since Warren Ellis is a secular humanist, he seems to be injecting a lot of his stupid philosophies about God, Hell, and everything else in the story.  Fortunately, it doesn't get too preachy, but it does annoy me at times.  From Sypha's explanation about Jesus to the Church burning random women because SCIENCE!! to Trevor's incredibly stupid explanation of why crosses affect vampires, there's enough stupid nonsense to sort through.

There is some Woke shit slipped in for good measure.  Alucard is bisexual, though this isn't played up too much until the end of season three (more on that later).  There's a couple of vampires whose only character trait is that they are lesbian lovers.  Yes, one is a warrior and the other is an administrator, but beyond that, the only thing that makes them stand out is that they like to munch each other's carpets.

And then there is the random throw-away line where a sheriff of a local village is also bisexual when she's talking with Alucard and mentions how she seduced a married man and nearly got killed by his wife for it.

Then we have women in prominent positions of military leadership, which would never have happened during the era this takes place.  The only reason that Sypha is good at combat is because she can very quickly summon fire and ice to mess you up real quick.  And while this isn't much of a problem early on, in the last season we have the "warrior woman" trope rearing its ugly head.  It's stupid and dumb and only done because feminism means men like Warren Ellis can get laid without having to actually put real effort into thinking or lifting weights.

The Ugly

There is some really bad ugly in this show and unfortunately, it's really bad.  In the end of season three, when Trevor and Sypha are fighting the big bad of that season (some powerful demon trying to bring Dracula back), the action scenes are cut between other scenes.

Sex scenes.

And not just normal sex scenes, though there is one between Hector and Lenore that's fine.  But the one scene I'm referring to is one that involves Alucard in a two-man, brother-sister threesome.  I would say that Alucard enthusiastically engages with them, but really he just lays there while the brother does sodomy to him and the sister kisses him.  I mean, it's practically a rape scene.

There is a point at the end where the brother and sister entrap him in an attempt to steal his father's castle, but that could have been done without the sodomy beforehand.  Just trapping him in bed while he was sleeping would have been fine.  But no, they had to have their incestuous, two-man threesome.  Because that's all people do these days, right?

And again, this wouldn't have been too bad except that it was spliced in-between some really fun action scenes.  So my blood gets pumping with Trevor whipping the shit out of demons, then there's a cut to Alucard playing catch.


Despite that one section, I did enjoy the series overall.  Good storytelling and solid action, for the most part.  I'm guess, though, that the ugly part wasn't what was originally envisioned and some loser at Netflix demanded a brother-sister, two-man threesome scene edited together so you couldn't easily skip over it.  Because sodomites are like that.

But if you can get past that, you might enjoy the show overall.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gamma Doctors

Yesterday, Project Veritas released a video that shows doctors and nurses working in the Department of Health and Human Services openly talking about how the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't work.  On top of that, they talk about how certain viable treatments for COVID are being deliberately withheld on threat of termination.

And as disgusting as this is to watch, this is pretty much business as usual within the medical industry.  I know, this is a controversial thing to say.  Doctors generally are there to help people and collect a hefty paycheck from your insurance company, right?

To be honest, I have never been impressed with most doctors I've encountered in my life.  In the United States, doctors seem obsessed with prescribing various drugs or injecting you with vaccines.  Not just COVID vaccines but all kinds of vaccines.

I was kicked out of a pediatrician's office because my wife and I refused to "fully vaccinate" our children.  In reality, we had given out children the MMR, Polio, and DTAP vaccines and those were the only ones we felt they needed.  But because we didn't follow the CDC guidelines, we were told that they couldn't see our children anymore.

No matter, pediatricians are a dime a dozen and we quickly found another one.  Right now, we don't even bother with them and instead just take our kids to a walk-in clinic when we need antibiotics.

And that's another thing.  When we've gone to the doctors (not the walk-in clinics, they're pretty decent) I feel like I'm pulling teeth when I try to get any kind of antibiotics for when my kids get sick.  Meanwhile, I read about how gay men are getting all the drugs they ask for after getting unknown intestinal parasites from rimming.

On top of that, doctors seem to have no sense of customer service.  If any other service that you paid for behaved the way that the did, you would sue them for their poor service.  But we accept what they do and let them get away with it all because we supposed to believe that they're all smarter than us.

But they aren't and I've never been impressed with doctors as an adult.  Well, very few anyway.

This latest video from Project Veritas just confirms that doctors are cowards and have zero interest in their patients.

At this point, I'd rather die from cancer than receive any treatment from them because they're all a bunch of liars and scam artists unless proven otherwise.

In short, doctors in the USA are, by and large, legalized drug pushers, nothing more.  They aren't interested in actually healing their patients and seem more concerned with tricking you into receiving treatments and medicines you probably wouldn't need with simple lifestyle changes.

I mean, think about it.  If everyone ate better food and exercised regularly, many of them would be out of business.  But many people would rather take their pills to treat conditions and damn the long-term consequences.

And no, Medicare for all will not fix this.  I know there are hardcore Leftists who think that if the government ran healthcare, it would solve these problems.  But those problems have absolutely fuck all with how doctors are paid and more to do with the Gamma nature of the doctor's profession.  It's full of midwits who have high-powered degrees, after all.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Spirit of Morgoth Lives

Yesterday, I discussed how the Democratic party is a party of pure evil.  Poorly.

But I think it’s important to realize how evil they and their (((fellow))) communists are.

In Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth, the first dark lord (and Sauron’s boss) Morgoth “created” the majority of evil creatures that you see in the films.  He created the Orcs, the dragons, and the trolls.  But I use the term “created” loosely because it wasn’t true creation, per se, but more like photocopying something with a piece of paper and a box of crayons.  The true method he used was never made clear, just that he used elves to create orcs and that trolls were made in mockery of Ents, although that could have many meanings.

The point is, in Tolkien’s world, evil could never create, only pervert what was already there for its purposes.

And we see this with the communists.  It is a very parasitic ideology in all its forms.  From its initial origins in Marx, to it’s redefinitions with Lenin, to the feminist and civil rights movements of the 1960s, to it’s modern day incarnation in Social Justice, all of it only seeks to pervert what was created into some other form to fit its own narrative.

We see this happening in our entertainment culture, especially with Disney.  Rather than creating their own new characters, worlds, and stories, they are simply buying up existing properties, like Marvel’s superheroes or Star Wars.  Then they proceed to apply their own warped narratives on them.  We see all strong, European-based male heroes reduced to idiots and fools while female characters and non-white males are bold, brave, and without any major fault or flaw.

To top that off, there is often an inversion in the story or narrative that runs counter to the ideals of Western civilization.  For example, Black Panther was not only pushing the fiction of a hidden gem of a civilization in Africa, but also pushed the idea of globalism over nationalism.  Fortunately, the third Thor movie seemed to push the idea of nationalism fairly well, although that one was probably just before the narrative was getting pushed.

But we see this in other institutions as well.  Academia was a big one, where what was once an institution of higher learning, it is now an expensive adult daycare center with little regard for actual real-life STEM skills.  Churches of all denominations have been infiltrated as well.  I’ve heard stories of communist operatives pushing sexual degenerates into various positions of power within many churches in order to twist them into compliant institutions for the communist world order.

Gamergate was all about evil trying to overtake video games.  Board games are facing this problem as well.  Of course it’s happening in our governments at all levels.  And there are so many other organizations and institutions that are constantly corrupted by it.

In truth, evil is uncreative, ugly, and ultimately weak and frail.  The destruction it causes is merely incidental and really not the ultimate goal of its adherents.  Its main goal is to latch on to the good, the beautiful, and the true and twist it into the bad, the ugly, and the lie.

J.R.R. Tolkien was wise beyond his years in this regard.