Thursday, November 3, 2022

Deep State Watergate

I just finished reading Born Again by Charles Colson.  It’s a solid book and I recommend it.  Colson gives us a brief overview of his time as a political operative, starting in Boston, and becoming one of President Nixon’s top men in the Whitehouse.

The book is not really about that, though.  Most of his narrative surrounding Nixon and Watergate springboard for telling his conversion to accept Christ and became one of His mightiest disciples in our modern era.  You have to understand that this man was involved in one of the greatest political scandals of his time and through all of that he came to Christ and ended up finding redemption, forgiveness, and serving restitution to those he had wronged.

So overall, it is a good read and I’d recommend it because firsthand account of what happened during those times that won’t be watered down by stupid high school textbooks, communist journalists, or stuffy professors who have never had to face the possibility of prison time in their miserable lives.

To his credit, Colson never did anything wrong with regards to the Watergate break-in or had anything to do with the subsequent cover-up but he does admit that what he was imprisoned for was legitimate.  He did commit obstruction of justice against Dr. Daniel Ellsberg during his trial for releasing the Pentagon Papers.

And this is what I want to focus on.  Charles Colson states in this book that he never ordered the Watergate break-in and that he tried bothered to cover it up.  The most you could say he did was making the mistake of hiring Howard Hunt, the man behind the actual break-in, as he was a, supposedly, former CIA operative.

This part stuck out to me.  While it’s not a significant part of the narrative of the overall book, it does shed some interesting light on the truth about the whole Watergate affair.

The Watergate operation was more than likely not an operation to bug the Democrat campaign, but it was an operation perpetrated by the CIA and the Deep State to discredit Nixon in some fashion.  The operation was botched, that much cannot be in doubt, but at the same time, if they had succeeded, the end result would have been the same.  The bugs would have very likely been discovered by Democrat party members and the scandal would’ve perpetuated anyway, especially if the CIA decided to tip them off.

When Colson found out about the break-in, he found out when everyone else did by reading about it in the local newspapers.  He states in his book that despite being a political hatchet man, he would have never resorted to such tactics as they were incredibly stupid.  President Nixon personally called him to confirm whether or not Colson had ordered the break-in and Colson stated as much and Nixon agreed.  The Watergate break-in was an independent operation done by E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Libby designed to bring low a man who commanded massive popular support among the American people.

In the book, Colson states that at one point he was given access to CIA documents which showed they were trying to frame Colson as a means of deflecting attention away from the CIA.  He also states that Bob Woodward was a CIA asset.  My guess is that the whole reason the Watergate scandal got as big as it did was because the CIA was pushing their narrative in the press and drumming up as much anti-Nixon fervor as they could.  They didn’t care about the country or the duly elected officials.  They wanted to protect their own skins and if that meant making a popular president look like a sack of shit, so be it.

I’m not exactly sure why the CIA went so far as to get Nixon to resign.  Perhaps they were afraid of his power.  He did win the 1972 election with 61% of the popular vote and 49 states.  People were back then, as they are today, completely disgusted with the radical Left’s insanity.  It’s something that gets overlooked in your public skool history lessons where the hippies are often the good guys fighting against wicked old men like Nixon.  But that wasn’t the case then and it isn’t the case now.

Fortunately, the Watergate scandal backfired on the CIA as well.  I doubt we would have had the Church Committee investigations if nothing had happened.  The whole Watergate incident should have fizzled out.  Had the people trusted Nixon a little bit more and had Nixon been a little less paranoid, maybe he would have never resigned in disgrace.  The truth is, Nixon had nothing to do with the break-in and it doesn’t look like he was trying to cover anything up.  The Whitehouse tapes pretty much proved all of that.

But the truth is not something that the general public deals in.  The truth was the Charles Colson was innocent of everything surrounding Watergate, that he was merely a shrewd political operative but not so unscrupulous as to plant bugs in the offices of his rivals, especially when his side was winning so soundly.

It should be noted that Howard Hunt has been fingered as one of the men behind the JFK assassination.  I don’t know how true that is, as this was all inconclusive based on faulty deathbed confessions of his, but given how Watergate was executed outside of the Nixon administration and Republican party’s wishes, it would not surprise me.

Whatever the case is, I suppose we’ll never know the full extent of it.  I still don’t have a clear motive for why the CIA sandbagged Nixon myself, but it is very likely that they did it.

And sometimes, evil men do things for no reason at all other than to hurt others.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

A Review of The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart is a novella by Clive Barker about the wages of the sins of the flesh and how it affects the people around you.  While it incorporates the supernatural with the demonic cenobites of the Order of the Gash, by and large, it is a story about how the lack of moderation can ultimately destroy and damn you.

Of course, this novella was adapted into a movie, Hellraiser, and its many sequels, although only this novella and Barker’s Scarlet Gospels feature the Cenobites prominently.  I’m going to focus on the novella in this review, though, because very few people have read it compared to those who have watched the movie.

The narrative of the novella shows us the perspective of the four primary characters Frank, Julia, Kristy, and Rory.  I’m going to do a breakdown of each of these four characters from the novella since the story is told from their perspectives, though not in first person.


Frank is the first character we meet in the story and he’s an outright sociopath and Sigma male.  He has little regard for authority, and it is hinted that entire adult life before the story begins is one of pursuing the most extreme sexual conquests while also committing petty crimes to get by, although he may have committed some more heinous crimes.  He has little regard for others and only views people in terms of how he can exploit them in some capacity or another.

He is an apex human predator, through and through.  This predatory nature that he has, though, makes him probably the most honest and confident character in the entire story.  When he sees Kristy for the first time, he immediately recognizes that she the kind of woman who, while suffering from anxiety issues, is a ton of fun once you break down her inhibitions, more so than Julia.

Frank starts out in his abandoned grandmother’s house performing a basic ritual to summon the Cenobites of the Order of the Gash.  He had heard of them through one of his criminal friends and performed a series of small favors to obtain the Lemarchand Configuration.  He was given instructions on what offerings he was to prepare and once that was done, he then spent several hours dismantling the box.  Once the puzzle box was solved by taking it apart, the Cenobites appear.

Frank is, at first, appalled by their appearances.  Three of them are androgynous in appearance, largely due to their mutilations, with the fourth covered in robes, though later depicted as definitely female, albeit with her own mutilations.  After getting over the initial shock of their appearance. Frank demands that they show him the heights of their pleasures, despite their warnings to him.

After this, he is essentially dragged to the world where they routinely torture Frank and then leave him in a space that is just beyond the walls of where he had summoned the Cenobites.  He’s basically torn apart and put back together in the barest of pieces when this happens.  When his brother Rory bleeds over a semen stain he left behind, he is able to communicate with Julia, with whom he had an affair before she married Rory, and uses her to provide him with the blood of foolish hook-ups to gain more and more of his body back in the our world.

Eventually he murders his own brother to steal his skin to wear in an attempt to trick the Cenobites.  He fails, however, and ends up back in their world in the end.


Julia is Rory’s wife, though she constantly pines for Frank ever since they had an affair just before her wedding.  It is stated that she deliberately seduced him, by having him visit her while she was trying on her wedding dress and allowed him to essentially “rape” her.  As a result, she despises Rory and all that he stands, secretly wanting to run off with Frank at some point.

We aren’t given much about Julia’s background, but it’s clear that she’s a snob and knows exactly her power as a beautiful woman.  She easily picks up men on three separate occasions, convincing them to come to her home while Rory is at work, and murdering them for Frank.  By the time she gets to the third victim, she shows little regard for him, knowing full well that he’s a married man with children and even aiding Frank to kill him when he gets cold feet and has a crisis of conscious.

Julia’s tragedy is that she doesn’t know how good she really has things.  Rory, while boring to her, is stable, has a career and is ambitious enough to move up, and has a really nice house to live in.  But she rejects stability for the thrill of whatever it is that Frank is going to do, to the point that she’s willing to murder for him.

Instead, when she has sex with Rory, she pretends he’s Frank and the mere act of sexual intercourse with Rory becomes a basic act of anatomy to her.  She only does it to keep Rory happy and only when she’s not left much of a choice otherwise.  More than likely, had Frank not returned, she probably would have divorced Rory eventually.

Frank, for his part, doesn’t love Julia like she loves him.  Instead, he merely sees her as a tool, first as a sexual object, and second as a way to escape the Order of the Gash.  When Frank accidentally stabs her, he feeds on her like how he fed on her previous hook-ups.  She is then damned to the same world as Frank, or at least that is the implication in the end.


Rory is the character with the least amount of narrative and backstory, probably because he is the everyman of the story.  And that’s by and large the tragedy of Rory.  He’s bland, vanilla, weak, and married to a woman who is completely out of his league.  He’s the typical Delta man who is working toward what the vast majority of men want at the end of the day: a family, a home, and a stable income.

Frank has little regard for his brother Rory.  He is only 18 months older than Rory and both brothers were apparently very close growing up but once Frank reached a certain, he decided to pursue his hedonistic pursuits which disgusted Rory who clearly desired a normal life.

So while Rory himself is a normal, nice guy who gets along with everyone and has a stable career that is one the rise, he is also very na├»ve.  He fails to see his own wife’s contempt for him, being only vaguely aware of it, and ultimately his naivety is what causes his death.  Of course, it’s not like he could have predicted that his brother Frank was hiding in his house as a skinless monster from “Hell” and was looking to kill him for his own skin.  But still, he should have seen through Julia’s lies and deceit if he had his brother’s instincts.

It’s stated that Frank would oftentimes return to their parents’ house and horrify them with his tales of his exploits.  Rory should have listened to Frank and maybe inquired as to how he was able to seduce so many women instead of outright rejecting him.  At least then he probably wouldn’t have married Julia and ended up a massive heap of flesh on the floor.


Kristy is Rory’s friend.  Not much is said about how Rory and Kristy became friends, but it’s made clear early on that Kristy is deeply in love with Rory and later on it is stated that she recognizes Frank for what he is when she first met him during Rory and Julia’s wedding preparations and that she was creeped out by him.

Kristy is mousy and very shy.  She’s also implied to be less attractive than Julia but more friendly.  It’s implied in her introduction that Julia is fully aware of Kristy’s attraction to Rory and that more than secretly delights in the fact that Rory is hers, even though Julia hates him.

Frank, for his part, recognizes that Kristy is the kind of woman who would be a lot of fun in bed should her inhibitions drop as he has seduced similar women in the past.  In his two encounters with her, he outright attempts to rape her, despite the first time not having skin and the second time wearing his brother’s skin, albeit loosely.

Kristy, for her part, has a surprising amount of strength and resilience, something that catches Frank off guard.  And while she doesn’t exactly kick his ass with little effort, she doesn’t get overwhelmed either.

Her relationship with Rory is fairly close, almost like brother and sister, though clearly Kristy wants more.  Rory even contacts her to figure out what is going with Julia after Julia starts killing men to bring Frank back.  When Kristy does investigate, she initially suspects that Julia is having an affair, which is devastating to her.  This is because she knows that she would have to tell Rory and that it would taint any potential relationship with him.  While she can’t stand Julia and hates Rory being with her, she also believes that Rory might see her snitching as an attempt to get Rory for herself instead of genuine concern for Rory.

The narrative at the end of the novella focuses mostly on Kristy.  After her first encounter with Frank, she is able to obtain the puzzle box and solves it herself.  Because she did so accidentally, only one of the Cenobites appears (not the pinhead one) knowing this.  It still says that she has to come with it, but when Kristy is able to convince it that Frank got free of them, it agrees to exchange him for her, provided he confesses as to who he is.  This gamble pays off and Frank is reclaimed by his sadistic torturers, along with Julia.  The Cenobites keep their end of the bargain and Kristy is allowed to leave with the box.  She sees images of Frank and Julia in it, but not Rory and wonders if there is another device to the world where Rory is.

Kristy’s failing is that she wasn’t assertive enough to secure Rory before he married Julia.  Women are usually the ones who pick the men, men merely offer themselves as an opportunity.  At the end of the day, it is generally women who pick the man they want to hook up with, date, or marry.  If Kristy had approached Rory, there is a very good chance she would have settled down with him and lived a happy life, in spite of Frank.  Instead, she ended up enduring a nightmare that ended with her love dead and her psyche shattered.  As far as I know, she doesn’t show up in any further stories even though most of Clive Barker’s works are linked together in some fashion.


The novella overall is really good and I would recommend it if you’re a fan of horror, or at the very least can stand some gore and some sexual scenes.  The sexual scenes are not put in the novella for exploitation and very little is described of them.  They have a purpose to show how Frank is able to return and to demonstrate just how messed up Julia is in regards to her marriage with Rory.  One scene has her engage Rory while the door to Frank’s room is slightly ajar with her looking into the darkness knowing that Frank is watching.

You may expect the Cenobites to be central to the plot of this story, but they are not.  At best, they are merely the drivers for Frank’s growing desperation to escape them.  We are given an account of them in the beginning and the end.  Sadistic as they are, they appear to have some level of honor as they warn Frank about their nature and they hold up their end of their bargain with Kristy.

The movie Hellraiser is a close adaptation, having been directed by Clive Barker himself, but I feel that the novella has a lot of elements that you just can’t translate well on screen.  And while there are some plot holes in the story, I would say it is worth the read.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Medical Grift

The medical industry in the US is probably one of the biggest grifts of all time.

I say this because they have been very successful at keeping Americans insanely unhealthy while simultaneously selling drugs that are supposed to cure them of their unhealthy ways.  Yes, the food industry is complacent in all of this, but organizations like the American Medical Association or the American Heart Association should be lobbying in Congress to ban things like corn syrup and demanding that processed food meet healthier standards.  They’d also demand that the food stamp program limit itself to organic foods.

Instead, they are very clearly looking to make as much money as they can from the average American while keeping them just healthy enough to live to age 70.  Then they do a prescription drug bomb on the idiots who are stuck in Medicare which probably does more harm than good in the long term.  And then they all end up in nursing homes where they don’t bother feeding the elderly folks good food, just slop and pudding.

Meanwhile, if I get sick, I go to the doctor and the doctor runs tests.  If the tests come back negative, I’m told to eat shit and go home with no prescriptions for antibiotics or anything else.  Nevermind that if I started taking antibiotics right around then, I might be able to avoid getting a serious infection down the road.  But that’s why I was sent home.

Because they’ll make more money if I have to come back to the office.

It’s the same with my kids.  Doctors don’t give a flying fuck about what the parents say and oftentimes flat out ignore you when discussing your child’s health.  It is astounding to watch as these pompous assholes sit there and lecture you on nearly every aspect of child-rearing while having a bulletin board of nonsense in the background like how breast milk contains more mercury than vaccines (if I have to explain to you the difference between ingestion and injection, you’re a moron or a liar).

At the same time, priorities in care often favor the people groups with the most unhealthy lifestyles.  This may be inadvertent, but I’ve noticed that the gay community gets special treatment, probably because they have so many stupidly avoidable health problems.  I remember reading a story about how there were gay men getting unidentifiable stomach parasites from rimming each other and they were getting doled out antibiotics as if they were candy.  But try getting that same medicine for your child.  You have a better chance of escaping a hippo attack on the Nile while riding a log raft.

This isn’t limited to the gay community either.  My mother works at a hospital and related a story about a woman who shows up every couple of weeks because she has Type-II Diabetes and refuses to properly take care of herself.  So she’s in the hospital for free treatments for something she could easily have fixed herself.

And then the COVID thing hit and the entire medical industry went fucking insane.  Or maybe the masks of sanity were just discarded.

The hospital policies were taken directly from government bureaucrats, who were lying, and then they stacked their own policies on top, like prioritizing treatments for blacks and Hispanics.  Because Martin Luthor King, Jr. said so or some bullshit like that.  Also George Floyd mumbled something about it just before he choked to death on Fentanyl.

Economically, the United States Medical Industry isn’t Socialist nor is it Capitalist.  One could hardly call it Corporatist either since even those rules don’t seem to apply.  I don’t know what economic model you could fit it into, but I’m sure whoever figures it out should win a Nobel Prize.  And no, these problems will not be fixed with Medicare for All because that just gives the greedy executives a permanent stream of income and no incentive to improve care.

A fully unregulated and non-subsidized Medical Industry won’t solve these problems either.  This is because the problem with medical care is largely due to our cultural attitudes towards it.  We need to stop treating medical care like it’s a necessity in our lives, encourage each other to eat healthier, and only go see the doctor when we are sick.  If you have a prescription medicine, look into possible alternatives.

And we need to make most drugs available over the counter.  That whole system is simply stupid to begin with because some over the counter drugs are much more dangerous than drugs that you have to acquire via prescription.  Imagine how much time you would save if you could just buy your antibiotics at a local drug store without a prescription?

Anyhow, I think a big shift will be taking place soon enough.  The whole COVID “pandemic” incident has awaken a lot of Americans to the high-levels of corruption in the American medical system.  Hopefully, that will translate into better healthcare for all and a better system.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

On Quiet Quitting

There has been a new complaint in the corporate world that I believe is the result of mass remote working.  It's a term called "Quiet Quitting" and it is something that has been hitting all the major news outlets lately.

Basically, the term refers to an employee, usually a white-collar employee, who does what is perceived as the minimum amount of work required of him or her to maintain their job and collect a paycheck.  It usually has a negative connotation when it is discussed in most mainstream outlets and executive circles.

The thing is, the Quiet Quitting phenomenon seems to be have arisen because white-collar employees started working remotely on a large scale following the COVID-19 insanity.  My best guess is that people took the time reevaluate their value and realized that they are only paid for 40 hours a week.  Nothing more.

They also realized that they won't ever advance in their careers if they were just working extra hours.  In fact, working extra hours usually will, at best, not be recognized by your manager or, at worst, intimidate your manager because they might think you are trying to get their job.

Simply working long hours for no pay isn't the only thing that gets you promoted.  Simply doing your job is not what gets you promoted.  So if you work long hours doing the work you've been assigned, you more than likely will not advance in your career.  From what I can tell, most career advancement occurs when you find a new job that has higher pay and a higher position.  Very few companies offer any chance of career advancement or even lay out a plan to allow you to advance.

And let's be honest: not everyone can become a leader in a given organization.  A leader with no followers is just an asshole on a soapbox.  So really, there is nothing wrong with being a Delta in the corporate world, especially if you are content in your job.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with advancing your career or working extra for your employer, provided that you understand that if you are paid a salary, you are not compensated for that extra time.

By the same token, it is perfectly okay to simply do the job you are paid to do.  If your employer feels that you should do more, ask for more money in return.  If this gets you fired, look at it as an opportunity to find a better job.  The corporate world is a mercenary one and you need to know that your job is never permanent.  I currently work at a contracting company but I am well aware that someday the contracts will dry up, at least the ones that I work on, and I will have to leave.  God-Willing, that won't be anytime soon, but you never know.

In short, the term Quiet Quitting is being to shame employees into working more instead of recognizing their value and allowing them to work on their terms.  If you as an employer need more from an employee and you don't think they can meet your expectations, then just fire them instead of shaming them.  This isn't high school, this is supposed to be real world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Our country is on the cusp of a massive shift in power and culture.  The endgame is not certain, but war is on the horizon now.  Whether this truly is a massive war or fades out much like the previous horseman of pestilence did, that remains to be seen.

At some point, we lost our way.  Our nation decided to upend all of its core values because of some farcical notions of freedom and liberty.

We have freedom now.  Freedom from children.  Freedom from reason.  Freedom from faith.  Freedom from God.

But we don’t have the freedom to say what we want.  I guess technically we do, but the consequences of that freedom makes us prisoners.  And when we try to break out, the consequences could leave us without a voice or without a means to sustain ourselves.

We have the freedom to practice sodomy at our leisure.  We can murder children, provided they aren’t breathing air yet.  We can watch all the pornography we want.

And we have forgotten that we die to sin, that we died to sin, and that we are trapped in sin.  That when the Founding Fathers spoke of freedom, many of them spoke in terms of freedom from sin because that was their background.  Like it or not, they were Christian men.  Sure, we could squabble over their various individual beliefs, but at the end of the day, this nation was founded on British identity, Christian belief, and Greco-Roman philosophy.

Now we have abandoned it all in favor of madness, irrationality, and insanity.  Those of us who wish to return to reason cling to a piece of paper that was abandoned long ago, by a tyrant with a stupidly tall hat.  I mean, seriously, do you think Lincoln would have left office after second term if he hadn’t been shot in the head?

Objectively, ever since this nation has achieved loser immigration standards, women’s suffrage, so-called “equal rights”, abortion rights, gay rights, gay marriage, porn as free speech, and free trade are we really better off?  Is your life really better now that you can see tons of naked women online?  Has so-called diversity really enriched your life?  How’s that no-fault divorce working out for you now that you’ve ditched your husband?  Are you really happy with it all now?

Our churches talk of oppression and racism as great evils, neither of which are even mentioned in the Bible, let along considered a sin.  Heck, by modern standards, Jesus, Peter, and Paul were all racists and misogynists.  But please, do continue to allow women to teach men on how to behave in the church.

I guess I am just tired of all this bullshit.  The whole world wants me dead, wants my boys to be girls, wants my wife to be unhappy and unhealthy, and they all get angry when I tell them no.  Like I’m the asshole because I want to live and protect my family as I see fit.

And everywhere I turn, I see no support, just more bullshit.  Even the right-wing is full of garbage and nonsense.  It’s like nobody can be bothered to listen to God.

Then again, I’m not alone in that last part but I feel like I’m the only one who is at least trying to attain the wisdom I need to maintain my sanity and dignity.

The president recently said that people like me are incapable of being happy.  And while I don’t actively seek out happiness, I could be a lot happier if I wasn’t being forced to grin and bear it all.