Wednesday, May 24, 2017

To All The Left-Wing Crazies Responding to the Manchester Attack

There was a nail bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, in case you haven’t been paying attention.  And you know what?  I don’t care.

This is what happens when you let the barbarians in.  They either attack you or they breed soldiers to attack you.  It happened in Rome and it has happened to many civilizations all over.  This is how civilizations fall.  They get displaced by less degenerate, though still r-selected populations who basically wreck your shit, rape your women, and murder your children.

It’s a story as old as history itself really.

So please, tell me how electing a Muslim mayor prevented this.  Tell me how hate crime laws stop this.  Explain to me how massive immigration prevents this.

Tell me how we should all just live together when Muslims have openly stated they will murder us for engaging in free speech about their death-cult of a religion.

Explain to me how not being racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-Christian moves civilization forward in any meaningful sense?

The truth you can’t, you won’t, and you’ll just angrily rant about how I’m angry, mean, a racist, a bigot, etc.

I want a better nation for my children.

You just want to fuck in the butt.  Given those options, I choose pushing your degenerate parasitic ass out of a helicopter before you subject my four year old to a drag queen singing about “her” jazz hands in a public library.

Sure, that makes me a right-wing Nazi.  But you know what?  I don’t have to prove anything to my enemies.  They have to prove to me that they want to preserve our nation and our civilization.

And they’re doing a piss poor job of it.

Friday, May 19, 2017

News of the Week

Here’s a quick overview of some of the many news stories that occurred this week:

  • It was alleged that President Trump told the Russians about possible ISIS attacks on Russian airplanes involving laptops with bombs.  This sparked outrage and calls for impeachment amongst nearly every anti-Trump person in the country because they don’t seem to understand that the President is allowed to tell anyone any secret he damn well pleases and to declassify anything as well.
  • Simultaneously, former FBI director Comey decided to say that he has memos that make the President look like he was obstructing investigations into his Russian ties.  Of course, he said under oath that this wasn’t the case, so was he committing perjury then?  Also, I really think it isn’t a good idea to trust the word of a former disgruntled employee.
  • A private investigator looking into the Seth Rich murder case said that he had sent data to Wikileaks and that law enforcement at the local and Federal level were ordered to stand down.  He later retracted this statement, but Seth Rich’s murder does sound like an execution and if his first assertion is true, than John Podesta and Hilary Clinton are mafia bosses and not party bosses.
  • Everyone is calling for Trump’s impeachment, including libertarian Republican Justin Amash, who apparently doesn’t understand the simple economic nature of the employer-employee, despite being a libertarian.  It also further demonstrates just how stupid and irrelevant libertarianism has become these days.
  • A man drove his car into a bunch of people in Times Square in New York City, killing one person and injuring many others.  He had a history of drunk driving, but wasn’t drunk at the time.  I wonder if he has an Islamic name?
  • California Governor Jerry Davis called taxpayers “freeloaders” proving that California is run not only by Left-wing communists, but by completely incompetent and stupid ones at that.  Even the Soviets understand the need to properly redistribute resources, for the most part.  Californian politicians are more concerned with transgender surgery than rolling blackouts and droughts.
  • Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell committed suicide.  Every late Gen-Xer and early Millennial decided to honor him when he really only had one or two decent songs.
  • Roger Ailes passed away as well.  And thus, Fox News will swiftly become more pozzed than ever before.
  • Powers Boothe passed away and he will be missed.  He was always an excellent bad guy.  He even starred in Marvel’s Avengers the film and reprised that role for the Agents of SHIELD spin-off show.  That shows a range of humbleness in my opinion.
  • Julian Assange has had his rape case in Sweden dropped.  Apparently, it’s not worth pursuing rape charges against a man whose only crime was continuing sex after the condom broke.  It’s a little sleazy and stupid (since men should wear a condom for every one-night stand), but not rape.  I mean, at what point does consent begin and end?  Feminists could never give a straight answer.
  • Anthony Weiner has plead guilty to sexting a teenage girl.  He’s falling on the sword for the Clintons, probably in fear for his life.
  • And finally, the FCC has voted to end Net Neutrality rules.  Considering it was an illegal act by an overreaching bureaucracy anyway, this comes as a surprise.  Maybe we can also re-obtained control of the international DNS servers while we’re at it.

And that’s about it.  There was a lot more going on this week but I don’t have time to sift through all of it.

Just remember: John Podesta is a child molestor and possible murderer, the Deep State is watching, buy guns.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Proper Planet Colonization

There is a lot of science fiction out there that involves colonizing other planets.  One of the most common techniques of doing so involves people going into some kind of stasis while the ship makes the long trek through empty space in order to reach the destined planet.

The trouble is, most of the time these stories neglect the very real logistics of colonizing another planet, especially in television and movie programs, though some books get this wrong as well.

That being said, I’d like to go over some key requirements that need to happen in order to colonize another world:

  • Firstly, the crew cannot be LGBT in any way.  In fact, the less sexually deviant, the better because the point is to populate the planet with children, which most sexual deviancy precludes.  Even pick-up artists should probably be left out.  Really, you should only have married couples with men who have verifiable skills in key areas.  The primary purpose of women on this trip is to have many babies, though they can contribute in other capacities, but child-rearing is their primary one.
  • The crew must have workers with the following skills: engineering (all kinds), farming, carpentry, security, hunting, medicine, and architecture.  You will also need a large group of unskilled workers who can do a lot of grunt work without needing to understand why they are doing it.  Most of these skill are geared toward building and maintaining the initial settlement, as well as expanding outward.  The initial generation will probably not be able to do much other than simply survive, so you leave the exploration to future generations.
  • The entire crew should probably be of the same race.  This helps to ensure that there is more unity amongst the colonizer as well as a kind of tribal loyalty.  Because the last thing you need is a race war on a planet where your very survival is needed.  And while a race war is probably the most extreme situation, there are other things that happen, like racial isolation, colony break-ups, etc. which could contribute to the failure of the mission.
  • The entire crew and colonists should have the same religion.  Pretty much for the same reason that they should be of the same race.  They should also be of the same sect as well to help promote religious cohesion.
  • Besides the crew, you will need at least five years worth of food and water stored up.  While the ultimate goal of the crew is to be self-sustaining, they are going to a world that might be barely habitable, so there’s a good chance they won’t have enough food.
  • Raw materials for building should also be stored and taken with them as well.  More than likely, it will take time to acquire building materials on the planet and you really don’t want to set down on a place and live in a grass hut with hostile lifeforms who don’t know what humans are.  They would also need materials for building some kind of power-generation.
  • Lots of seeds from a variety of plants should be taken as well.  Wheat, barley, corn, various fruit trees and bushes, as well as many other flora should be stocked up.  There is no way to know for sure what kind of food will be available on that planet and you’ll need seed crop to be sustainable within that five year window.  Materials to build sufficient irrigation and crop protection should be brought as well.
  • Tons of livestock should be brought along as well.  Domestication takes generations and the wildlife on the planet may prove impossible to tame.  Therefore, you’ll need several times the number of farm animals than the colonists.
  • Pets should probably be taken as well, especially dogs.  Dogs would provide a very good way to defend against hostile lifeforms since they tend to have heightened senses.  Also, they do make good companions.
  • Since animals along with people are being sent, it goes without saying that plenty of food for them should be brought as well.
  • A vast library of books, both digital and hardcopies, should be sent with them.  The purpose of this to help educate the children but also to provide references for the skilled workers since no one person can remember everything about their skillset.
  • Huge amounts of medical supplies should be taken as well.  The ability to create new medicines as well as research tools should be taken as well.  Pathogens are the most dangerous of all lifeforms and the planet may have serious diseases which the colonists have no proper defense against.
  • Weaponry of all kinds should be taken.  Every colonists should be well trained in the use of firearms and basic combat techniques.  There is a good chance those skills will come in handy when encountering more complex lifeforms.
  • All lifeforms encountered should be considered hostile, no matter how docile they appear.  All plant-life, if any, should be considered poisonous and should not be handled without proper protection.  Until the threat of such lifeforms can be properly assessed and documented, it is better to make the assumption.

I know that this leaves a less than sexy background setting for a story, but this is the reality of colonizing another world.  And so often the science fiction stories I read get this all wrong.  I’ve read stories where the colonists engage in sexual promiscuity, which does not create a stable family unit, where just the people are sent over, where inadequate supplies are sent over, etc.

That is something that frustrates me.  I mean, if you’re going to have a science fiction story revolving around planet colonization, at least hint that there is more than just people and food rations on the ship.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Commies Have It All Here

I used to believe in the US Constitution.  If you read some past blogs, I was a strong Constitutionalist.

But those days are long gone now.  The contract’s been violated so many times now, it just seems pointless.  The rule of law is dead and the reality of our situation is that only those in power really matter.

If you wish to make the government adhere to the tenants of the Constitution, good luck as they also set up the judges who interpret the laws and have final say on those matters.  Unless a Democrat President choses to disobey those rulings.

Yes, this line of thinking leads to a dictatorship.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if the dictator’s not a communist, which is a very real possibility.

But the Constitution is dead and the Left has successfully killed it through their takeover of any meaningful institution in this country designed to protect it.  The press, the schools, the bureaucrats, hell, even the major tech companies and bankers are all commies who need to be given free helicopter rides.

This is because while conservatism, largely under the leadership of that narcissist William F. Buckley, did nothing more than bitch about what was happening.  It’s the modern equivalent of being an armchair activist on social media.

I remember the messages in school: whites are bad, everyone is equal, the Soviets were the same at the USA.  Senator McCarthy somehow managed to head the House of Un-American Activities Committee, despite being a Senator, not a House member.  The lies and propaganda went on and on.

I remember going to the local government office to hand in the paperwork for my son’s Medicaid.  The office was filled with foreigners, three of which were behind the counter and one of which appeared to be actually working.  Of course, it didn’t do us any good as we kept on getting the same renewal paperwork.  I suspect it is because I’m white, because the whole Medicaid system is harder to navigate than a medical insurance system and yet somehow Hispanics get into it.

I could go on.  The fact is, the commies have taken over and right now, the Alt-Right is the only political body that is fighting back.  The mainstream conservatives don’t know how to fight back, the Republicans are, by and large, bought and paid for by commies (using the guise of investment bankers and other corporate lobbyists), and the Federal government continues to grow.

None of this ends well for one group or the other.  And we need to make sure that we win, not the commies.  Because the commies will just herd us all into mass graves and while they rape our children.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Modern Corporate Culture Lacks Accountability

The modern corporation in the United States is an institution designed to shift responsibility away from itself and stifle competition in the process.  They are entities created so that individuals cannot be held accountable for their criminal deeds while providing tax breaks.

Recently, I’ve been going back and forth with Bethesda Tech Support.  When I modded Skyrim Special Edition, I would frequently encounter a bug where all save games would be marked as corrupt, dialogue options would go missing, and text in books and menus would not be displayed.  It didn’t matter what I did, what mods I removed or reinstalled, the result was always the same.

After consulting other players on the Nexus Mods forum and seeing that this was a common problem for many players, I contacted Bethesda’s tech support.  What I wanted to hear from them is that they are aware of the issue and that they are working on a fix for it.

Instead, I got what was probably an automated response that basically said mods are supported by them and that I should play without mods.  Never mind that their game allows you to add mods in game, that they have done so intentionally, and that they encourage players to mod their games.

Now, I don’t expect Bethesda to support player mods.  But I expect them to support the mechanism that allow mods to be added into the game.  And this bug I was experiencing was clearly not mod related but game engine related.

Try telling that to the minimum wage employees who make up Bethesda Tech Support.  All I was asking was that they pass on this information to the development teams and let them know that there is a serious bug in their game engine which needs further investigation.

That’s the reasonable, responsible approach to this issue as far as I’m concerned.  I had hoped that I got a response along the lines of we’re looking into it, be patient.  Instead I get blamed for breaking a game using the very features they’ve developed.

This is the larger attitude of modern corporate culture.  Don’t take responsibility for your failings, blame others, and never, under any circumstances, allow the customer to be right in any way, shape, or form.  Customers are merely resources to be exploited in order to fill the pockets of the C-level executives and doling out less than satisfactory salaries and wages to their underlings.

I know that this appears to be anti-free market, but it’s not.  It is anti-Corporatism where the corporations, mostly the banking sector, own just about everything, including your elected officials.  Anything you have an outstanding debt on, including your home and car, is actually owned by a corporation somewhere, which they’ve made into an investment scheme and subsequently buy and sell on.

This is a culture that needs to be overridden with a more sensible one.  Unfortunately, my game is still broken, though I found a workaround on my own that works to my satisfaction, and greater corporate still operates from a stance of hostilities for its consuming assets.