Wednesday, June 29, 2022

More Musings on Abortion

 Since the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade is still fresh on everyone's mind, I'd thought I'd share some more musings on the topic of abortion overall:

  • Abortion was a huge word spell.  The Satanic word-wizards literally convinced the world to accept their child sacrifices because those children weren't worthy of life.  And everyone fell for it.
  • Back alley abortions were, by and large, made up.  I'm sure that abortion was something that happened in secret before 1973 but I doubt it was as rampant as we were lead to believe.
  • Legalized abortion has been a curse and a blight on this country.  It was a direct attack on God and His Son because it was Satan showing how he could trick millions of women into sacrificing children for material gains.
  • There are many men and women who don't blame women who have abortions.  And while I do pity them, they all know what they're doing is murder.  While I myself am not and will never be a "birthing person", I know that pregnant women do instinctively know what is growing inside of them.
  • Calling an unborn baby a parasite is probably the most disgusting thing I've heard from Team Woman.  I'm sorry, but human beings start their lives in a state of total dependence and that doesn't change after we're born.  We still require special milk, preferably from our mothers, and we still need love and support until we've reached adulthood.  Is that parasitic?
  • Before the Roe decision was handed down in 1973, abortion wasn't illegal in the United States, any more than before the 19th Amendment it was illegal for women to vote.  The fact is, abortion was legalized in California by Ronald Reagan and seven states allowed women to vote before the 19th Amendment was passed.
  • If abortion had truly been kept "safe, legal, and rare" neither the Roe decision nor its overturning would have happened.  But Satan's minions wanted to be able to kill babies, even those born from botched abortions.  And everyone saw just how evil they were and summarily rejected them.
  • I have little doubt that in the coming years, the vast majority of states in the United States will either outright ban or severely restrict abortion into non-existence.  We have all seen what the five decades of evil have brought us.
  • Did you ever notice how in nearly all of mainstream entertainment abortion was never portrayed as a great evil?  I can think of no mainstream movie, book, show, or news segment where abortion was considered to be an act of evil.  While it might have been a noble virtue, it was always shoehorned in as a merciful means to remedy a "bad situation."  Because children aren't a blessing, no matter their origins.
  • Corporate culture in the United States has shown itself to be even more depraved and sick than even the robber barons of old could have conceived.  Now that they are literally offering women thousands of dollars to have abortions in order to avoid paying for maternity leave and maintain their wage slavery is very telling.
Always remember that God wins in the end, but He doesn't have to lose now.  Fight for Him and you fight for what is good, true, holy, and beautiful.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rejecting the Church of Sodomy

It should come as no surprise that the Western democracies are currently one of the most Satanic empires the world has ever seen since maybe ancient Babel.  In our post-post-modern world, we have inverted nearly every sin as a virtue and condemned all virtues as sins.

We say that we should not hate, but we do not understand what true hatred is.  We say we should not be racist, yet our Lord Jesus said many things that would be considered racist by modern standards.  We are told that love is love in order to justify abominations committed against God Himself.  All while wearing a Bugs Bunny mask to make it funny.

But the rest of the world has seen these great evils and they are, for one reason or another, rapidly rejecting them.  Contrary to popular belief, the world is not run by Western democracies.  We just happened to be strongest ones out there.  For now.

Even in Sub-Saharan Africa, we see greater wisdom and a deeper understanding of God than most supposed religious leaders of the West:

Archbishop Henry Ndukuba of Nigeria, Archbishop Laurent Mbanda and Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba in a letter jointly signed noted that they will not ‘join the multitudes to do evil’ as they emphasized that right from the earliest Council in Acts 15, and other instances from the Epistles where there were reports of lifestyle in direct opposition to Scripture, there was no place where Christians were enjoined to continue to fellowship with the disobedient members of the Church.

Essentially, these pious men have openly rejected meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury because of the main Church of England's acceptance of sodomite priests and bishops.  And they are firm in their faith in such matters.

These men are taking a bold stance.  It's not like Nigeria and many other countries in that region couldn't use the material support of the First World.  But they would rather live in relative poverty in wartorn Africa than associate with the Satanic Bishops of the Church of England.

Take heart.  Churches in the West who give into this nonsense are on the decline.  Any Church that gives in to abortion, anti-racism, or sodomy will be pruned by God because all of these ideologies are abhorrent to Him.

For now, find a good church to attend.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just open to your own views, provided they align with the Apostle's Creed.  Join a Bible Study group and earn their trust and respect.  Then you can slowly influence them on the right path.

Monday, June 27, 2022

The Victory Over Abortion

Abortion is no longer the law of the land.  Because it was never supposed to be the law of the land.  The Supreme Court, by its very nature, was never supposed to be able to create new laws in the Constitution.  Nothing about the original Roe v. Wade decision was legal.

But the abortion mandate was allowed to exist because of the weakest of good men and the corrupt practices of "conservative" politcians.  The top Republicans, you see, were never interested in stopping abortion in any capacity because it allowed them to raise tons of money from gullible donors.

Republicans, especially those in Congress, couldn't give two shits about all those babies being murdered for the sake of Moloch.  The only one who did, as far as I can tell, was Ron Paul, who proposed The Sanctity of Life Act every year he was in Congress until his district was gerrymandered away.  That bill never got more than one or two co-sponsors.

The credit to the overturning of a mandated Satanic sacrifice goes to the local Republican leaders in various states that passed laws to either limit it or ban it all outright.  It was only when actual leaders stood up against such evil that we finally got the outcome that will only strengthen this country in the long run.

Sure, some credit is due to President Trump for getting three halfway decent Supreme Justices nominated and approved for the bench.  But most of the credit is due to the local commnities who stood up and said, "we're done with this Satanic shit."

Local elections matter.  I've heard so many people complain about how the Republican party is garbage and is just Democrat-lite.  But these same assholes will not stand up and become the Republican party.  They won't put in the effort to connect will the local party and see where they can help out.

These are the black-pilled losers you meet on the Internet.  It's not that they don't care, they actually do care but are frustrated at their own cowardice and sloth.  So they fall into cynicism and eventually despair.  Cynicism is the gateway drug into Satan's despair trap.

My prediction is that moving forward, more and more states will limit or ban abortion entirely.  It won't happen immediately.  More than likely, many states will doubledown and insist that abortion can happen up to the 8th trimester or some other extreme and frankly absurd standard.  But this will only embolden the good and decent people in those states to rally against such obvious evil.  And the rest will turn their backs on them.

For now, though, we have a great victory for God, for Jesus, and for this country.  God wins in the end, but He doesn't have to lose now.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Nowhere To Run

 A few days ago, local police in Idaho arrested around 30 men for the horrible crime of going to protest a drag show in a public park.

And while the whole thing appears to be a staged operation by the Deep State to make right-wingers look like the hatemongers they probably should be at this point, it brought up an interesting point: why was there a drag show in northern Idaho?

Seriously, Idaho is supposed to be the mostest conservative place ever, where those filthy degenerate commies won't dare tread.

And the local police protected those degenerate commies from a false flag operation.

It sure is a good thing all those Californians fled to Idaho in order to homeschool and homestead.  That sure showed the murderous pedophiles whose boss.

Uh-oh.  I think I just hurt a lot of people's feelings there.  Please understand that I have nothing against homeschooling and homesteading.  In fact, I think it's awesome when people do those things.

My problem is that people actually think that they're fighting back against globohomo by doing all these things.  You are not.  You are, at best, on the defense while the evil grows all around your tiny little piece of land that the government only allows you "own" because you pay property taxes.

Twenty years ago, going the homesteading and homeschooling route would have been perfectly fine defiance.

Now, not so much.  Right now, we are facing down the largest evil that the world has ever seen.  It is highly organized, it has seduced millions of people, and it wants to see your children raped and murdered.

And you think they'll stop at your property line?

Moving to Idaho didn't stop them.  Pulling your kids from government skools didn't stop them.  And it is only a matter of time before they start declaring that homeschoolers are mentally ill and take your kids away.  Then they'll say that your land needs to be confiscated for the collective good.

And you'll think you can stop them with your guns.  But in the end, you'll just wind up in jail or dead with no one giving a flying fuck what happened.  And your kids will end up in the foster care system.  You can guess what happens from there.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved.  Go to local supervisor meetings and school board meetings.  Hell, run for those positions and replace the people there.  If you're a homeschooler, then you're overqualified for the school board.  If you're a homesteader, then you're overqualified for a county supervisor position.

But you have to get involved in local politics.  You have to step up, make local friends, and be a community activist.

Don't build a new community.  Be a better neighbor and fight for God.  You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  The battle is here and now.

Because, again, if they have pro-butt sex rallies protected by the local police in Northern Idaho, then they are everywhere.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Effects of Roe

 With the possibility of Roe v. Wade coming to an end, I think it's time we considered the detrimental effect that disastrous decision has made on our country and the rest of the world.  Because it was not something that benefited women, men, children, or whatever the Hell Ezra Miller is.

For starters, it has been devasting to the black communities in the United States.  They already were giving themselves over to evil with their fornication and gang violence.  Abortion has allowed them to further their own evil behaviors that have done nothing but further destroyed their own communities.  Without abortion, many black women may have been more mercenary in their sexual selection and pushed a lot of black men into marriage rather than behaving like sluts.

It wasn't that great for white people either.  I remember when I went to college, there was a Planned Parenthood clinic just a few blocks off-campus.  I don't know if that particular facility was there to perform abortion operations, but it was a safe bet.

Why do I bring this up?  Because abortions allowed white women to continue their college careers as cock carousel riders with a major in business administration or communications or English.  All at the expense of their proud parents, the American taxpayer, and their future prospects due to the mounds of student loan debt they acquired because Boomer daddy needed that boat.

The vast majority of women and men should not be going to college.  Abortion helps secure more and more young girls to waste their prime fertile years pursuing both worthless men and worthless degrees while going into deep, non-bankruptable debt.

There is a deeper effect that abortion has had on our country.  It has destroyed our collective spirituality.  When you sacrifice children, you cause God to turn His back on you in disgust and contempt.

I mean, sure, He'll probably forgive you if you repent of your sins.  And if we collectively repent of our sin of pride and child murder, there is a good chance He'll come back to us and bless our nation again.  We may not be as prosperous as we have been in the past, but at least we won't be broke, destitute, and lacking basic necessities like plumbing and electricity.

The other thing that Roe did was disrupt the political order.  The Supreme Court basically created a new law out of fucking nothing.  There was no previous precedent for such a decision and every time the law was challenged, judges just claimed that the decision existed for the sake of existing.  As a result, the Judicial branch became the unelected Congress.

Do you honestly think that gay marriage would exist in this country had Roe not passed?  How about the ban on anti-Sodomy laws?  Neither of those things would have happened in this country had the justices not been empowered to make laws, not interpretations of laws.

Hell, there are probably tons of decisions that have been handed down from the bench that would not have even seen the light of day had Roe not been decided.

My point is that our nation is a sick, degenerate nation.  Our young men are directionless, chasing after dopamine highs in one form or another while our young women are desperately seeking out comfort in the arms of men who have no interest in keeping them.  And a lot of this can be attributed to the idea in the back of their minds that it's okay, I can just murder my child as a legal option.

If none of these things convince you, then ask yourself this: is this country better or worse off since the Roe v. Wade decision was made?  Are we as a nation doing better spiritually, morally, and mentally since we decided it was okay to scramble the brains of our unborn babies?

Because from where I sit, we are not better off since then.  We have gotten much, much worse since then.

And should that decision be overturned, and God-willing it shall be, it will be the first step to healing our collective guilt and brokenness.