Monday, July 17, 2017

Healthcare to Remain Unaffordable

Now that the Obamacare repeal is dead, the Republican party has effectively decided that they want to lose their seats next November.

Apparently, disdain for President Trump trumps actually winning for them.

I am disappointed in Congress and I hope that President Trump blasts them hard in the State of the Union.  My health care premiums are now about 650 a month after the 50% my company pays for.  Just a few years ago, I had a plan that was 250 a month total.

Republicans aren’t leaders.  They are losers who wish to absolve themselves of all responsibility while trying to pretend to be leaders.

This is the same thing I’ve seen in the corporate world.  No one wants to stand for anything because to do so would mean you are engaging in leadership and would have to be responsible for the decisions you make.

This is all part of our cultural rot.  Everyone wants to have the freedom to have fun and enjoy life but we refuse to take responsibility for our actions.

The Republicans and Democrats would rather rape children than provide affordable healthcare for the ever-dwindling middle class.  Keep that in mind when more leaks about the degenerate behavior they engage in comes out.  They would rather dry hump cocktail waitresses instead of protecting this country.

We are living in an aristocracy, not a democracy or a republic.  The mere fact that Donald Trump is a miracle from God.  He’s never been an aristocrat, which is why the Republicans oppose him and undermine him.

Fuck those guys.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Social-Sexual Hierarchy Revisited

About six years ago, Vox Day published his socio-sexual hierarchy.  It is a good primer to figuring out how groups of men organize themselves.  Earlier this week, Davis Aurini had a debate with Robert Stark over the nature of the Gamma male.  I’d like to revisit that hierarchy because it still seems to be misunderstood, in my opinion, to this day:

  • Alpha – The top of the hierarchy.  President Donald Trump is an Alpha.  He’s confident, boisterous, and handsome.  Usually Alphas are incredibly attractive, both physically and financially, as well as insanely confident.  Natural Alphas, however, cannot tell you how to be Alpha.  For example, recall a story of how Donald Trump took a model at a party and chose a bikini for her, shortly afterwards dating her for a time.  Most men could not pull that off.  The downside to an Alpha is that he is usually borderline, if not outright, sociopathic.  This means he doesn’t care for the female nonsense that most other men put up with.  Also, they tend to only marry top-tier women but are more than happy to bang mid-tier women.
  • Beta – The second-in commands as it were.  They are usually confident but don’t brag as much.  Usually can acquire attractive women like the Alpha but generally don’t have nearly as high a notch count.  They are usually as attractive as an Alpha, but slightly more risk-adverse.  They do tend to remain more loyal to their wives than Alphas and are just generally good people to be around.
  • Delta – The normal guy.  Most men are Deltas.  There is a range of Deltas because it’s such a broad range, but the common trait is that they are average in appearance, tend to have steady employment, and usually are the ones getting the work done under the supervision of the Betas.  Another trait that Deltas share is that they tend to not understand women all that well.  Often times, they think that women think the same way they do, just they have different biological parts.  On the high-end Deltas can be quite successful while on the low-end Deltas have trouble in marriage because they place their wives on a pedestal.  Women hate that.
  • Gamma – These men would be low-end Deltas if they did not think of themselves as being secretly Alpha.  They are secret kings in their own mind and believe themselves to be worthy of admiration, which is often undeserved.  They are midwits when it comes to intelligence levels, which explains their superiority complex, and they hate the fact that no one else acknowledges this.  They are also on the unattractive side in terms of looks but don’t seem to understand or accept this.  Of all people in this hierarchy, the Gamma needs the most improvement but often times rejects criticism or even helpful advice, instead believing themselves to be gods among men.  Very dangerous if given any kind of power.
  • Omega – The low-end of the tier.  Omegas are usually unattractive, introverted, and unsuccessful with women.  In many cases, they are so awkward around women, it can boggle the mind of the average person.  They’re the computer nerd you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  The weirdo who has hygiene problems but doesn’t understand the big deal with eating his boogers in public.  Omegas can get married, but they usually marry low-tier women who are not all that attractive as well.
  • Sigma – The outsider.  The introverted Alpha.  The successful Omega.  The Sigma is the unicorn of the hierarchy and you are probably not one.  The physical attractiveness of the Sigma varies, but they can be low or high.  The difference between an ugly Sigma and an Omega, though, is that the Sigma has that same confidence that an Alpha has, just with darker undertones.  When an Alpha encounters a Sigma, he is often put off by him because of the Sigma’s unwillingness to acknowledge the social hierarchy and his ability to still nail down women who are usually reserved for Alphas.  Very few men can become a Sigma and are more likely to become an Alpha.  In fact, if you aren’t a Sigma now, you will probably never be one.  In fact, the most likely type to make a transition to a Sigma is the Omega.  All an Omega has to do is simply talk to women and learn how to make himself more attractive to him while maintaining his nerdy behavior.  Not an easy feat, by the way.
  • Lambda – Gays.  Really gay men have their own hierarchies, but because they are not a significant size of the population and because I am unfamiliar with the gay community, they kind of get dumped into this category.  There isn’t too much to say about them really.

Keep in mind that whenever you generally fit into any of these categories, that can change depending on environmental circumstances.  As a white man, for example, I couldn’t go to a black night club and be Alpha.  In fact, the best case I’d hope for there would be Delta.  But I could be Sigma in my own community.

As another example, if you have a whole workplace of Omegas, they will break into Alphas, Betas, Deltas, etc.  A man who is an Omega to the rest of the world could be the Alpha of his workplace.

Also, don’t fret over this.  We are all “snowflakes” after all.  Classifications are to be applied generally and this is no exception.  But it is a good primer for understanding how men organize themselves.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Raw Consequences

There is no justice in the post-modern West.  At best, there are punishments for honest men, coddles for honest women, and the elevation of the wicked.  And if a wicked man is caught, he is given a slap on the wrist and told to not do that thing again.

Child molestation is just one example.  When children are sexually abused, the offender should be on death row, given a last meal, and drawn and quartered.  Put on pay-per-view to fund the cost of the execution.

Any sane society would recognize that murderers and child rapists are a threat to public order.  They are a threat to good people.

But we focus on the bad people and empathize with on levels unfathomable to me.  He murdered someone but he had a bad childhood so that negates the horrendous crime.

Ever notice how most serial killers get special treatment in prison?  Ever notice how non-whites are excused for their horrendous crimes against whites by our leaders?  Especially in South Africa where I’ve heard toddlers are raped by those Zulu savages for the crime of being children of white landowners.

And being raped by a Zulu in South Africa is actually a mercy compared to how others fair.

Here in the US, murderers aren’t shuffled to the electric chair quickly enough.  Many of them, in fact, get off with light sentences through plea bargaining.

Child rapists usually get off as well with light sentences, instead instructed to go to counseling, the post-modern version of confession with therapy being their prescribed repentance.

Even our churches fail to cast out priests and bishops caught engaging in sexual misconduct.  If you are a priest or bishop and you have sexual relations with anyone outside of your marriage to your wife, you should be thrown out and communion denied to you.

But even that is too hard for people to accept.

I want people to not be protected from the stupidity of their actions.  I want them to face the raw consequences of their wickedness in this life and not the next.  Hell is too good for many of these people and they need to suffer justice here and now.

Yes, there are always wicked people who slip through, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try harder and deal with the truly depraved and degenerate right here and now.

To do so otherwise only invites this cancer, this spiritual disease of apathy and wickedness to grow.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Misquoted Bible

The Bible is often the most misquoted book in the world.  More people have misquoted it than properly quoted it.  I myself have been guilty of this but I don’t have my own religion, so I suppose God has forgiven me for it.

But here’s a few quotes that are often taken out of context as a means to further a pointless agenda:

  • “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged Yourself” – This quote comes directly from Jesus and is often used to browbeat believers who protest sins such as sexual degeneracy.  What Jesus was talking about was encouraging his followers to be righteous and upright themselves in order to judge others.  But to this day, many people use that quote to justify their sins when faced with condemnation from others.
  • “God is Love” – This quote always bothered me because if you read the section in 1 John where it is written, the context is much deeper.  At its surface, this quote seems to indicate that God is an emotion and that His antithesis is hate.  What this section is really saying is that God is the progenitor of love and not the sexual kind.  I think newer translations should clarify this point.  To this day, this line is used to justify sodomy.  Also, God clearly hates the wicked so how can a being composed solely of love hate anything?
  • “God helps those who help themselves” – This isn’t a Bible quote.  It isn’t in any iteration of the Bible and is an evil quote.  No, God does not make our lives easier nor is he a Pez dispenser handing out material goods, but that doesn’t mean He won’t help you in a way He sees fit.
  • “Submit to the Governing Authorities” – When this quote is taken out of context, it is usually used by conservatives to tell others that rebelling against your country is a rebellion against God.  But Paul wrote that line when he was in prison for preaching the salvation of man through Jesus.  What Paul was really telling Christians was to submit to governing authorities within reason but to follow God’s Law and Will above man’s laws.  Essentially, don’t rebel but don’t worship either.
  • “When I was hungry, you fed me” – Spoken by Jesus and used to justify the ever expanding welfare state.  What the Democrats fail to understand is that this quote was charging the individual with helping the poor whenever he can.  In truth, the entire Welfare System is nothing more than a scam used to launder the tax dollars of the productive back into the corporate elites’ pockets.

That’s about all I can think of right now.  I’m sure there are more quotes taken out of context but those are the ones that I hear about most frequently.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pediatricians: My Mortal Enemy

I’ve had a lot of problems with pediatricians and I consider them to be some of the worse that the medical profession has to offer.

First of all, they always seem to be pushing vaccinations and always using scaremongering my wife and I about it.  One even said that we were putting my kid in danger for not getting all the vaccinations on the insane CDC schedule.

More than that, though, they are some of the most condescending doctors I’ve even had the pleasure of dealing with.

Every time we take our kids in for a check-up, they are constantly harping on us about what we are supposed to do with our kid.  Like make sure he sleeps through the night or what time he's supposed to go to bed.

Like I’m fucking five myself and don’t know how to raise a kid properly.

On top of that, they seem to be very disconnected from science.  I saw a picture on the wall of an examination room where they claimed that there is five times as much mercury in breast milk than in a vaccine.  Somehow, I think it’s lost on these idiots the difference between ingesting something and injecting it into your bloodstream.

Injecting beer into your blood, for example, can kill you where as merely drinking it doesn’t.  Notice the difference there?

I think what is most frustrating is that I have a higher than average IQ, so I can understand and comprehend many of the things the doctors are talking about.  I don’t have a medical degree, but the concepts aren’t hard to grasp for me.

But still I’m treated like a dumb ass and I always feel like the doctor is there more to berate me for my parenting decisions than actually help me monitor the health of my child.