Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Migration is a Welfare State Issue

The main reason for mass migration in the West is to prop up the welfare state.

I know that there are other reasons for it, but this is the main one.  And the primary reason for the need for mass migration is because of the dwindling populations of the natives that are required for the welfare rolls of the aging population.

In other words, old people didn’t have enough children to fund their government welfare retirement programs.

The fact is, the entire welfare system is a scam and steals from the production to fund the lifestyles of the lazy.  Instead of saving their money in the long-term so that when they are unable to work anymore, they can afford to keep on living the way they have been, instead they demand money from the young and productive.

Worse yet, they either refuse to live with their children because they either didn’t have any children or because the children they did have don’t particularly like them.

Demographic replacement wouldn’t be an issue if the welfare state was non-existent or limited to natural-born citizens only.  In light of that, many people wouldn’t have immigrated here in the first place because to many third-world migrants, “land of opportunity” usually has something to do with free shit from sociopathic politicians.

So in order to stem the tide of the r-type migrants who want nothing more than free shit and sexual access to native women, I propose we just get rid of the welfare state.

For everyone.

Maybe then the migrant issue will become more apparent and more people will realize that it is a war and not a charity to let that many people into your country.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Who Really Won World War II?

Recently, I’ve been considering who won World War II.  Obviously, I’m not saying the Nazis won nor the Japanese.  They clearly surrendered and their countries were entirely remade into a bunch of whiny pussies.

So, both Germany and Japan are the official losers.  And officially, Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union won the war.

But did the Allied power really win?

Great Britain, though on the side of the victors, lost what was left of its empire.  Just 50 years earlier, it was an empire where the sun never set.  By the end of WWII, it was merely an island country with a destroyed infrastructure and a broken people.

And, given the caliber of the people living there now, I don’t think they’ve really recovered all the much.  Their culture puts the far-Left in the US to shame sometimes with their insane welfare system and their abominable promotion of sodomy.  The BBC still has a policy in place that refuses to talk about Jesus, like He never existed and didn’t affect history in anyway.

So Great Britain didn’t really win the war, they barely survived it.

The United States won the Western front and the Pacific theater officially.  It was resounding victory that put the US on the map.  Before WWII, the United States was merely a contender in the industrial world economy.  Now, with its infrastructure intact and most of its young men alive and healthy, the US dominated the world economy in nearly every way.

But as soon as the war was over, the Soviet Union challenged the West.  They already had established a massive spy network within the US government and they used it to gain new technologies, such as the atomic bomb, and were able to create favorable treaties at the end of the war.  Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss had statues in their honor somewhere in the former USSR.

On top of that, the United States began to experiment on its own people with social engineering, usually indirectly.  Mass marketing, subsidized soft scientific experiments, and MKUltra.  On top of that, the civil rights activists of the 50s and 60s took government jobs and turned their ideology into law through regulation and executive decree.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union decided to overthrow America indirectly.  They knew that they could never overcome the US through outright warfare, but decided to use their network of spies to create subversive movements, change the nature of entertainment culture, and encourage white guilt.

By and large, the Soviet Union seems to have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Despite their utter collapse and destruction as an economic power and a country, their legacy lives on in the United States.  Their spies were never Russian, but American who wanted communism to spread throughout the world.  And despite the fall of the Soviet Union, they carried on.

Given how much communism has become entrenched in Europe and the United States in spite of the fall of the Soviet Union, I’d argue that ultimately the Soviet Union won World War II.  They gained more territory, they kept their spy network intact, and they managed to ensure that communist regimes would rise up in many other places around the world.

The United States, on the other hand, allowed all of this to happen.  Despite the war wariness of the US, the Soviets were really in no position to fight us, especially with the existence of the atomic bomb.  We could have easily conquered the USSR in 1945.

But hindsight is 20/20.  What we need to do now is recognize what happened and restore our country to what it was.  This means purging the communist operatives in our governments, universities, entertainment culture, and mainstream media outlets.  This means rejecting the Leftist ideals in favor of the right-wing and it means bringing Christian discourse back into the public spotlight.  It means deporting the millions of people who are not assimilating into American culture.

Because true American culture is Christianity, Liberty, and Republicanism.

This all begins with recognizing how we got here and understanding what really happened in our recent history, not what our goddamn high school textbooks tell us to believe.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Deep State Being Dug Up

So WikiLeaks has released huge amounts of data regarding the CIA.  The highlights of it suggest something many of us with an IQ above 105 have known for some time: that they have the ability to spy on you through just about every network-connected device.

That includes smart phones, cable boxes, smart TVs, and maybe even your appliances if they synch up with some kind of electronic network.

Coincidentally (or not), this data dump came out following President Trump accusing former President Obama of spying on him during the presidential election.  Frankly, I would be surprised if that communist wasn’t using his office to further the Party.

As for us common folk, I wouldn’t get too worried.  Unless you run afoul of some asshole with a security clearance and access to the hackers, you should be okay.  The simple fact is, there isn’t enough people to monitor the entirety of online interactions and communications.

But if the Deep State takes interest in you, expect every electronic device to be hacked, bugged, and otherwise compromised.  But also expect to be followed and surveilled by field agents on a regular basis as well.  After all, while we post a lot of information online, there is much more information that can be obtained through in person observation.

So if you’re being spied upon, it won’t just be your cell phone, smart TV, and blender.  You’ll see the same stranger in your neighborhood and the same car following you.  If it becomes more frequent, you might want to see if you can get yourself some form of protection because they could close in to murder you.

And they’ll make it look like natural causes or some kind of accident.

I don’t know what the objectives of the Deep State are, but I doubt they are aligned with benefitting the American people or any other people besides their own.  And unless they are working to suppress some kind of Lovecraftian cosmic being from destroying the world, I don’t think they are doing any good either.

I believe that WikiLeaks has a lot more dirt on the CIA, maybe even proof that they have been smuggling illegal drugs into the country.  And it looks like they have released more claiming that ISIS was created by the CIA, another non-surprise now backed with actual proof.

I hope that WikiLeaks keeps on doing what they are doing.  I hope they release all the data and expose the Satanist Deep State for what they really are.

Because the only way we are going to drain the swamp is by purging these yahoos from government work.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On Depression

For past several weeks, I’ve been severely depressed.  I usually don’t talk about myself that much on my blog, mostly because nobody really cares that much, but I am this time to explain why my blog entries have been sparse in the past several weeks.

I’ve been working as a contractor for the several months.  It was originally supposed to be a six month to permanent position but that contract has been extended by about a month.  I’m not complaining too much about that, it’s just unusual.  In the back of my head, I am paranoid that this means I’m going to be unemployed soon.

It may be true.  I could end up losing this job instead of getting converted to permanent.  But that wouldn’t be a terrible turn of events really.  I would just have to go through the interview process all over again.  And I would find a job one way or another.

But I doubt any of that has to do with my depression.  I mean, sure, such situations would be a case for stress but I think that depression is just something that hits us and we amplify all the bad things in our life as a result.

I know that if I talked to a professional about this, they would probably recommend drugs.  I have no interest in taking drugs to make me feel better about myself.  It’s a crutch I don’t with to have.

Instead, I just have to ride this out and hopefully, things will get more stable in my life later on.  For the time being, however, I have to just live with these feelings and cope as best I can.

I wonder if depression isn’t caused by anything and that people who are chronically depressed are simply more prone to it.  What I mean is, I wonder if there isn’t something we can point to in order to explain or rationalize how we feel.  We know that we shouldn’t feel this way, but we can’t help it.

So we blame external factors we can’t control.  Job security, loss of loved ones, familial stress, childhood trauma, etc.  We know that there’s something wrong with how we feel but we make up excuses for it.

Perhaps depression is merely a spiritual attack.  From what I understand, science has yet to properly map brain activity associated with depression.  So the only thing left, for the time being, is that some people’s brains are merely wired to have problems with depression.

And the Enemies of God exploit this weakness to make people ineffectual.  Depressed people can spiral in very bad ways.  Their relationships fall apart, their dietary habit suffer greatly, and they become less than productive. 

Maybe that’s why the Corporatist Elite push anti-depressant medications.  They wish for people to be happy, dumb consumers and depressed people are a drag on society overall.

Anyway, for the time being, I have to ride this out.  I do feel that I am starting to come out of it, but I am not going to get optimistic about it.  After all, I could wake up tomorrow and feel like utter crap again.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Milo Was a Target of the Soros Defamation Machine

So the mass-media campaign against Milo has largely been successful, for now.  This is largely not without merit as Milo’s own statements, while not straight up supporting pedophilia, did more or less talk about young teenage sex as a potentially positive thing.

Of course, this was him basing it all on feels rather than actual morality.  Sin always feels good.  It’s a great feeling to sin.  But it is fleeting and leads to death and destruction.  Milo himself admitted that he never saw himself as a victim of sexual abuse, he did engage in self-destructive behaviors indicative of sexual abuse.

Besides the semantics of what he said, which has been done to death, very people are acknowledging what really happened here.

Milo was targeted by the Soros Defamation Machine.  He was targeted because he was the popular writer at Breitbart, which has direct ties to President Trump through one of his top advisors Michael Bannon.

This is why when he spoke at UC Berkeley, a bunch of jack-booted blackshirts showed up to commit blatant acts of terrorism.  And this is why the narrative in the mainstream press became about how Milo supported pedophilia.

Nevermind that Salon, the news organization behind the initial hit piece, had previously published two articles promoting sex with children.  These articles mysteriously disappeared following the hit piece’s publication of course.

I hope this experience is a turning for Milo’s personal life.  I hope he realizes that he was taken advantage of by older, wicked men who exploited a confused young boy.  I hope he realizes that the teachings of Jesus are incompatible with his sexual lifestyle.  And I hope that the Grace of God shines on him and heals his very deep spiritual wounds.

But make no mistake, this man was targeted by the globalist machine.