Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hospitals Need To Say “No”

I had an interesting conversation with my mother this past Sunday.  She works for a local hospital and we were discussing healthcare reform.  She pointed out that the hospital had already made 23 million dollars in charity claims for this first quarter.

Now a charity claim is not what it sounds like.  It is a claim that someone makes to a hospital when they are unable to afford the healthcare service.  Hospitals, you see, cannot deny people service when they show up to the emergency room.  Now this does not mean that they get standard care.

But it does mean that when some uninsured idiot shows up with a serious injury or illness, the hospital has to take care of that person.  My mother mentioned how there was one woman who shows up every couple of weeks with complications due to her Type-II diabetes and never pays for the emergency care she gets.

Now, you may thinking that this is a good thing, that people who have no insurance or money are getting healed by doctors.  That’s where you are wrong.

You see, that 23 million is going to come from somewhere.  Guess who ends up paying for it?  The productive citizens such as myself.  One of the reason for the skyrocketing health care costs is because of freeloading parasites who take advantage of the laws in order to get healed.

That diabetic woman I mentioned earlier?  Her condition can be fixed by her simply losing the weight and moving her diet to vegetables and meat with occasional dairy.  Will she do that?  No, because she has no incentive to do so.  People don’t change until the situation they are in is intolerable to them.

So because of this woman’s poor eating habits, the law says that she gets a free ride while people like me struggle to pay for my own children’s medical care.

The costs of healthcare would drop tremendously if we simply allow healthcare providers and hospitals to deny service and if we allow insurance companies to deny coverage.  Yes people will lose out, but really only people who made stupid decisions in their lives to begin with.

This is a messy situation and what I have proposed to “fix” it is really only a part of it.  As with just about everything in life, there are trade-offs and nobody will ever be 100% covered for all of their medical care all the time.  That doesn’t even happen in countries with “Universal” health care plans provided by their Socialist governments.

But this is a small part that I think will reward people who do what they are supposed to do and go out and work and buy insurance and pay their bills.

Because shouldn’t our society hold those people in higher esteem than the lazy?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

When Corporations Go Beyond Just Lobbying

Lately, there seems to be a coordinated effort by various social media outlets to de-platform “alternative” opinions on the Internet through various means.  YouTube, for instance, has been lying about video views and comment counts, actively hiding comments from several users.  Google (YouTube’s owner) has been modifying their search algorithms to make Democrats look better.

Meanwhile, when alternatives are presented, they are blackballed.  Gab, a popular alternative to Twitter, was blocked from the Apple iPhone store because it contained “adult content”.  Of course, a kid with an iPhone can follow his favorite porn actress on Twitter complete with promo pictures.  But that’s neither here nor there.

And then some people are finding themselves demonetized on YouTube.  YouTube allows content producers to run ads on their videos.  Lately, the value has dropped though and not just for Alt-Right figures.  I’ve heard of Let’s Play producers seeing a cut in their bottom line as well.

This last situation could just be the contracting economy really.  I suspect that YouTube got a lot of its revenue to pay its users from Federal subsidies (I can’t confirm this) and that when that well dried up with the rise of a Republican administration, YouTube is now looking to tighten its belt.

And then there’s PayPal, which has suddenly started to disable itself for many users.  Roosh V, owner and creator of Return of Kings, found himself without a PayPal account.  When he inquired as to why, he was told to get a subpoena.  This also happened to a YouTuber who was investigating PizzaGate.

Many of these services should really be treated as a public utility by the government.  At least then, theoretically, they would face severe fines for shutting off access for political “violations”.  There’s a reason that you still have water and power, despite voting Republican, and it has nothing to do with profits.

I do suggest that corporations should remain politically neutral in all their dealings.  And many corporations do that, mostly because many corporations aren’t converged with Social Justice Warriors and other assorted zombie commies.  For some reason, the worst of our society seems to have converged on crucial tech companies and taken over in order to dictate policy.

Communists can’t help themselves.  Give them even slight power and they’ll try to rule all they see in the name of farcical Utopianism.  And that is exactly what has happened to the tech sector.

The only solution in the short term that I can see is that various people band together and file a class action lawsuit against these various companies, declaring them to be public utilities and demanding they be held accountable for their communist bullshit.

I would be surprised if President Trump has Attorney General Jeff Sessions look into this.  My guess is that it would only happen if they suspended his personal Twitter account and then it would only affect Twitter.

The long term solution is to build alternative platforms to all these different Social Media sites.  We already have Infogalactic, an alternative to Wikipedia, and Gab, an alternative to Twitter.  There are others in the works and there are alternatives to the big ones, but we have to be patient or innovate ourselves.

And such work takes years to accomplish.  So don’t expect a new service overnight or even a year from now.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Ownership?

In order for free market economics to work, there has to be private ownership.  Without that, you end up with some kind of Institution-controlled system, either Corporatism or Socialism.

The problem with both forms of economic systems is that eventually, people figure out that they have no power because they own no property.  When you own property of some kind, you have a stake in where you live, in your community, and in the future of your children.

In the free market, you are a king of your little domain.  And barring any serious infractions of other people’s property or lives, you should be sovereign on your land.

The anarcho-capitalists and the libertines have this concept all wrong.  They believe that the individual is sovereign.  But sovereignty doesn’t come from you the person, but from the land you lay claim to.

Now I have to ask you, do you believe that we are sovereign individuals in the United States?

If you answered yes, then ask yourself, do you actually own the house you’re paying a mortgage on?  What happens when you stop paying that mortgage?  How about if you refuse to pay property taxes?  What happens then?

The truth is, you do not own your home, you are merely renting from the banks and your local government.  God forbid you have money in your bank account if your mortgage comes from the same bank and you get behind on your payments.

This is because every cent in the bank does not belong to you either.  You loaned the bank your money on their terms.

Don’t like those terms?  Well, there’s always the check cashing place next to the seedy restaurant and the payday lending shop.  And of course, they’ll confiscate a certain fee for the trouble of trying to convert a piece of bank paper into several pieces of Federal Reserve paper.

You labor, your home, your car, your stuff, and your money is all owned by someone else.  Before you get paid, the government takes its “fair share” to fund their gluttonous spending programs, usually to pay some ungrateful, unskilled worker to live here illegally and not do a damn thing.

Ownership in modern America has been subverted and stolen from the owners and the sad fact is that nobody seems to understand this basic concept.

Not even the CEOs in corporate America own the companies they run.  Nor do the shareholders.  Don’t believe me?  Consider what happens when a company is caught breaking the law.  Do the C-level executives get arrested and sentenced for said crime?  What about the shareholders?

No, usually they get fined by the government and a finger waved in front of them to not do that again.

I am a firm believer in individual ownership.  That means when you have land, it’s yours.  No one can take it from it.  It also means that property must be claimed by a living, breathing person, not an entity.

Unfortunately, the idea of capitalism has been so skewed by the elites that the dumb masses think that debt is ownership, taxes are patriotic, and that the United States is a free market country.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Coming Wrath

The United States government opposes Christianity.

It is perplexing, I know, in a country where 70-85% of its citizens claim to be Christian in some form or another, depending on what poll you look at.

But this scenario becomes more obvious when you consider that a man cannot serve two masters, as Jesus Himself once opined.  And the people who work for the State have been programmed to serve the State, even when the interests of the State run counter to God’s Will.

Right now, our government is seeking to overthrow Syrian leader Assad.  What comes next will be tragic for the hundreds of thousands Christians living at peace in that country.  They will see their women raped, their children murdered, and their men executed, much to the glee of the psychopaths that make up the rebels.

But the incidents of anti-Christian policies doesn’t stop there.  For too long, we have seen Christians marginalized, maligned, and held in contempt for standing for Jesus.  When men go to preach the Good News in gay “communities”, they are arrested.

When bakers refuse to bake gay wedding dildo cakes, they are called homophobic and their businesses are shut down.

The list goes on.  Christianity is treated as a grave sin in this country.

Don’t believe me?  If you are a Christian, try talking about it in casual conversation.  Don’t force it, but fall into it organically.  Then observe the reactions you get from people.  I’ll bet they’ll range from scoffs to people asking that you keep such things private.

I’m sure the reasons for this are many.  For the common man, Christianity is an allergy to them because they don’t want to admit they are sinners, evil, and in need of redemption.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they just can’t believe that they a bad person.

For the elite, it is a question of power.  In many cases, they seek to rewrite reality itself to support their vision of an ideal world.  That is why occultism is prominent among those in power.  It offers them a chance to rewrite reality itself.  You only have to sacrifice or rape children to get there.  And it takes many.

I wish I could separate myself from all of this, but I cannot.  There is a such thing as collective guilt and the United States has it in spades.  We voted for this for decades.  We became afraid to stand for Truth and in doing so became complacent in our own judgment against us.

I fear for my children.  I’ve made my peace with God and death, while still a thing I fear instinctually, is not a huge problem for me.  But my children may grow up in a society that seeks their death or imprisonment.  And all because they are white or Christian or straight or male.

And I want to fight against this, but my fellow Christians are so cucked, so complacent, that most days I wonder if it is better that I just accept the judgment coming and let God’s Wrath pour out on this contemptible nation.

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Short Note of the Syrian Bombings

President Trump bombed a Syrian airbase last week.

I have to admit, I was pretty angry when I first heard about it.  I’m not a fan of Assad but as far as dictators go, he appears to be competent and allows Christians to worship in a majority Muslim country.

But I’ve found out lately that the bombing had no casualties and that the airfield is still in use.  Contrast this kind of strike with President Obama who regularly supported ISIS rebels in Syria by bombing targets and actually killing people.

I don’t like what happened.  But I’m not worried that we are going to war with Russia over it.

Also when it comes to foreign policy, most people are playing chess and just because something happens in one area doesn’t mean that the action was isolated.

If you don’t understand what I mean, then consider why China and the US are deploying forces to North Korea.

Instead of Syria or Russia that is.