Monday, July 28, 2014

Random Thoughts

Government officials and workers always lie because often times the truth doesn’t suit their agenda.

Most people are idiots.  Even you and me.

Scientific studies are never objective.  Most of the time, they are funded by groups and institutions that have a specific agenda in mind.

A woman who divorces her husband because she is unhappy is like the fox that called the grapes sour.

A wife who does not submit to the sexual desires of her husband invites pornography to her home.

The man who claims that there is no God or gods is merely taking pride in his own morality.

All beliefs or non-beliefs are irrational.  It is the foundation of all rational thought.

The transvestite denies science when he or she assigns the opposite pronoun to him or her.

Less than 3% of the civilized world is gay, bisexual, or “other”.  This small percentage indicates a damaged mind more so than a preference.

Republicans will do nothing about abortion.

You will never regret going to the gym.

You will never regret having sex with your spouse.

Morality cannot be subjective.  It either is objective or non-existent.

All governments are run by elites of some kind or another.  Even if people pick their leaders, the agendas and scenarios are laid out for them before the vote is cast.

Never spend money on smartphone games.

Never own a credit card.

Every penny in your bank account is effectively owned by the bank.  You have loaned them money on their terms.

This world is not ruled by man or God or nature.  It is ruled by Satan and he will do everything he can to conceal this simple fact.

The one thing that most pastors forget is that 82% of the country considers itself to be Christian.  Instead of performing outreach for the “unchurched” maybe the outreach should be a call for repentance.

Christianity is no excuse for bad behavior.

Christianity is not a tolerant religion.

The alternative to Christianity is not atheism or non-belief but paganism or Islam.

Women has always been submissive to men since before Jesus set foot on the Earth.  Modern beliefs throw this simple and fundamental truth on its face to their own peril.

The Mongols lost their great civilization to fiat currency.

Women’s Suffrage is the reason the Nazis and the Soviets came to power.

The Left-wing’s entire ideology hinges on Envy, one of the Seven Deadly sins and quite possibly the most harmful of them next to Pride.  Wrath is abated, Gluttony and Lust are satisfied, Greed is fleeting, Sloth is boring, but Envy seeks the destruction of what it cannot have.

The Right-wing will not bring you closer to God.  But it will not damn you to Hell either.