Thursday, July 31, 2014


A few years ago, I remember Dave Ramsey saying that one sign of maturity is the ability to hold off on the things you want.  Certainly this is one sign.

But let me give you another sign: the ability to accept the responsibilities that come with the perks.  Let me explain: in real life, the more perks you acquire usually come with higher responsibilities.

If you buy a house, for example, you are now responsible to maintain that house.  While living in the house is a perk, you have the responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart on you.  Of course this is something that directly effects you and very few people neglect their own places of residence.

When you move up the corporate ladder (what little of it remains) you gain perks like a higher salary but you also gain responsibility for the people who work under you.  This means that if they fail, you fail with them.  At least, that is usually how it goes, but there are always exceptions.

I am thoroughly convinced that this civilization is moving away from that model in nearly all aspects of life, save a few, namely, the angry, productive white males.  I know, being an “angry productive white male” myself means that I am now spouting racism.

The truth is, if you look at nearly every other group besides APWMs, you’ll find that nearly every one of them want all the perks without any of the responsibilities.  This can be seen in how they collectively vote and who they are voting for.

Voting for the politician who promises things like safety or welfare or getting your fair share or whatever other nonsense that involves taking money from the productive and giving it to the moocher and looter is, in essence, an immature vote.

Feminism itself is immature.  We see this in how they cry for equality but turn around and outright oppress men when given authority to do so.  It’s like the nerd kid who suddenly develops superpowers and decides to brutally murder the bullies who tormented him.

We see this with welfare recipients who leech off of the productive and use their extra disposable income, of which they have more than the productive, to buy expensive clothes, phones, and other accessories.

In a nation where 45%+ of the obese are also poor, we find ourselves feeling bad for the people who are obviously well fed and laughing all the way to the Wal-Mart, where the EBT system has shut down and they are allowing looters to loot.

There was a reason that originally only land-owning men could vote in the United States.  It was because the Founding Fathers understood that women would primarily vote out of envy and that people who didn’t own land probably didn’t make very good decisions in general.  I know, that’s a generalization, but it is sadly true.

From the single mom with three kids with three different baby daddies to the corporate executive who demands a bailout because he ran his company into the ground, we are seeing unprecedented levels of immaturity.

And our democracy is only going to enable and embolden it.