Thursday, January 26, 2017

Skyrim Modder Apollodown Down And Out Over Trump

A prominant Skyrim Modder by the name of Apollodown quit modding over Trump’s election:

I never thought Trump would win. When I saw the number of people who actually voted for him, I vomited. This is not an exaggeration, I actually threw up on the sidewalk in front of the bar I was watching the results at while the hispanic cooks swore openly about him inside. Granted, had some drinks in me, but the sheer number of people who heard everything he said and said 'sure, why not' made me physically ill.

That is why I quit.

Because that week, I realized something. We dismiss the people screaming invectives over the internet, threatening people, and otherwise being utterly inhuman to each other as 'trolls'. Wikipedia defines a troll as a person who intentionally sows discord for the express purpose of getting an emotional response. The people over the years who have been on my pages saying horribly racist, sexist, and homophobic things - I was always able to live with it by imagining they were all written by the same imaginary 15 year old kid named Timmy living with his single mom in Kansas who is just a little shit. But seeing that 63 million people voted for open racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homphobia - nearly a quarter of eligible voters in my country - made me realize that I had not been dealing with trolls. I have been dealing with real people with, no matter how evil and alien to me they may be, real opinions. And I realized that they cannot be dismissed.

And it was at that point that I realized that at some point, a real life Nazi - not a joke, not a meme, but an actual person who believes in eugenics and genocide as domestic policy - has used my mods at some point, and enjoyed them. Of course this is always the case when you work with the sheer number of users that I work with, but what really got to me is that knowing that the gamer demographic skews straight white male, and that the PC gamer demographic skews it even further that direction, could it possibly be that the majority of people in the gaming community share these bigoted views? I would certainly hope that given the relatively young age of the demographic this would not necessarily be the case, but given the comments I've received over the years, it certainly wouldn't surprise me if the majority of you were open bigots on and offline.

Soooooo, that's why I quit. I realized that I am serving more Nazis than I am comfortable serving. Frankly, ZERO nazis would be ideal, but once we get to be over 10% Nazi, that's where I draw the line. And I believe that there is a high enough chance that the gaming community, including the skyrim modding scene, has crossed that 10% threshold.

I’m sorry, I’m having trouble taking you seriously Apollodown.  You pulled all your mods from the Nexus because you couldn’t stand them being downloaded by Trump supporters?

For those of you who don’t know much about the Skyrim modding community, Apollodown was a pretty significant player.  His two biggest hits were Civil War Overhaul, which restored lost content to the civil war and enhanced it, and Dragon Combat Overhaul, a mod that enhanced the dragon fights.

He did good work and my only grip was that Dragon Combat Overhaul broke the fight with Miraak, which required players to uninstall it and reinstall it after the fight.  And yes, this was a bug with his mod since he changed the dragons in that fight.  And to be a real dick about it, he refused to acknowledge it as a bug, probably blaming the original game script.

Anyway, despite that issue, I had no problems with Apollodown, even as a “Nazi”, or more accurately, a Trump voter.  He was a solid modder and he made Skyrim seem so much better.

This highlights a problem I’ve seen time and time again with Leftists.  They cannot separate their political lives with their personal ones.  I’m an anti-Utopian political nihilist, but that doesn’t run my life.  The annual voting I engage in is usually nothing more than a simple exercise in civic duty for me.

But for Leftists in general, politics is their religion.  It is their jihad, even, as evidenced by the rioters (not protestors, rioters) at Trump’s inauguration last week and by the terrorist attacks that were played for Mike Cernovich’s “Deploraball” event last Thursday.

For most normal people, we get up in the morning, we eat, we shit, we work, we play, we sleep.  During these activities, we might engage in conversations with others about politics or other topics we enjoy.  But that’s the extent of it.

For the Leftists, State, Morality, Criminality, and Spirituality are one and the same.  This is why Apollodown has taken down his mods: he is simply incapable of separating the politics from the personal.

Contrast his behavior with Arthmoor, a very big and prominant modder best known for the Unofficial Skyrim patch, Cutting Room Floor, and many others, and how he keeps his mods up despite being a conservative himself.  Arthmoor doesn’t even talk politics in his mod pages, just posts descriptions and leaves it as it.  If you want to talk politics with him, he keeps it to the political forums.

It never ceases to amaze me how big a shitbag a commie can be.