Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Spirit of Morgoth Lives

Yesterday, I discussed how the Democratic party is a party of pure evil.  Poorly.

But I think it’s important to realize how evil they and their (((fellow))) communists are.

In Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth, the first dark lord (and Sauron’s boss) Morgoth “created” the majority of evil creatures that you see in the films.  He created the Orcs, the dragons, and the trolls.  But I use the term “created” loosely because it wasn’t true creation, per se, but more like photocopying something with a piece of paper and a box of crayons.  The true method he used was never made clear, just that he used elves to create orcs and that trolls were made in mockery of Ents, although that could have many meanings.

The point is, in Tolkien’s world, evil could never create, only pervert what was already there for its purposes.

And we see this with the communists.  It is a very parasitic ideology in all its forms.  From its initial origins in Marx, to it’s redefinitions with Lenin, to the feminist and civil rights movements of the 1960s, to it’s modern day incarnation in Social Justice, all of it only seeks to pervert what was created into some other form to fit its own narrative.

We see this happening in our entertainment culture, especially with Disney.  Rather than creating their own new characters, worlds, and stories, they are simply buying up existing properties, like Marvel’s superheroes or Star Wars.  Then they proceed to apply their own warped narratives on them.  We see all strong, European-based male heroes reduced to idiots and fools while female characters and non-white males are bold, brave, and without any major fault or flaw.

To top that off, there is often an inversion in the story or narrative that runs counter to the ideals of Western civilization.  For example, Black Panther was not only pushing the fiction of a hidden gem of a civilization in Africa, but also pushed the idea of globalism over nationalism.  Fortunately, the third Thor movie seemed to push the idea of nationalism fairly well, although that one was probably just before the narrative was getting pushed.

But we see this in other institutions as well.  Academia was a big one, where what was once an institution of higher learning, it is now an expensive adult daycare center with little regard for actual real-life STEM skills.  Churches of all denominations have been infiltrated as well.  I’ve heard stories of communist operatives pushing sexual degenerates into various positions of power within many churches in order to twist them into compliant institutions for the communist world order.

Gamergate was all about evil trying to overtake video games.  Board games are facing this problem as well.  Of course it’s happening in our governments at all levels.  And there are so many other organizations and institutions that are constantly corrupted by it.

In truth, evil is uncreative, ugly, and ultimately weak and frail.  The destruction it causes is merely incidental and really not the ultimate goal of its adherents.  Its main goal is to latch on to the good, the beautiful, and the true and twist it into the bad, the ugly, and the lie.

J.R.R. Tolkien was wise beyond his years in this regard.