Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Going to the Doctor

I am usually unimpressed with doctors.  It is probably because of my higher than average IQ coupled with my disdain for having to dumb myself down to other people.

Doctors tend to have IQs which are either high average or above average.  They tend not to be genius level, but they are usually better than average.

As someone who is above average himself, I find that I usually am treated like a dunce by doctors and I get personally offended by it.

I know that they do this because most people they interact with tend to be dumber than them, but do I seriously have to dumb it down for them?  I can understand much more about the human body than the average person, it was just never really interested me enough to make a career out of it.

I guess it’s merely a curse of a high IQ really.  Just one more thing a long list of issues high-IQ people have with modern society.

Or perhaps I’m just arrogant and am just rationalizing why I don’t like going to doctors.