Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Things I Want

I want a world where debt is considered a vice.

I want a place I can truly call home.  A man’s house is his castle.

I want to be able to afford a home without going into debt for decades of my life.

I want more free time to do things I would rather do.

I want to be surrounded by people who respect me and love me (not in the sodomite sense).

I want to live a life that glorifies God.

I want to rise above the stupid decisions those around me make.

I want two years of income saved up so I don’t have to concern myself with employment.

I want a less argumentative wife.

I want to see the tearing down of the Occult Elite in my lifetime.

I want to fight against evil.

I want to shift the culture back toward God and His Son.

I want to prove that one can life a prosperous life and still be pious and upright.

I want to comfort Job.

I want better health.

I want to see the technology Transcendence so I can pull the plug on the wicked who would presume to be gods.

I want to hear God say, “Well done”.