Friday, December 9, 2016

Musings On #PizzaGate

So the #PizzaGate scandel has supposedly exposed a pedophile ring with links to powerful people.  Unfortunately, this revelation did not surprise or shock me, as there has been suspected pedo-rings amongst powerful people in both parties for a long time now.

You see, people in power tend to be socipathic or psychopathic, especially in a representative democracy.  Hilary Clinton is a perfect example of this, as she clearly doesn’t give two shits about anyone, not even her own family.  Case in point, have there been any photos of her playing with her toddler grandchildren in any meaningful way?

As for the charges of Satanism, this would not surprise me either.  While they may not be worshipping the prince of darkness directly, the idea of Satanism is basically acts of pride.  The chief sin of mankind is a desire to become like God and Satanism offers that in spades.  So it isn’t much of a stretch to see powerful people worshipping a god that provides them with power in this life, rather than eternal life after this one.

What is shocking is how ingrained it all is.  Both parties have a long history of such scandels.  If you visit the Capitol building in DC, you won’t see much Christian art.  I remember seeing the giant statue of Athena, who would be my patron goddess if I wasn’t a Christian, and feeling a strong urge to worship it.  I don’t know if it was an evil force or just my own internal need to sin, but the urge was there.  Fortunately, I resisted it.

I wonder how many politicians, power-brokers, and other assorted assholes weren’t able to resist similar temptations.  I doubt many of them really care about the gods they worship and are more concerned with the power that comes from it all.

Which is why they don’t care if children are destroyed in the process.

I do believe that John Podesta is a true believer in whatever religion he practices.  Before the “Spirit Cooking” part of this mess broke, early perusing of his e-mails revealed he was heavily into UFOs.  The thing is, most UFO people also happen to be heavily involved in occult practices.  In fact, many legitimate cases of alien encounters come from people who engage in some form of occultism.

The truth behind all of this, though, needs to come out into the open.  What our public figures do, even the lowly interns, needs to be known by the people who they are accountable to.  And no, any aspect of your private life no longer exists when you decide work with the government and rule over them.

On top of that, there is enough probable cause for search warrants to be issued and investigations to move forward.  There have been child-sex investigations done into Mormon cults on the word of anonymous callers with less information.

I just hope that Trump finds a way to get the investigation started once he enters the White House.