Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On Comfort and Evil

Today, a co-worker mentioned that Marina Abramovic is just a performance artist and not a Satanist.  To be honest, I doubt that she is a true Satanist, but she definitely worships something that is inherently evil.  Whether it is the dark lord himself or some lessor evil, it really doesn’t matter.  And if you think that what she does worship isn’t evil, then why does it require semen, breast milk, and blood?

I don’t blame my co-worker though.  Like most people, real evil is hard to confront, let alone accept, especially when you live in a prosperous civilization.  Comfortable lifestyles are threatened by the revelation of evil because often times it exposes that comfort as being illusionary and that you must take a side.

I believe that Americans have become soft when it comes to recognizing evil in our world.  This isn’t really a hard belief to come by, as many Americans have no moral qualms about sodomy*.  When government took over schooling, it focused on secular studies but failed to teach morality.

There is a dark side to the supernatural world.  This is largely why the supernatural world is hidden from us as were we exposed to it, many people would turn to Christ.

Or not.  After all, human beings in civilizations like to live in comfort and without conflict.  I confess to such a desire myself and I’m sure if God had His way over this world in totality, we would have such a life.

But that is not our fate or destiny for this life.  This life is about struggle, conflict, and taking a stand against evil.  But we cannot do so unless we understand and know what it is.

I cannot write about it extensively here, as there are so many depths to evil.  But I can say that evil is merely anything which goes against God’s Will.  Only good things are of God and anything that is not of God is evil.

Seems unfair, I know, but those are the rules of this life.

*By sodomy, I mean all forms of sexual contact outside of a monogamous marriage between a man and a woman.