Monday, December 5, 2016

Fake News is Projection

The communists have come up with a new term for Internet news sites which don’t conform to the Narrative: fake news.  Not entirely original, but catchy and very easily employed to dupe the dumb masses into thinking that we are at war with Syria, not ISIS, and that we have always been at war with Syria.

So far, it has been used against the various blogs and low-level news sites which have been reporting on the growing scandal known as PizzaGate.  I won’t get into that horror show here, but basically it involves another pedophile scandal amongst the elite power brokers who rule over us.

Instead of investigating the claims made, mainstream press has taken to calling the independent investigators “fake news” sites and completely dismissing them.

The term “Fake News” though wasn’t created initially to debunk the PizzaGate stories.  No, it started shortly after Donald Trump’s win, which was unexpected by everyone in the mainstream press and the mainstream social media sites.

Instead of accepting the simple fact that they were incredibly wrong in their predictions, the social media monopolists decided to blame it on “fake news” sites like Zerohedge or Brietbart.  So the grand purge has begun.  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other social media sites are now outright employing the Orwellian tactics they cried out against during the Bush years.

In other words, targets are marginalized, banned, muted, outed, libeled, or otherwise maligned as promoters of badthink, which is doubleplus ungood.

The fact is, though, many of the mainstream news sites and channels have been nothing but fake news sites from the beginning.  CNN has been running fake news stories as far back as 1991 during the first Gulf War.  And nearly every poll this year had Hilary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump, in some cases by wide margins, despite the fact that Clinton herself couldn’t get more than 200 people to her rallies in contrast to Trump who got thousands.

If the sites which these supposed proponents of truth are indeed fake sites, then they need more than just a list of fake news.  They need to cite specific articles and correlate them with truthful facts.

In other words, they need to prove it.  One does not simply make a claim like that and assume it can’t be scrutinized, analyzed, and clarified.

In the meantime, I suggest that people avoid getting their news from mainstream sources completely.  Because if Wikileaks is true, then they are merely getting marching orders from the globalist elite and more than likely are lying in every story they report on.