Friday, December 2, 2016

On Greed and Modern Society

One of the few vices which the Left still holds as a vice is Greed.  However, that vice is usually reserved for the wealthy, because the only people they can ascribe any kind of vice to are people who they envy.

But Greed is not reflected in what you have or how much money you make.  There are plenty of greedy people in this country who are not rich or wealthy at all.

For example, when the EBT system broke down at that Wal-Mart, many people took it upon themselves to loot the store of all its food.  This is a prime example of greed amongst poor people.

Middle class folks can also be greedy.  Those who attend church and don’t bother to tithe, for example, are greedy.  They are attending a church and not contributing their own resources to a church.

Greed, like all sins, comes from the heart.  In “The Fairie Queen”, Greed is depicted as a starving, poorly dressed man clutching his gold coins.  The point was to illustrate that greed is about holding tight unto what you have.

This does not mean you need to give up your possessions and let go of the things you have.  There is nothing wrong with having wealth or material possessions.  It is more about making sure that your priorities are not centered on those things.

On the other side of the political spectrum, I’ve heard libertarians say that greed is good.  They do this with a sufficient misunderstanding of what greed actually is and focus on how greed motivates profits.  In this instance, they accept the Leftist premises with regards to greed and argue the opposite case.

But we all know it is dangerous to accept any Leftist premise.  You might as well accept Satan’s claim that you shall not die at face value.

Greed is a vice that is vastly misunderstood in our culture, largely due to Leftist cultural conditioning and an unwillingness to question the Leftist narrative on these matters.

But now that we have an alternative right-wing movement rising, perhaps we can condition those on the Right to never accept the premises of Left-wing lunatics and instead formulate our own ideas.