Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Post-Election Observations

Now that the dust has settled on the election and Donald Trump is now President-elect, I’d thought I’d make a few observations regarding what happened:

  • Polling data is utter and total crap.  All pollsters were pretty much wrong this time around.  Pollsters are basically the meterologists of the political realm in that they make guesses based on the data collected.  Hell, meterologists are usually much better at predicting the weather within a day or two.
  • Everything the mainstream press does, regardless of supposed political alignment, is done so in order to drive the narratives of globalism, open borders, and social justice.  To that end, they have proven themselves to be hapless liars, frauds, and propaganda tools rather than actual journalists.
  • Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party leadership is, by and large, run by Occultists and is not a Christian outfit.  This is significant because 70 to 82% of Americans are Christians and only 2% are Mystics, which classifies as Pagan or Eastern religious.  This is troubling because it indicates that they are completely out of touch with the common citizen right down to our most deeply held beliefs.
  • Usually, elections don’t matter when both candidates are in the globalist’s pockets, like McCain and Obama or Romney and Obama.  But Trump is in no man’s pocket.  Hell, he didn’t even have a government title to his name until last week.
  • Despite the mainstream press’s best efforts, it was very clear that Trump was going to win.  Every venue, every rally he held was packed while Hilary Clinton was unable to hold more than 200 people.
  • While it was never stated openly, I am certain that Hilary Clinton’s tour bus dumped sewege illegally at her demand.  Given the accounts of many people along with some rumors, I suspect she told her staff to just dump it at the next storm drain.  Given her demeanor, saying no to her wasn’t an option.
  • Hilary Clinton came off to me like a spoiled child pretending to be an overbearing mother.  Nobody wanted that.
  • I’m not going to presume anything about Donald Trump.  I voted for him primarily because he isn’t bought and paid for by foreigners, banksters, or any other unsavory types who have been ruling over us either in secret or openly.  And since they all went after him in one fashion or another, I highly doubt he’ll be paying any of them any favors.
  • Russia celebrated his election, not because Trump is their puppet, but because he was the only candidate, on any side, who said he was going to negiotiate with them and not commit acts of war against them.  Hilary Clinton’s “no-fly zone” over Syria was basically an act of war against Russia if enacted.

I’m not going to complain that much about Donald Trump, especially right now.  Unless he goes back on his word, I can’t complain too much really.  After all, I wasn’t voting for ideology this time, but the man himself and what he represents.

I probably won’t defend him either, not that he will need defending in all honesty.  I suspect he will be able to handle himself in most of those situations.

I do expect a lot of turnover in his administration though.  Politicians have their own agendas but in the world of business, you have to go with what the boss says.