Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Private is Public

The private life does matter a great deal.  I know that is something that is hard for people to understand, but what you do in private will affect your outlook on life and ultimately your public life.

We see this with Hilary Clinton right now.  Her private life is a complete and utter mess.  It has been for a long time now.  She’s married to a serial adulterer, she’s a mean-spirited, spiteful, and lazy person.  She is rich by virtue of selling off access to the United States government.  All these things she did in private paint a picture of a woman who is very clearly unfit for office.

Or take John Maynard Keynes.  The man lived as a homosexual hedonist.  And he developed an economic policy which encouraged over-budgeted spending for supposed short term gain.  Now it is unthinkable for any Western government to not go into debt every year.

The fact is, every little sin, every little thing you do when others aren’t watching says more about your character than your public persona.

If a woman has an abortion, for instance, she isn’t going to make for a good wife.  Because, after all, if she is willing to murder her own children, what good is she to a husband?

Or how about the gay man who has sex with other men several times a week?  Sure he might be good at his job but how long before his asshole falls out and he gets unusual warts all over his body?

Or the man who has a wife, a few kids, and a house with no real major sins except the occasional porn viewing?  Do you think he will be a productive member of society?  The government certainly thinks so as they tend to tax such men more so than any other people group.

The point is that you should be good in the little things, even when no one is looking.  Because that kind of behavior cascades to your public life.  Eventually, all things are made known to those around you.

Good thing I suck at making friends.