Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Parasites at the Top

In the United States today, most leaders within the government are nothing more than parasites.  I don’t mean this in the libertarian sense, I mean this in the economic sense.

What I mean by this is that you should look at the professions of the various individuals who are either elected into office or make heavy contributions to candidates and thus influence large parts of public policy.  They tend to be lawyers, bankers, or non-profits.

The lawyer is by far the biggest parasite.  Their sole existence is to navigate the various ins and outs of the government.  Lucky for them, their fellow lawyers also tend to write up the laws.  So we have essentially solid job security.

It is in the best interest of all lawyers to vote for larger and larger government as it creates a demand that wouldn’t otherwise exist.  Think about it, if the criminal laws were clearly laid out on two tablets of stone, along with the assoicated punishments, would you need a lawyer?

On top of that, their entire existence seems to be focused on negiotiating the lies and usually never about uncovering the truth.  In crime, in civil action, even in simple contracts, the idea is to create the version of reality which suits their clients and not necessarily deal with the world as it stands.

This is why we see so many pieces of legilation designed under the principle of magic thinking because many lawyers literally believe they can alter reality through law.  They may not consciously believe it, but that is how they behave.

Bankers are an entirely different kind of parasite, and they may be more dangerous than a lawyer.  They are the ones who manage the currency and make money by loaning out money they have stored to other people.  In essence, they need to create a need for people to borrow money from them.

These days, you can take out a loan on just about anything.  Credit cards to cover the basics, car loans for transportation, and mortgages for shelter.  All of this is considered ownership, despite the fact that you will lose all of your stuff if you don’t pay back the loan.

What’s even more insane is that the banking industry as a whole controls the money supply through the Federal Reserve.  What this means, is that there is an incentive for the bankers at the top to push loans because they’ll get the fresh money supply before it devalues.  On top of that, the increases in loans leads to inflation, which leads to price inflation, which causes the poor and middle class to put more things on credit.

Non-profits are simply parasitical because they tend not to produce any meaningful good or service.  Often times they are set up as a scheme to receive government money or launder money from interested political parties (like the Clinton Foundation).

The fact is, you are not being charitable if you contribute money to a non-profit.  You are simply paying their bills.  You would do better volunteering or simply living a frugal life.

Yes, I contribute 10% of my gross to the church I attend.  But I am a regular attendee and a member of that church.  I’m paying my dues, not donating money.   In fact, if more people took the same attitude that I did about tithing and church membership, I doubt there would be many evangelical cucks or churchians left in leadership roles there.

And yes, I still file my contributions as a charitable tax deduction.  This is largely because I try to pay as little taxes as possible since huge chunks of it pay for abortions and exporting sodomy to the third world.

Basically, our government is run by parasites.  They latch on to it and feed off of it in order to enrich themselves and grow fat on the misery of the average American.  What the Clintons have done, as demonstrated by the recent Wikileaks email dumps, is merely the most extreme example of this.

This is also why Donald Trump is upsetting so many Republicans and Democrats.  He’s a successful businessman looking to take a massive paycut in order to make America great again.  In their minds, he should be the one giving them money and greasing their wheels, not vying to give them orders and set public policy directly.

He may be a lot of things, but Donald Trump is not a parasite.