Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Straw Goddess of the Left

This election probably won’t save America.  I don’t believe that the United States as it exists today will be the same by the end of the century.  In my lifetime I may even see it broken up.

But it is a step in the right direction should Trump get elected.  I mean that.  We need someone who will take us on the correct course and Trump is at least willing to adjust the ship to start to turn away from the chasm it’s heading towards.

But so many morons think it is better to vote for Clinton.  Because racism.  And sexism.  And consentual pussy grabbing.

Even now, dark forces are trying to paint Trump as a pedophile, since the pussy grabbing video was able to dissuade so many fucking morons within the Republican party.

It makes me angry.  So many people are willing to vote for someone who is an outright criminal and traitor.  She is unfit for office based on those grounds alone.  On top of that, she probably has Parkinson’s disease, which makes her even more unfit.

And the entire establishment is with her.  The Justice Department won’t prosecute her, the press won’t report on her, and the Democrats won’t wash their hands of her.  Somehow, this husk of person has managed to become the straw goddess of the Left.

Her policy positions don’t matter.  We already have email confirmation that she lies about all of that.  She has clearly stated that she has a public policy and a private policy.  Guess which one she follows?

She has no interest in fulfilling any campaign promises.  She is a two-faced crook who simply wants to be President because she feels like it’s her turn.

Everyone talks about how Trump has shifted his political views over the past 40+ years.  Well, he’s a businessman, and a largely successful one at that.  Of course he is going to change, he has to otherwise he’ll lose money.

To me, Trump strikes me as someone who was able to access all the inner circles and didn’t like what he saw.  But he went along with it because he was more interested in making money.  But I think now that he is in his twilight years, he realized that all his accomplishments will mean nothing if there is no country left.

So he quickly realized that this country needs a better leader.  Not some douchebag who will sell us out to corporations and foreign governments, but someone willing to stand up and at least try and secure a future for Americans.

I still don’t know what exactly Hilary Clinton stands for, other than being a woman (barely) and having been the First Lady at one time.  She is a liar, a thief, a possible Sodomite, and allegedly a murderer.  She is incompetent at what she does, as evidenced by her stint as Secretary of State.

But no, all you fucking Sodomites will vote for her because she’ll keep your good feelings going.

Like a drug addict, you choose the person who will destroy you.

It makes me sad, but I reminded of Jeremiah and how even when the Israelites had lost everything and were living as fugitives in Egypt, they still refused to worship God.

That is what all you Democrat voters are: cowards, traiters, and criminal accomplices.