Friday, October 7, 2016

The Depravity of Mainstream Entertainment

When I first loaded the show Penny Dreadful on Netflix, I realized that I might be making a mistake as the Showtime logo appeared.  This meant that the show was coming from a premium cable channel, where sodomy is considered not only normal but also mandatory in many cases.  And I’m not talking about man-to-man butt sex when I mention sodomy.

I continued to watch it.  There were some good shows in the past, like Carnivale, so I decided to give them one a chance.

It had potential.  It really did.  The main story was actually very compelling and interesting.  A woman is possessed (or inherited? not too clear on that) by a demon and seeks to save her friends from the evil that draws itself to her.  There are vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein’s monsters, witches, and many other evil things.

But the main story is often sidebarred to showcase the sodomy storylines.  In the pilot, there was no Dorian Gray character but he shows up in the second episode.  He adds nothing to the overarching plot (his character’s contributions could easily have been taken up by others) and instead seems to be there solely because he is bisexual.  In the second season, he even courts a transsexual man.

On top of that, the main characters are, for the most part, not every good people.  And while that is a good starting point in making them into heroes, they don’t seem to get better as people.  For the most part, the main characters remain debased and sick people who have regrets but no growth as people.

This the current state of the entertainment culture in Western society.  Instead of focusing on good story telling, they focus on adding in communist propaganda with a story in the background.  Did I mention that there is a scene where a witch kills a baby so her master can cut out its heart and portrays this as wicked but later shows a girl getting an abortion and this is portrayed as noble?

The show had so much potential but I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of it.  It is too depraved and often times boring.

Unfortunately, this is the state of modern fantasy on television.  Instead of telling a great story, we instead see a propaganda piece.  Instead of noble heroes who overcome their failings, we see despicable people who are only marginally better than the great evils they face.  Instead of portraying evil things like sodomy and abortion as evil, they are shown as good.  Love is just another word for cum these days.

May God strike all of them down.