Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Reason For The Alt-Right

Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton addressed a rapidly growing segment of the conservative movement last week, known as the Alternative Right or Alt-Right.  As predicted by many, this speech did nothing to dismay Alt-Right followers.  Instead, it merely strengthened them and gave them legitimacy on the national stage.

I won’t go into what the Alt-Right generally believes in, as I think Vox Day does this well, but I will highlight that many mainstream conservatives are opposed to the idea, largely because it is viewed as racist by the communists.

I’ve always found it fascinating that conservatives will bend over backwards to prove they aren’t racists, from funding liquor and strip clubs for blacks to granting amnesty for Mexican invaders all the while calling the Left the real racists.

So far, gay marriage has been made legal via Supreme Court mandate and transsexual bathroom usage is now a national issue.  More than likely the latter will be put up before the Supreme Court, which a long and proud history of ignoring basic science (see Nix v. Hedden as an example).  The result will probably be that there are 200 human genders and that all businesses must create bathrooms for all of them.  They have a tendency to engage in magic thinking, after all.

Moreover, the greatest sin of all time, murder, has been legalized in the US, provided the doomed human being is present in his mother’s womb.  The conservative movement has made zero headway in this issue but for some reason always trout it out during an important election cycle.

The Alt-Right is merely a response to these failures and a retooling of tactics to use against the communists.  It is a refution of the old, vague conservative ideas which seem to grow more moderate as the decades drone on.  The communists lost the Cold War.  It appears that they’ve won the propaganda war.

What the Alt-Right recognizes is that the communists only have the political equivalent of shit tests, applies political Game theory to them, and turns those tests into a win.  Being called a racist means nothing to them.  Homophobic?  Nah, they’re just pedophiles.  Misogynistic?  What’s wrong with wanting women to be happier at home?

I would like to note too that Donald Trump is not Alt-Right.  In fact, the only political ideology which Trump ascribes to is himself.  I have no illusions about who he is.  But when he took Megyn Kelly to task when the supposed conservative blond brought up the “War on Women” idea to him, he cleaned her clock.

If nothing else, it highlights the kind of attitude that the Alt-Right has.  Having observed many prominant people on the Alt-Right, I can say that they are not afraid of the charges of racist, sexism, or “homophobia” and instead of trying to prove themselves to their ideological enemies, instead focus on attacking them.

Ultimately, the mainstream conservative movement better embrace the Alt-Right or get out of their way.  Because if you aren’t with them, you’re against them.