Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Idols of Christendom

Christendom has lost its way.  There was a time when people took it so seriously that they fought and died for Jesus.  Kings would acknowledge a higher power than themselves and the lower classes didn’t try to engage in narcissistic behaviors in order to garner unneeded attention.

These days, Americans and Europeans have their own gods which have replaced God.  They are groups or ideas which are considered “untouchable” by the mainstream culture and to bring any criticism to them brings nothing but miserly and public shaming to the offenders.


Women are considered sacred in nearly all political ideologies.  Whether it is the feminists on the Left who demand equality to the Christians on the right who bash men for not paying their unfairly high alimony or child support.

You cannot criticize women. If they are incompentent workers, you are told that it has nothing to do with them but with the people around them.  If they are terrible mothers, it is the fault of the father.

Whenever you hear a man call his wife “his better half” or degrade himself in comparison to his wife, this is idolatry.  Christian men, of all people, should know better.

Unfortunately, whenever you say something that is counter to the narrative that women are goddesses, you are met with ire and disdain.  The sheer volume of pussy worship that occurs within Christian circles alone could be documented and written into a book.

If you really want women to be better people, you need to treat them like people.  Understand that they too have flaws, though their flaws are very different from the flaws of men, and understand how their brains are wired.


Pretty much everything you say against a Jew is considered anti-semitic, which is a special term Jews created to accuse people of racism.  Often times, they point to the Holocaust as justification for dismissing any criticism of Jewish culture.

Yes, Jews are in many of the upper echolons of power in the US.  We see them in Hollywood, various news outlets, in courts (3 Supreme Court Justices are Jewish), and in politics.  This is not because of some weird conspiracy to conquer the West but largely because they have a higher linguistic IQ than all other races.

Anytime you hear of someone shouting about the Jews in Hollywood producing porn or filth, we are told that they are mentally ill or closet Nazis.

I’ve seen conservative spout hatred toward libertarians because they are “anti-Israel” largely because don’t want to send tax dollars abroad.  I’ve seen people on the Left criticize the right for being pro-Jews-in-ovens.

The Nazis, despite not having the largest body count in the last century, are considered the most evil of organizations with Hitler literally regarded as the devil.  By writing that last sentence, people will probably assume I’m pro-Nazi.  I’m not but that is how ridiculous this mindset has become.


Blacks are never portrayed as outright evil in any current entertainment culture.  They are always portrayed as confident, well-rounded individuals who have their shit together and provide a kind of stablizing aura to the white idiots.

If they are portrayed as gang-bangers, it is usually either the gang-banger with the heart of gold or driven to such a lifestyle because of poverty.  They are never portrayed as maniacs who rape women and then feed them to alligators.

Blacks have been used recently to replace all Ginger (or ultra-white) characters in most superhero shows and movies.  In the UK, it’s worse as black actors and actoresses are used in place of white ones for historical pieces.  Kind of like what Stalin did in the USSR.

Any criticism of black people, from highlighting their disproportionately high crime rates to their perpetual poverty to their propensity to violence and tribalism to their collectively low-IQ in comparison to whites is considered racist and hate-speech.


The sexual deviants are considered the norm these days.  If you are a straight person, especially a straight man, you are “other” and therefore an oppressor.

If you look at the most common porn habits of the US, lesbian porn is the most viewed.  If you look at real lesbians, you’d find higher obesity rates and higher domestic violence rates.

Gay men have more sexual partners in a year than straight men have in their lifetime.  They have so much anal sex that their intestines start to fall out and their digestion is damaged.  And let’s not forget that AIDS is still primarily a gay man’s disease.  One that was easily avoidable.

If you view them as sinful or just plain disgusting, you will face serious social shaming and you may even face criminal charges.  Not allowing for gay marriages, whether its photography, dildo cakes, or locations is a violation of civil rights.

Apparently, civil rights now includes the right to cum into whatever thing you wish to do so.

It would be one thing if it was all in private.  But apparently narcissism is a common trait of many sexual deviants and so they can’t keep it in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, 63% of Americans have no problems with X-rated parades or sexualizing children.


Democracy is the belief that everyone should vote on their government.  Unfortunately, this assumes that people are rational, selfless, and sane.  This could not be further from the truth, of course, so when the majority of people vote, they tend to vote for legalized pillaging of those they envy.

The US sends missionaries out to promote democracy worldwide.  Despite the fact that democracy isn’t the best solution in countries where the majority of people there have an IQ below 90.

It is considered to be the gold standard of government when for centuries of recorded history, most societies have faired better with a small elite few managing them.

I’m agnostic on government types.  Should I find myself under a king or dictator, it’s not that important to me.  But to say that democracy is the be all, end all while not seriously considering the alternatives is silly.   And any public condemnations of it is largely forbidden worldwide.

There are other idols in the West of course, but these are the main ones.  These are our gods that we have replaced with Jesus and God the Father.  It is no wonder that He has probably forsaken us and watches in sadness as our children are run over by Islamic barbarians in the streets.