Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Here's Another Group of Guys Who Deserve to be Tossed Out of Helicopters

First listen to some of the following video, courtesy of the TheBechtloff, which is a debate between Matt Forney and Beardson Beardly:

Okay, I lied, it wasn't a debate. There were no logic, reason, or rational thinking coming from Beardson. Instead, we had a total and complete loser who has to lie about everything yelling at Matt Forney for not being Beardson Beardly.

That is really what the debate boils down to. You have a man who is so jealous of another man's modest success in an increasingly popular political movement looking to knock him down a notch. In other words, Beardson Beardly suffers from a vice primarily afflicting women: Envy.

Any average, normal person would listen to that dialog and view Beardson as a reprehensible dirtbag who produces no entertainment value. He has to instead troll and verbally attack others who have done a better job than him and when he is called to account, he instead behaves like a child. Because he never matured beyond the teenage years.

Don't believe anything Beardson says about himself. Within the video itself, he contradicts himself and he doesn't care. Don't bother to tweet at him or debate him or others like him. There is no point because narcissists like him feed off attention.

The best way to deal with such men is to simply ignore them. Don't acknowledge, don't talk to them, and don't believe a damn thing they say. They are degenerates who celebrate the destruction of others with no regard to themselves.

If they were in ISIS controlled territories, they would be tossed off of rooftops, not for being homosexual, but for being themselves. There is a reason that disobedient children in ancient Israel were stoned to death. Beardson represents why.