Thursday, August 18, 2016

Utility Does Not Derive Morality

Mainstream American culture by and large rejects God.  At best, God is an apathetic pro-sodomy deity with limited powers and is generally a wussy (see this past season of Supernatural for an example).  The very idea that God has His own rules which He expects all of us to follow, beyond the natural laws which cannot be violated, seems to generate feelings a rage or hatred from most people these days.

So what happens with the absence of God's Law? You create a power vacuum in our society where morality is based on vague notions of emotions and utility. Hence you see all these degenerate morlocks running around squawking "consent is needed" in order to justify every perverse act imaginable.

This kind of thinking crosses all boundaries of political spectrum because we are now no longer allowed to talk about God in public. Talking about God in public means talking about morality, pointing out that all people are sinners, and then hurting the feelings of people who like to wallow in their sin like a pig in its mud. And we can't have hurt feelings after all.

Truth is something that is very hard to come by these days. Instead of telling the Truth, that Jesus came and died for ours sins and we must strive to be perfect once accepting Him, we are marginalized as fanatics or zealots. Frankly, I'd rather be a zealot than a faggot.

So instead of deriving our morality from God, we instead look to utility. Did the two men consent to sucking each other's dick? Did the adult son consent to the sexual advances of his estranged mother? Can a six-year-old consent to sex?

And yet, there are people out there (for lack of a more eloquent term, let's call them "assholes") who view the world exactly like that. They seek to destroy children, either through education or molestation, and they have no qualms about ruining people's lives if they vocally disagree. If they had total power, they would round people up and slaughter them for the "sin" of disagreeing with them.

I've said in the past that economics is not morality nor can any moral code be derived from it. The same applies to utility. Because you can justify anything through utility (did it make you happy?).

It is high time we call all Christians, both devout and casual, to come back to God in a big way. Because we already are seeing the alternatives, which involve promoting gay pride parades, murdering unborn children, and allowing freaks to engage in carnal relations with non-humans.

A society built on God and His Son suddenly finds itself falling apart after rejecting Him. There should have been a book written on this somewhere....