Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ramblings on Morality, Welfare, and Libertarians

One of the main reasons I am no longer libertarian is because libertarians tend to equate morality as being based on either science or economics.

Well, the secular ones do at least.  This is especially true among so-called “left-libertarians” where consent is morality and anything is valid so long as it brings no harm to others in a physical or financial way.

And so we end up with morons arguing that it is morally acceptable to masturbate to porn on a commercial airplane.

Morality isn’t derived from economic theory or scientific experiments.  It comes from the overriding culture under which you live and that moral code largely comes from the religion that dominates it.

There is a commonality between moral codes.  Of course, most people here in the West don’t stone rape victims like they do in Iran but at the same time, we both agree that murder is evil.  Of course, we’re both flexible in our definitions of murder.

My point is, libertarians seem to think that by removing the influence of the State, somehow people will become more rational, moral, and responsible.

I believe the opposite but I agree with their belief that there should be less government if only because I believe that people deserve to suffer for the consequences of their actions.  Domestically, the government protects people of all races, classes, and sexes from the consequences of their actions.

From bailing out banks to cutting a check to a mother of six from six different men, the government never lets people suffer the consequences of their stupid, irrational actions.

Unless, of course, you’re a white man, which is a different matter altogether.

I don’t believe that it will make people better, anymore than democracy has clearly not made people smarter or religion has made people good.

But it will hold them accountable for their terrible decisions.

And I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being shamed and robbed to make the stupid and irresponsible people of our country feel better about their shitty lives.