Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Child of the Fruit or the Heart?

Was it eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that was Adam and Eve’s sin or was it something else?

This is a rhetorical question because the answer is both.  Eating the fruit and the desire to become like God were both sins against God.  But the intention came before the act.

This is key.  The sin of Adam and Eve was not a desire for knowledge so much as it was a desire to become like God.  It was pride.

God judges the heart.  He looks at who you are, not so much what you’ve done because our desires and thoughts come before our actions.

But still, to this day, there are people who insist that people are naturally good and that it is external things which make them bad.  Generally, it is communists who argue this but the same can be said for social conservatives, libertarians, and most other political ideologies.

The idea is that if we remove ‘X’ (‘X’ being anything that is external to human thought), then people will stop doing ‘Y’ (‘Y’ being anything bad that humans do).  The Left tends to focus on external causes for the failing world from poverty to carbon dioxide.  In their moral worldview, only white, straight, Christian men are born with original sin and must be redeemed through government skools and overpaid non-STEM professor lectures.

On the Right, we see people blaming No-Fault divorce for the high divorce rates, never the women who nuke their families because they’re unhaaapy, blame technology for the rise in porn use, and blame government for inequality.

This is largely why I have much less interest in politics these days and consider myself Anti-Utopian.  I believe that no matter what system of governance you live under, no matter what economic system you live under, and no matter what religion you live under, people are generally shitty. And that means that no matter what, nothing you can do will fix humanity.

So ask yourself, are you a child of the fruit, who blames the inanimate objects for the problems of humanity, or a child of the heart, who blames the problem with people on the sinful desires of people?