Friday, January 1, 2016

Possibly a Good Year

It’s going to be a fun year for the West, especially in the United States.  Let me list the ways:

  • We have a showdown between the SJWs and everyone normal in the Science Fiction and Fantasy literature world.  Yes, the Sad Puppy campaign has been going on for three years now, but last year featured the more radical Rabid Puppies led by Vox Day whose initial goal was to burn down the Hugo awards.  The Sad Puppies had to ask Vox to hold back, so he did.  And the SJW Toristas burned down the awards anyway.  This year should be even more amusing to observe.
  • Already the alternative Right is gaining ground in many areas.  Many of their ideas have gained prominence already in more mainstream publications such as Brietbart and Prison Planet.  The fight against feminism has grown more and more significant as time passes.  More and more people are really starting to question the communist Narrative that has dominated the culture for decades.
  • Donald Trump has been dominating the polls, for the most part, and the Republican primaries and caucuses are about to begin this month.  Should he win, we will see him win the presidency because all the Democrats have is an ugly old tranny, a self-described Socialist, and a failed governor of Maryland.
  • The Deadpool movie.  Seriously, it looks like a lot of fun.
  • I think the second season of Attack on Titan comes out this year.  Last I checked anyway.
  • The increasing awareness that our leaders are selling out us and our children for a bunch of third-world retards.  As they push the envelope more and more, we will see the rise of nationalist movements in Europe effectively dissolving the EU and a surge of nationalism in the United States.  What the results of this will be should be interesting.  But the worse case scenario will not be the takeover by foreign invaders.
  • The debt deflation will really kick off this year.  Well, at least I’m hoping it does and if the price of oil is any indication, it will.

There is a lot to do, no doubt, and everyone should contribute as best they can.  But I have new hope for this year for Western culture.