Saturday, December 19, 2015

Response to 7 Things Your Husband Isn’t Telling You

The Huffington Post has an article listing the seven things men want from their wives.  I’m going to go through them because the article was written by a woman who is their “Divorce Editor”, whatever that means.

1. Men Want their Wives to Say, “I Love You”

Yes, every husband wants to know that his wife loves him.  Women desire their husbands to say this to them frequently so why not husbands?

2. Men Want Their Space, Especially After An Argument

As an introvert, I can agree with this.  But more importantly, men don’t like talking about their feelings.  We consider it to be beneath us to share our feelings with just about anyone.

So after an argument, give us space.  Most of our feelings go away pretty quickly so there’s no need to keep on trying to resolve something that needs time and distance.

3. Men Want Wives To Initiate Sex

This goes to a man being felt attractive and desirable.  Yes, we want to feel those things too for different reasons.

Even more important to us is not being rejected when we make sexual approaches.  It means that our wives still love us and want to be with us.

4. Men Want To be Heard

But when we shout, we’re being mean.

Seriously though, why is a woman writing this article?  Because women don’t want to hear it from men, that’s why.

5. Men Want to be Praised, Appreciated, And Validated

Yes, and most of that involves sex.  Blow jobs are the minimum.

6. Men Want To Be Touched

Again sex.

7. Men Want To Be Respected

Okay, this is an important one.  Men do want to be respected but at the same time, the more Alpha amongst us tend to not care as much.

You have to understand that when a man gets married, he is no longer able to Next his wife.  By “Next”, for those of you who aren’t very sharp, I mean stop his relationship with her and move on.  So when a woman disrespects a man and they aren’t married, he simply moves on.

But marriage removes that option and so a husband desires respect from his wife because it means that she wants to be with him.

Overall, this list is fairly accurate but it tends to treat men like they are women without boobs but a uterus and balls.

And most men are like that.  Which is why a woman had to write this article and provide about 67% of what men really want in their marriages.