Monday, November 30, 2015

The Cuckterians

I used to consider myself a conservative.  Then I realized that conservatives by and large don’t support small government like they claim but only the stuff they don’t like, much like the Left.

Then I considered myself a libertarian.  But this past year has demonstrated to me that libertarians are just as much a bunch of losers as conservatives.  For them, though, it is more a matter of the policies they support which will ultimately cause them to become obsolete.

I’m speaking, of course, of the wide libertarian support of “refugees” and open borders in general.  For some reason, libertarians tend to fall into magic thinking where land masses are what cause people to become civilized.

It is a shear blindness to the true nature of humanity and how fallen we are as a people.  Letting outsiders into a country which allows citizens to vote is pure stupidity because it means that these people who do not have the same values like individual sovereignty will supplant the current culture.

I think libertarians have failed in the same manner that conservatives have because they focused on politics more than culture.  And even their cultural framework lacks a clear-cut religious or, at the very least, moral code which nearly every other culture in the world has.

The problem with political movements in any kind of democratic system is that you need to affect the culture first and foremost in order to get the people voting the way you want them to.  This is why communists were so successful in the West: they simply changed the culture to fit their narrative starting in the 1960s.

And this is how the communists won the West though they lost the Soviet Union in the last century.  They convinced everyone that collectivism was good, that people are groups of genders, races, and sexual orientations rather than individuals and thus were able to divide and conquer.

Now we see the fruits of their labors.  Blacks make up a smaller and smaller minority every year yet too many morons try to prove to them they aren’t racist.  Meanwhile, those same blacks you are supposed to prove yourself to are calling for your head.

The same is true with the “Syrian refugees”.  They are coming here to spread Islam, a religious and political movement that runs counter to Western ideals and definitely runs afoul of libertarian thought.  No, you cannot be a devout Muslim and a libertarian at the same time.  This is because the Muslim method of evangelism runs counter to the non-aggression principle itself, as history has demonstrated time and time again.

This is where ideals meet the real world, which is not so cut and dry.  No, the government is not the cause of all the world’s troubles.  Sin is.  And yet, this simple answer to the existence of evil in the world baffles libertarians to no end.  It never ceases to amaze me how often their rationalizations hamsters run in their heads to avoid the origin of evil altogether.

Ultimately, this is why I’m not a libertarian anymore and I am downright appalled that these morons would rather see Europe and the US overrun by Muslim invaders in order to preserve their precious ideology than build a better country here first.