Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On the Failed Strategy of the Right

For decades now, conservatives and libertarians have tried to proved to the dumb masses that they aren’t racist, sexist, etc.  This has been a futile effort largely because Leftists control the narrative in mainstream culture.

But still many people on the Right try to prove the opposite of the accusations waged against them by the communists on the Left.  Because for some reason, racism or sexism has become a greater crime than murder, arson, theft, or rape.

The trouble with this strategy is that it utterly fails.  It is a defensive strategy that legitimizes the Left’s narrative and thus legitimizes their claims.  When you are under ideological attack, you don’t defend yourself by conceding your opponent’s claims and then go and try to defend yourself against them.  Once a rhetorical accusation has been thrown against you, you cannot simply reason people into thinking that the accusation is false.

Once such allegations are thrown your way, you need to not defend against them.  You need to change the narrative and make your opponent eat their own words.  Think of what Donald Trump did with Megyn Kelly.  This smug woman was trying to paint him as misogynist with her shrewd comments about his insulting remarks toward certain females.  Trump turned the tables on her.  He didn’t even try to prove to her that he wasn’t sexist, just attacked her for bringing it up.

That is the model that needs to be followed when dealing with any Leftist or moderate who is attacking you.  Don’t acknowledge their accusation and instead highlight how stupid they are as a person.

The fact is this: the Left doesn’t actually care if you aren’t racist, sexist, or homophobic and can prove it.  You could be gay, a person of color other than white, have a different race child you adopted, or be a woman yourself.  It doesn’t matter because the nature of the accusations have nothing to do with why they are attacking you.

They are attacking you because you are the enemy to them.  They have drawn an ideological battle line and those insults are mainly there as weapons.  They are amoral words used to target you and paint you as the bad guy for the uninitiated.

And it has worked for them for a long time now.

You have nothing to prove to a Leftist or anyone else regarding your thoughts.  You have to only prove that they are wicked yahoos who seek to tear down civilization rather than let it be run by their opponents.  Yes, these bastards would jump for joy and dance as Western civilization, quite possibly the greatest human civilization the world has seen thus far, burns to the ground.

Do not let them run the narrative.  As soon as they start making ridiculous accusations, simply point out that their claims are those of a raving lunatic and that you’re here to talk about issues, not engage in pointless name-calling.

There are many still who don’t get it.  And the cuckservative title that has been bestowed upon them is fitting as they would rather lose, all the while whining about how they aren’t racist, sexist, etc., then actually put in the effort to win.