Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Season’s Reason

The nature of Jesus is a giant mystery that has plagued many Biblical scholars and other assorted Christian thinkers for centuries.  The main issue is determining who Jesus was exactly, seeing that He was the son of God and at the same time a mortal man.

I believe that when Jesus was first born into our world, for He existed before his birth from Mary, He was born fully human with one additional aspect.  He was the kind of man that all of us were supposed to be.

Recall that when Adam and Eve sinned against God, they created a separation from God for all of humanity.  God Himself would spend time in the Garden of Eden with his new creations.  After the Fall, not even Moses could do that having to settle with viewing God’s back.

Moses himself was given a portion of God’s power.  He hardly used it but was given the freedom to use as he saw fit.  When he misused it, God condemned him and told him that he could not enter the nation of Israel nor lead them to the promised land.

But Jesus was born a human with total access to God and His power.  He had the Holy Spirit upon Him and embodied what was essentially the example of what we should have been.

To me, this is a sobering revelation.  We could have been much, much more in this world but our power, our authority was usurped.  We could have been able to condemn the wind, command the beast, and never starve because food would be plentiful.  Work would be enjoyable, not drudgery, and the world would have been a very different place.

Instead, our headship over this world was taken from us by the greatest coup d'état in the history of mankind.  This world is now under the ownership of Lucifer and his cohorts.  Jesus was merely the first great rebel.  He came to us as the perfect man, one without sin, and with the authority of God backing Him.

He did not misuse his authority but remained obedient to God during His entire Earthly life for to do otherwise would have made Him just another one of us degenerate sinners.

And so we enter the season of celebrating and remembering what God did for us and what His Son did for us.  He entered our world as the perfect human in order to show us what we are supposed to be and to teach us the true ways of God, not through laws or prophecies, but through just practical, simple realities.