Thursday, September 17, 2015

Questions Never Asked in Presidential Debates 2016 Edition

Since we are in Presidential election season already, despite more than a year before a vote will even be cast, I thought it might be good to list questions that no one will ever ask any candidate:

  • Do you believe we should continue to fund various rebel groups in the Middle East and Central Asia?
  • Should foreign aid to all countries be eliminated?
  • When political polls are taken, what percentage of the American voter is polled?
  • What is the estimated percentage of the LGBT population in the US?
  • What is the estimated percentage of the Jewish population in the US?
  • In your own words, define the American culture.
  • Did the barbarians who sacked Rome travel very far?
  • Will you build a border wall between the US and Mexico?
  • Can you explain the relationship between the War on Drugs and mass Mexican migration into the United States?
  • Should mandatory minimum sentences be abolished?
  • Will you commute the sentences of prisoners given long prison sentences for drug related offenses?
  • Is the crackdown on illegal drugs a constitutional exercise?
  • Will you pardon the founder of the Silk Road Ross Ulbricht?  Elaborate as to why or why not.
  • What kind of laws do you plan on vetoing once in office?
  • What commodities or services are commonly removed from the Consumer Price Index calculations?
  • What is the role of the Federal Reserve?
  • Should the role of banks become more intertwined with the business of government than it already has?
  • Should the United States Government continue to issue scientific grants or should it become more selective in how it handles scientific studies?
  • Should people who are on some kind of government income, be it welfare or employment, be allowed to vote?
  • Will you eliminate junk food from being eligible for purchase using food stamps?
  • Will the United States enter a deflationary period, inflationary period, or neither in the next year or so?  Best guess and explain why you believe so.
  • Do you consider Edward Snowden a traitor?  Explain your reasoning.
  • Is Russia or China a military threat to the United States?
  • What percentage of Americans identify themselves as Christian?
  • Should we take in refugees from the Middle East as Europe is doing?
  • Do we have an official alliance with Israel?
  • Do we have an official alliance with Turkey?
  • If Turkey were to become radicalized and attacked Israel, which side would we be obligated to support?
  • Has NAFTA and various other free trade agreements been good for America?
  • Explain Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage and any pitfall or holes in that theory that you may have.
  • Do you believe that alimony and child support are perfectly legal tools to ensure equality between men and women?
  • Which is the greater threat to marriage as an institution to our society: gay marriage or no-fault divorce?
  • Have you or any of your associates ever attended a Bilderberg meeting?
  • Have you ever run a successful business?
  • Is human life sacred and more important than all other forms of life on Earth?
  • Do you believe that there is a war on women and what does it entail?
  • Has the war on poverty succeeded or failed?
  • Has the war on drugs succeeded or failed?
  • Has the war on terrorism succeeded or failed?
  • Was the moon landing faked or was it real?
  • Are you a Christian?  Explain what that means to you.

Of course, the true purpose of these public debates is to prop up the candidates who various elites in the media and political machine want to win.  Tough questions are often never asked, unless they pertain to some common issue of the day.

It would be interesting to see if any of these questions were submitted enough times to get asked by the moderators of these debates.  But that’s a fantasy world without sin.