Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts on my Premature Son and Abortion

I’ve been out of blogging lately but for a good reason.

A month ago, my wife started bleeding while pregnant.  We went to the hospital and her OB/GYN basically stated that it looked like she was going into premature labor.

So she checked in and underwent treatments to help the baby should he be born prematurely.  After about ten days, she had to have an emergency Cesarean and my second son was born.  My wife was 28 weeks pregnant when he was born.

Right now, he’s doing fine and my wife is out of the hospital.  But I’m spending much of my time either working, taking care of my older son, or visiting my little one in the hospital.

Why do I bring all of this up?  Because I like exploiting personal experiences for political messages.

For one thing, 28 weeks is around six months.  A child is viable at this point (there is about an 80% survival rate for 28 weeks).  So whatever your qualms are about abortion, third-trimester abortionists are straight up serial murderers.

Of course, if you view human life as sacred as I do, then abortionists are legalized serial murderers.

My son currently is tiny (two and a half pounds), yet he wants to live, whether it is a conscious thought or not.  He needs help to eat and breathe, but he wants to live.

I cannot understand how communists can think that such a living being is worthless.  It is only through an inhuman level of wickedness that such evil can exist.  Not even God conceived of such things (that’s in the Bible).

Any woman who has an abortion at any stage is unworthy of having children, having a husband, or finding happiness in life.  You murdered your own child because you couldn’t face the consequences of your actions.

And yes, I am aware that pregnancy happens sometimes when women are raped.  However, most rapes are easily preventable through responsible behavior like not getting drunk alone in public, not wearing skimpy clothing (because it’s easier to rape when less clothing gets in the way), and by not going home with strange men.

At the same time, just because you were raped, it does not give you the right to dispose of the another human life who is innocent of what happened to you.

You would think after my wife going through four miscarriages and two children going into the NICU, that we would be more cynical about human life.

In fact, it has merely strengthened my resolve about human life.  I find myself getting more emotional than normal (which is next to none) when I read or hear about people, especially children, dying.

I am appalled at the lack of respect for human life, forget about human dignity.  This is doubly true for Western civilization, as its morality was based in Christianity, which has an inherent respect for human life.

And the folks who identify as progressive or Leftist are the worst.  They view all human life, except their own, as worth less than animals.  Do not compromise with such evil.  Do not make concessions to them.  They are wicked, evil people.

Never forget that.  I don’t as I hold my son and monitor his vitals in the hospital.