Friday, August 28, 2015

Some More Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts I have:

  • Books have been written to explain why a loving and all-powerful God allows evil to exist in His creation.  Yet those who complain about this concept almost never read any of them.  Those few who do often have the theological reasoning of a small child (and the pride of one too).
  • We often pray or hope for big miracles like those seen in the Gospels or in the book of Acts.  Yet many of us forget about the small miracles.  One of mine is the birth of my oldest son, whose umbilical cord was a quarter the size it should have been.  Another is the small miracle of my yet to be born son whose kidneys now appear to be functioning.
  • I don’t know what the world beyond the material one I live in entails.  I don’t pretend to know.  For all I know, what has been written about them is nothing more than some kind of cosmic metaphor for something greater.
  • I don’t know the Father’s Will for me.  Perhaps it’s a simple one.  Or maybe he just has me in a holding position like He did with Moses before said prophet returned to Egypt.  Whatever it is, I will submit to it as best I can because to do otherwise is evil.
  • I have no interest in fixing the world.  I can barely fix my own life or keep up with it.  I imagine that those people who do wish to fix the world are the most messed up people you can meet.
  • Josh Duggar apparently was banging a porn star while his wife was pregnant.  And as a Christian, I consider what he did to be wrong.  But as a random person who doesn’t know him, I cannot pass judgment on him.  If his wife is a typical Churchian woman, then I can see he reasons (Hell, as a man I can see his reasons), but that doesn’t mean I agree with them.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to wrestle with God for a blessing from Him.
  • Feminism is merely the politicization of envy.  Never endorse what is essentially a political movement centered around one of the seven deadly sins.  Incidentally, this is probably why the movement has always had close ties to communism.
  • Communism is merely Socialism backed by the force of government.  This is why I never regard any Leftist political figure as “Socialist” since it require voluntary collectivism.
  • There is a Corporate Elite who rule the West.  Some of them are in government and some run companies that heavily “regulated” by the government.  You’d recognize them by the fact that they all go to the same schools, network with the same people, and often share familial ties.
  • There is an Occult Elite who also rule the West.  They tend to operate in the entertainment industry, often times performing rituals in public which many normal people shrug off and mere imagery.  The truth is, much of it has to do with pagan rituals that invoke some kind of higher power.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of it, much like the priests in Ezekiel’s vision who worshipped the sun from the Lord’s temple.
  • There is some overlap between the Occult Elite and the Corporate Elite, but they are not always the same group.  And never assume that even within these loosely formed groups that there is union.  Their disagreements are what has probably kept them from ruling over all of us directly.
  • Do not bother to seek out companionship.  Simply seek out people.  Accept the people you meet for who they are.  If they leave a bad taste in your mouth, then cut them off.  Never assume that they will change over time.
  • Funny how most people on anti-depressants are usually depressed.
  • Having sex with your wife doesn’t get much easier than having sex with a random stranger.  With children, the logistics get even more insane.  The whole process can be tiresome.