Friday, August 14, 2015

Pro-Life Republican Voters Are Still Suckers

I caught some flak for my last post calling pro-life Republican voters suckers.  Here’s the tweet:

I understand what he means.  I get that you want a candidate who values human life, no matter what stage it is at.

But saying you’re pro-life and demonstrating it are two different things entirely.  The Republican party has, by and large, failed to protect the Unborn in the 42 years since it was forcibly made legal in all 50 states by an unelected body of communist activists in judge’s robes.

And yes, they have had plenty of chances to bring up the case in the Supreme Court, plenty of opportunities to pass a law that outlaws the heinous practice of murdering children to absolve women of the consequences of their bad decisions, and plenty of chances to defund the organizations who promote.

And they have not.  They have done little more than ban partial-birth abortion (later overturned by a communist activist in a black robe) and defunded foreign abortions.  Because American abortions don’t count.

This is not victory.

What should be happening is every year the case against abortion should be brought before the Supreme Court.  Hell, if you can file the case every month, it should be done.

What should be happening is the Sanctity of Life Act should be brought before Congress every year and broadcasted to the people.

And the people who do feel strongly that abortion is an abomination should be working to change the culture to view human life as sacred.  Not lions, giraffes, or any other animal of which we have dominion over, but human life.

Instead our churches don’t even address the issue.  They pay lip service to it.  Our religious organizations do likewise and just tell people who to vote for as churches aren’t allowed to affect the political process since it’s illegal in the eyes of the Federal government (a 1st Amendment violation, I know).

And still, the Republican party continues to claim to be the party of pro-life when they have done nothing to stop it here in America.  They barely fight it at all.

And still, you morons keep voting for a self-described pro-life guy while he uses his cronies to bankrupt America and doesn’t even bother outlaw abortion.