Friday, August 21, 2015

Observations on the Ashley Madison Data Dump

In case you’re living under a rock (which you’re not), you’d know that the Ashley Madison data being held by the hacker group has been released.  While it is still early to get a good index of everyone who signed up for the site, there have been some significant findings so far.  Here are a few of my observations on the whole mess:

  • The majority of people using that site were men.  This doesn’t surprise me in the least.  A woman who wishes to cheat on her husband doesn’t have to do much to achieve that end.  All she has to do is put on a pretty dress and head out to a local bar.  Or text nude pics to the Alpha she pines for.
  • I heard a story of a woman who was using the site because her husband is an invalid.  Her husband has consented to such an arrangement apparently.  Anyway, she was complaining about her reputation being ruined as a result of this.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn.  She’s a gold-digger looking to keep her cuckold husband while being given the freedom of banging other men.  That isn’t a marriage, it’s a business arrangement.
  • Apparently Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar family of 19 children, was a member.  He apparently used his grandmother’s credit card to use the site.  While I was somewhat sympathetic to his “child molestation” stuff as he committed such acts when he was 13, this is certainly bad.  Not that what he did to his sisters wasn’t bad, just that he was a more naïve child when it happened.  He was an adult in this case and should know better.
  • There have been some high ranking government officials who were caught as members on that site.  If this country had any integrity or sense of responsibility, then those people would be fired.  This is because their personal indiscretions could be used against them in an extortion or blackmailing scheme which could endanger American lives.
  • There will be another site like this set up real soon.  It will done in a way that will not allow for hacking, at least whatever technique the hackers used.  This is because an adulterer wants to cheat in an easy and private manner.  Social media provides all that.
  • The company behind Ashley Madison could have shut down the site in compliance with the hackers’ request.  They knew that their site would go down either way, so instead of saving the privacy of their clients, they instead allowed the hackers to get their way and embarrass all their clients.  I smell a lawsuit coming their way.
  • The company behind Ashley Madison apparently charged 20 dollars (roughly) to erase all of your account data form their databases.  It looks like that this was a lie.  That’s another lawsuit coming their way.

Ultimately, this whole ordeal exposes just how morally corrupt our society is.  Granted, there has always been adultery since the beginning of mankind and our predilection to sin.  But the levels at which it has been demonstrated on Ashley Madison is appalling.  Maybe I am a little naïve in all this, but are marriages so bad that people are willing to pay for access to a social network that allows you to engage in extramarital affairs?

I suppose so.  And given that men are the primary users of such sites, it means that most women in the West make for shitty wives.