Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pro-Life Republican Voters Are Suckers

Only suckers vote for Republicans who claim to be pro-life when that is the sole issue on the table.  Pro-life voters, the single issue ones, are essentially the equivalent of black voters to the Democrats.

The fact is, Republicans are really a pro-choice party who pretend to be a pro-life party in order to curry favor from suckers.  This is because Republicans (and Democrats) have overseen the rise of a fascist economy where government and business work together to profit off of the backs of productive taxpayers.

This of course poses a problem for Republicans.  They are supposed to be the party of freedom, but what freedom is there with the collusion of business and government?

And so, they turn to social issues in order to shore up their conservative base.  This is how it has always been going a far back as the 1980s.  Sure Reagan was pro-life (even though he signed the first abortion law as governor of California) but he also grew the size of the government with his drug war and Cold War policies.

In any case, we see that the abortion debate is nothing more than a smokescreen for the average conservative voter.  It is a distraction to allow morons to vote for someone who has no plans on changing the status quo on abortion while at the same time benefiting from pro-choice corporate campaign donations.

I do think abortion should be illegal.  It’s murder and human life is sacred.

But I also think that social issues are solved by cultural, rather than political, shifts.  We have to encourage a culture that holds human life, no matter what stage or how useless, as sacred and something to be protected.

Instead we have a culture that judges human life by the level of usefulness they pose to society.  A baby is worthless and therefore disposable.  Terminally ill people need to die with dignity.

In other words, your value is what you provide for society and tied directly to your right to life.

This is a sick notion and one that I hope is diminished to a few crazies by the time I die.

I’m not optimistic though.