Monday, August 24, 2015

Stock Market Crash and You

Well, the stock market is apparently crashing.  I don’t know the exact numbers, but I do know that we are seeing oil prices less than $40 a barrel.  This is key since the US dollar, while technically fiat, is actually backed by oil.

What this also means is that we are seeing deflation in the economy.  And I predict that deflation will go on the rise, provided no government intervention happens.  Of course, something will happen because world leaders are too hyperactive to not let things just naturally occur.  They have their own interests to look out for along with the interests of the corporate elite whose bribes line their pockets.

So what does the future hold?

It certainly does mean you have to stock up on bottle water (which lowers your testosterone) or canned goods.  I mean, you probably should do that anyway, but not because of a stock market crash.

No, the stock market crash is good for every American who has little to no debt, has more savings, and lives a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Everyone else will probably be screwed.

Despite what you may think or believe, the US economy is run by debt (or what “experts” refer to as “capital”).  This means that it is a operating under a parasitic model whereby productive workers see their wages reduced so that corporate elites can decrease the value of the dollar and cash in on it before the decrease hits all markets.  Essentially, inflation is the tyranny of the corporate elite.

Please note that when I refer to the corporate elite, that I don’t mean all corporate CEOs.  I mean the cabal of corporate executives and government officials (elected or otherwise) who collude with each other to benefit themselves.  Kind of like the overarching plot of True Detective Season 2.

Most of the time these collusions are harmless and generally don’t hurt the average citizen, at least in the short term.  Unfortunately, these collusions do generally result in more debt, which creates more and more inflation.  This is because credit is also money.

Over time, these collusions eventually come to a head and the piper must be paid.  Unfortunately for the American people, the corporate elite would rather sell out your own children in place of owning up to their responsibilities as administrators of failed business endeavors.

So what will happen in the wake of this?  For one thing, President Barack Obama won’t address the issue directly because it doesn’t involve black teenage thugs.  The corporate elite will probably push for either another bailout or they will push for a total war, since those are the only two things that a government can do to remedy an economic collapse.

But I could be wrong.  Perhaps by the end of the week the economy will be strong again and the corporate elite will resume drinking diamonds or whatever it is that they do.

But for the rest of us, who drink coal, we have to be mindful that we do not live in a free market or capitalist economy but instead a fascist one directed by bankers and their butt buddies in government.  Anything we own is subject to confiscation on whatever grounds the corporate elite deem appropriate (see Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

And once you know this, you can begin to vote for the right person.  I don’t know who that is yet, but I’m not supposed to tell you who or how to vote.  I’m just trying to enlighten you to the reality of our economic situation and not let you fall into the trap that I had done for several years.

And to realize that we are not a free nation.