Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jenner and Science Denial

So “Caitlyn” Bruce Jenner was making big headlines earlier this week.  I don’t know much about him other than he was an athlete who decided to get “sex change” surgery and “become” a woman.

So much for science.

I’ve stated this before but it bears repeating: there is nothing you can do if you are born male or born female to change your gender.

Yes, you can take hormones.  Yes, you can mutilate your own body and sculpt to look more like the opposite sex.

But deep down in the depths of your genetic makeup is this pesky XX or XY chromosome that determines your gender.

Yes, I am aware that sometimes people don’t have this chromosome clearly defined.  But Mr. Jenner is not one of them.

Gender is not a social construct.  The social constructs are what we do with women and men as a society, not the actual gender itself.  There is a huge difference there and it needs to be understood that the people pushing Jenner’s “transformation” are confused about this point (or downright wicked demoniacs).

As for me, I prefer to define gender based on genetic science and not based on what an individual “feels” like defining it.

To do so otherwise means that science is subjective, uncertain, and fallacious at best.  While there is a lot about genetic science that we still don’t know, we know enough to be certain that there are key genetic markers that determine gender.

Everyone pushing this idea of gender fluidity is merely a science-denier, pure and simple.

Lately, I have seen a rapid push for so-called transgendered individuals to be accepted much like the homosexuals have been.  I’m not sure what the overall agenda is, but the marching orders don’t appear to be coming from the side of righteousness.

I’m not sure, but I suspect that the inner circle, as depicted by C.S. Lewis in That Hideous Strength, is a very real thing and that they are governed by a powerful demonic force.

People are sinners, yes, but this level of wickedness surpasses your run of the mill porn viewing or condiment theft.  There is something dark and malevolent out there and it appears to have taken hold of mainstream entertainment and many significant world leaders.

Jenner appears to be merely the latest iteration of their plan.  And yes, there appears to be a plan of some kind that doesn’t end well for many of us, should it be fully implemented.