Friday, June 5, 2015

The Conspiracy Against Man

In yesterday’s post, I eluded to the possibility of demonic forces behind the world’s top leaders.  I assure you that I am not a massive conspiracy theorist.  When I say that vaccines might cause autism, I only say that because there have credible witness testimonies to this and because there has been no scientific study into it.  I don’t believe that it is intentional, as people like Alex Jones might.

But I do believe in conspiracies.  The Federal Reserve was created by a conspiracy of bankers and politicians.  Black people were experimented on by the United States military during World War II.  John F. Kennedy was probably killed by a lone gunman but the CIA did have motive to murder him as he was divulging their secrets to every call girl he could his dick into.

My point is, what is happening in the Western world these days seems far more demonic and wicked than anything in history as far as I can tell.  It all seemed to start in the late 1800s and just steamrolled forward.  There were pockets of depravity and immorality here and there, as there have always been, but at some point our leaders decided to direct world affairs in a morally reprehensible manner.

By the middle of the last century, there were mass graves and people being murdered in a brutally efficient manner.  The ideologues of the previous century, who viewed religion as a curse and human beings as resources rather than sentient life, saw the fruits of their ideas come into fruition.

But behind the veil was something inherently demonic in their ideas.  The man behind the curtain seemed to revel in any idea that involved the eradication of Christianity as the dominant force for moral good in the West.  I don’t know who those people are, but we know their mouthpieces.  Marx.  Freud.  Lenin.  Hitler.  Stalin.  Roosevelt.

There are many others of course.  You don’t redirect humanity in the direction of Statism and not have the support of hundreds of thousands of managers and thinkers.

In C.S. Lewis’ book That Hideous Strength, he goes over the organizational structure of the N.I.C.E., which was the institution being lead by Satan (or one of his proxies).  They were a secretive group in their own right, but they had inner circle after inner circle.  One of the main characters sought to infiltrate the group by gaining access to these circles.  The funny thing is, every inner circle believed themselves to be at the center but they never really were at the center until you truly understood what was really running the organization.

When I look at our current cultural norms today, I see nothing but pushes for various wicked behaviors that most people would have scoffed at a century ago and for good reason.  The latest push for transgenderism is largely a push for transhumanism.  Because to be able to change your gender also means you are able to fundamentally change the nature and course of humanity which is what transhumanism is all about.

Seeing the Western world destroy itself by abandoning past traditions and culture is disheartening, especially when you can see it for yourself.  Celebrating a man pretend to be a woman is like seeing a pagan congregation cheer a priest of Cybele on as he throws his newly dislocated penis on her statue.

It’s the same pattern repeated time and time again.  Sure the names change, but the depravity remains the same.  In Biblical times, it was called Moloch.  Today it is called a woman’s choice.

So seeing these behaviors and how they are promoted by the world elite, both in and out of the government, indicates to me that there is a directed conspiracy against man.  And the orders don’t come from men but from the deepest pits of Hell.

Fighting for your culture, your freedom, and your life is more than just fighting the good fight.  You become a crusader of righteousness.

But know the enemy.  Our true enemy is not Barack Obama or the Federal Reserve board or Anita Sarkeesian or Bruce Jenner.  Our true enemy is the king of this world who makes them direct humanity to ruin and despair.

Because he hates us and it amuses him.  Never forget that.