Monday, April 6, 2015

Delusional or Just Plain Idiotic?

Here’s some fun with twitter morons:

It starts with Space Bunny stating that overpopulation is a myth and this guy responds:

I go on and make this comment:

Later, @AmbikaPadmaloch responds:

Of course, it gets better.  This person flat out denies ever stating that the graph has anything to do with overpopulation:

From there I just reiterate that Ambika Padmalochana was posting the graph in response to the original statement of overpopulation being a myth.  I know that the tweet did not literally cry “overpopulation” but any person with a low-triple digit IQ could easily infer that is exactly what this person was saying.

So either this person is stupid, or flat out lying.  Probably some combination of both.

In any case, it was amusing to see it.  Finally Ambika Padmalochana called me an idiot and demanded that I cite Space Bunny’s sources.

This is how the Unmen argue.  They aren’t even half as good and the fictional Unman from whom I derived the term.  They simply are incapable of admitting the truth even when it is staring them right in the face.