Friday, April 3, 2015

Being Anti-Religious Freedom Restoration Act is Pro-Slavery

In case you weren’t paying attention, Indiana passed a law that allows business owners to discriminate against sodomites and carpet lickers.  At least that is the hype in the mainstream press right now.

You see, many business owners got tired of being made slaves of the sacred elite 3% of Americans who demand that their perverted sexual practices be accepted by us “normies”.  In the past, many business owners were sued and fined over not participating in their mock weddings and other assorted activities.

But what most people don’t know is that the law merely allows business owners to use their religion as a defense against a discrimination lawsuit.  So, in essence, it’s not about religious freedom or securing the freedom of association, both rights protected in the Constitution, but merely allowing lawyers to get their dues and have people endure frivolous lawsuits from assholes while claiming that their religion allows them to not cater to assholes.

You see the problem here?  The problem is that Americans have forgotten what it means to be a private property owner and what forced slavery is.  When you force a business owner to do something against his or her will, you are in effect enslaving them.

“But they are getting paid in the process” is the bullshit argument that comes up in the wake of this.  Yes, they probably are getting paid to make a cake featuring two guys blowing each other.  But then again, there were slaves who were paid a wage to do the slave labor they did.

So let’s call what the Lavender Mafia and their assorted allies on the Left out on this.  They are in fact promoting slavery for the sake of overthrowing a religion that tells them they are disgusting.  A religion that is shared by 82% of Americans and one that also served as the basis for the rise of Western Civilization and provided the means for people to find a different way to run their lives besides just conquests and slave labor.

It is a pity that the Indiana Governor caved on this issue.  I don’t know why people feel a need to please Leftists.  They are generally a hateful lot who have no real moral code other than the minority wins, be they the worker, the non-white, or the non-heterosexual.  There isn’t a straight white man that the Leftist sees as a saint while there is a non-straight, non-white person that the Leftist doesn’t think highly of.  Unless said non-straight, non-white person agrees with straight white men who don’t kiss the ass of minorities (and women since women aren’t a minority class but somehow still oppressed by SWMs).

Truth be told, if you think it is okay for men to blow other men or women to go down on other women, I don’t give a damn.  You are wrong if you think it isn’t immoral, but then again, there is a lot wrong with people and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

But to force that opinion on others through the force of law and then require their services for things they disagree with is slavery.  So do not try to tell me that it is wrong for a baker to deny a wedding cake to a gay couple.

You’re just a slaver in my eyes.