Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Unmen Among Us

In the past, I have written about the moral code of the Left.  Basically, it boils down to classes, where people of a certain class are able to commit horrible crimes while people of another are not allowed to do so.  When you apply this standard, the logical conclusion is to demonize those of us in the other class.

This is why hate crimes are considered more heinous than their equivalents when done by members of a minority class.  So when you read or hear about black people murdering and/or raping other people, even non-black people, you do not get the same response from the Left as when a group of white people hurls the word “niggar” at a black person.

Indeed, women and minorities can do no wrong in the eyes of the Left.  Unless, of course, they refuse to tow the ideological line of the Left, which usually involves honoring the overlords of Leftist thought and a hatred of human liberty.  Then they are considered to be part of the majority.  For the Left, race and gender are attitudes and behaviors, not necessarily genetic, which is something that science supports.

I won’t argue that the Leftist is a science-denier, because they will use science to work in their favor.  Like any other ideological group, if it favors their ideals, then it holds up in their ideology.  To deny them is to be a science-denier, despite the fact that the do deny science when it suits them.

An example of this is the idea of transgender individuals.  According to genetic science, most people or either male or female.  Yes, there are abnormalities, but those instances are incredibly rare and usually such people are female.

But most people who are transgender, claim that their genetic code is wrong and that they “feel” like they are of another gender.  The Left currently supports these claims, despite our advanced knowledge of genetics and the mapping of the human genome.

In other words, knowledge is meant to serve them in their minds, not change their minds.  This is the very essence of the Unman, the demon-possessed scientists in C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra, who used its wit and vast knowledge merely as a tool.  When it wasn’t tempting the queen to defy God, it was behaving like a small sociopathic child brutally torturing the animals.

That is the way the Leftist thinks and feels.  They may be well-read, intelligent, and generally likable.  But this is a mask.  Left on their own, they behave like rabid, abhorrent animals.  We see cracks of this once in a while when they do performance art where women will menstruate on canvas or men will place a cross in a jar of urine (here’s a hint: it isn’t art if everybody can do it).

They are so full of hatred, paranoia, envy, greed, and pride that anything good or wholesome is oppressive to them because it is supported by those not like them.

If evolution were true (I am an evolution skeptic), then it would be in our interest as a species to out-breed them, out think them, and ultimately banish them to some other continent and see what creatures they become in a million years.  But that would be inhuman and the vast majority of us who see these people look upon them with pity, not hatred or contempt.

Yes, their actions are contemptible, like when they got rid of health insurance plans so everyone could afford them, but they themselves are to be pitied.  They are broken people, wicked to the core but at the same time desperate to get out without knowing how.

So when you encounter a Leftist, be sure to not hold them in contempt.  Don’t let them get away with their contemptible actions, but remember that they are the Unmen among us.