Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The New Saints of the Left: Transgendered

The Social Justice Warriors aka Low-Church Leftists aka Left-wing Pawns have lately taken up the cause of transgendered people.  The entertainment industry has followed suit with television shows taking a serious look at the issue to video games who feature such characters to transgender characters in fantasy table top games.

It has gotten worse.  With the Left, it always boils down to insults, death threats, and hatred being thrown at their opponents, even moderates.  I heard a story about a lesbian porn actress who does not do scenes with men at all and how she was asked to a scene with a pre-op transsexual male.  She refused because she likes her women dickless.  In response to this, many people started calling her “transphobic”.

Now, I’m not into porn.  I do watch id occasionally (in Churchianity terms, this is adultery although I consider a slip up of a fallen man), so I don’t know much about the industry itself.  But I would imagine that like any other business, the actors and actresses are offered money on a scaling system where freakier or rarer acts of sex are given more money.  My guess is that this actress would have been paid more to bang a dude with boobs but she outright refused because she doesn’t want to do it.

You know I like my women to come without dicks as well.  Does that make me transphobic?

Apparently it does.  In a video released by a gay movie reviewer on Channel Awesome, he explicitly stated that being shocked that a woman you are about to have sex with was a dude is transphobia.

I thought these social justice warriors believed that getting sex through fraudulent means was rape?  I mean, the state of New Jersey is seriously considering passing a law to this effect.

Oh wait, that only applies to ugly white men when they do it to slightly prettier women (usually white).

Look, I don’t care much for transgendered people.  I personally believe that if you are born a man or born a woman, no amount of mutilation or hormones can change your gender.  Yes there are cases where people are born genetically male but have female organs but those are rare occurrences.  In those specific cases, I would consider them to be female anyway since they usually have XXY instead of either XY or XX chromosome structures (if my high school biology classes were correct).

But people who intentionally destroy their bodies to try and pretend to be another sex are a whole other matter entirely.  I have pity for them.  I hope that they can overcome their insecurities through other means.

But at the same time, I don’t consider them saints.  But the Left does.  They are looked upon as the newly sacred minority class that we cannot criticize and must accept every crazy idea from.

Do not succumb to them in this endeavor.