Tuesday, February 17, 2015

French Jews Meet the Leftist Moral Code

So a recent video was released of Jews in France being harassed while walking down the city streets in a similar fashion to the female reporter who was harassed in the streets of New York.  While I do not support the actions of the folks who harassed this person, I do have reservations about it.

Western society has this foolish notion that as long as we all live in the same area, everyone of different creeds, cultures, and races will get along nicely.  That civilization is merely a material construct and has nothing to do with the founding culture of said civilization.

In other words, the aristocratic elite who run the Western world (not necessarily the elected officials) believe that if you just expose barbarians to modern culture, they will modernize, give up old hatreds, and generally become productive members of society.

When that breaks down, they blame the lack of opportunities for work or racism for the violent and outright anti-social behavior of said groups.  You are hard pressed to find news reports that refer to the French shooters as “Islamic” or “Muslim” in many cases.

This is largely because of the Leftist moral code that is prevalent amongst the aristocrats.  They believe that minority groups are morally superior to majority groups because the majority groups are oppressive, nepotistic, and downright racist.  So no matter how many acts of violence or brutality are committed by these people, they are saints compared to the majority class of citizens.

Jews generally fall into the category of minority class since they tend to be perpetual sojourners in foreign lands.  I say this because right now there is literally a whole nation of prosperous Jewish people who are more than willing to accept the Jews scattered across the rest of the world right now into their country.  And the Jews who live in foreign countries tend to keep things within the tribe despite being a several generations immigrant.

This is not a criticism against Jewish people.  I am all for a group keeping their religious traditions and culture intact.  But if you are living in a foreign land when there is a country or countries who share your culture and religion, would it not be easier to live there?

Then again, I do understand why most minority groups are reluctant to leave.  They have roots.  There are more Jews in New York than in Israel right now.  I get it.

But Europe is not so accommodating.  Despite the best efforts of the Leftist world elite, most Europeans take nationalistic pride in their country and their culture.  The US is a toddler compared to the cultures there.  I would advise many non-French living in France, for example, to leave France.  The same goes for minority peoples in Germany, Italy, and England.  In the next few decades, things are going to get worse for you.

In the US, however, we will probably see the country break up into smaller countries.  The invaders have largely won and taken over.  Rural California is basically a third world hellhole much like the rural areas of Latin America.  And too many Hispanics are demanding the re-conquest of the southwestern US.

What will probably happen is you’ll see more and more minority groups assert their dominance in certain areas of the US while in Europe they will flee back to their home countries.  It won’t necessarily be a peaceful process either.

On the bright side, it will prove the futility of the Leftist Moral Code.