Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frozen Eggs for Bitter Career Women

There is nothing worse than the effects of feminism on display:

Human egg freezing is going mainstream. The biggest reason: it works. A handful of studies suggest the success rate for women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) is just as high when using frozen eggs as fresh ones. The results increase the flexibility and control women can have in their reproduction and their careers.

Men don’t have this luxury.  We are unable to have any reproductive rights whatsoever.

In fact, if a career woman decides to have a baby, unfreezes some of her eggs, fertilizes them with a sperm donor, will said donor be on the hook for child support?

He probably will be.  Hell, we now have a man being charged with child support for a kid who isn’t his.  So that wouldn’t even be a stretch.

As women get older, their fertility problems go up.  That is a fact.  And no, it isn’t just because of the aging eggs she has.  There are a lot of other factors in pregnancy which makes it dangerous later on in life for both the mother and the child.

This kind of attitude will backfire.  We already are seeing a generation of men raised by women.  Can you imagine a generation of men raised by older, bitter career women?