Monday, February 2, 2015

Pro-Vaccine is Anti-Freedom

My parents were dutiful ones when it came to raising their children.  They made sure I got all of my shots as recommended by the doctors, made sure I brushed my teeth, and taught me standard hygiene.  As a result, I grew up a mostly healthy kid into a competent adult.

When my wife was pregnant, we looked over the vaccine schedule.  My wife and I compared it to the schedule that we were under and realized that the current US vaccine schedule was utterly insane.  By the age of six, children are scheduled to have 38 immunizations compared to when I was a kid where it was only 10.

So my wife and I made a conscious decision to provide our son with a limited vaccine schedule.  We also held off on any vaccination for 1 and a half years.  Then we gave him a DTAP.  We tried to provide just a tetanus vaccination, but those don’t exist anymore.  More recently, we had him get an MMR shot.  We will probably finish off the DTAP schedule and get him a polio shot after this.

But we refuse most vaccinations for our son.  We believe that most of them aren’t necessary, that the benefits of the vaccines are negligible given the nature of the diseases, how they are contracted, and if any treatments are available for them.  We immunized my son against tetanus because he is an active toddler and because there is no treatment for it.  We opted for MMR because measles can cause blindness if contracted.  Polio has a rare chance of causing paralysis.

Other than that, we saw no reason to get any of the other vaccines.  Not yet anyway.

But the shit we received from doctors and other professionals over this is astounding.  Pediatricians have attempted many times to scare my wife and I into vaccinating our son.  Not convince with logic and reason, but appeal to primal fear of losing our son to some exotic disease he has little chance of getting.

It enrages me when people do that to me.  They fear monger and treat me like I’m a moron who can’t make decisions for myself.  There is nothing more off-putting than that.  And it only serves to cement my stance further.

That is what I face when I deal with pediatricians every time my son goes in for a check-up: fear mongering.  And to make matters worse, they provide no literature on the topic.  They don’t bother to share full disclosure of the effectiveness of vaccines, the exact nature of the diseases they are trying to prevent, nor anything on how it is contracted.  Just fear.

Fuck them and their fear.

Ever since measles has spread in Disneyland, largely as a result of Obama’s – and his predecessors’ –immigration policies, we are seeing more and more tyranny come out of the pro-vaccine side.  They are a bunch of hysterical moral busybodies who literally desire to have children forcibly vaccinated or face government sanctions of some kind.

I won’t stand for it.  Fuck all of you who want to take my kid away for not vaccinating him enough.  You are tyrants and assholes.  You are the reason that the United States is no longer a great or free nation.  It is a nation run by fear, envy, greed, and idiocy.

To be pro-vaccine is to be anti-freedom, pure and simple.

All I wanted was to be able to raise my son as I saw fit.  My wife is a stay at home mom and I’m a diligent producer.  My son enjoys the company of his mother almost all the time.  Every illness he has contracted has not been one covered by a vaccine.  And he has little chance of spreading any disease to other children who are vaccinated.  Because that’s what they are there for.

You cannot be pro-vaccine and pro-freedom anymore.  Keep in mind that this was a line that was drawn in the sand.  You are now no longer to deviate from the vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC and are instead required to follow it without question.

Fuck all of you who want to take my kid away.  You people are sick bastards.  If you ever try anything like this, violence will result.