Monday, February 9, 2015

There is no Lessor Evil in American Politics

So I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today as I was driving around for lunch and he actually something interesting to say.  I haven’t listened to him regularly for a long time now, mostly because he is a self-admitted water carrier for the Republican party and because of his ardent opposition to Ron Paul.

Today he was mentioning how he had said that a Hilary Clinton/Jeb Bush ticket is not a far-fetched concept.  He indicated that on the top three issues in the nation, both are in agreement: immigration reform, Common Core, and Obamacare.  He added today that Wall Street is in agreement that if Jeb runs against Hilary, they’ll win either way.

He went on to talk about how Wall Street received much of the new money created by the Federal Reserve, which is why there is a much larger wealth gap in this country.  You read all about it here.

I was actually stunned by his statements today.  Usually he is someone who will say that we have to vote Republican no matter who is running in order to beat the Democrats.  Naturally, the Democrats are usually the greater of two evils and voting for them is like putting your country in front of a fast-moving train while the Republicans promise a slightly slower train.

The fact that he is admitting that Wall Street isn’t capitalist, that both party frontrunners right now are basically the same, was incredibly shocking to me.  I don’t know if he is sticking his finger in the air and seeing where the wind blows, as he never struck me as someone who does that, but he certainly was getting things right with this rant.  Like Ron Paul right.

The fact is, there is no lessor evil when it comes to the two parties at this point.  Maybe each party stood for something different a few decades ago, but the Bush dynasty pretty much changed all that.  Starting with Bush the Patriarch, we see the blurring of the two party system we are under.

The fact is, there has been very little distinction between the two parties who dominate the current political landscape for quite a few years now.  Remember what Boehner said right after Obamacare was passed?  He said that the Republicans weren’t going to repeal all of it.  In essence, he was saying he voted against it because it wasn’t a Republican bill.

There is a huge problem with this.  When the American people can no longer distinguish between the two major parties and what they represent, where even a Republican water carrier like Limbaugh can even see it, we find rampant dissatisfaction.  With this level of dissatisfaction, we will begin to revolutions sweep across the nation as more and more people begin to show their disgust of the idiots in the Capitol and Whitehouse.

It probably won’t be a violent revolution.  At first at least.  It will probably start out with third party candidates taking over localities and state governments.  When people vote for a local candidate who is either Democrat or Republican, they aren’t thinking of that particular candidate per se, but thinking on a national level.  So if both parties are doing the same things against the American people at a national level, it stands to reason that they will revolt in mass.

Things may already be going in that direction anyway.  Wall Street has long been out of touch with the rest of the American people and it appears, as Rush Limbaugh surmised, that they are the ones controlling both parties.  They want things like Obamacare and mass migration and stupidified education programs because it eliminates potential competition.

This is what happens when there are no lessor of two evils in our two party system.  There is only the same evil in two parties.  As Vox Day puts it, it is a bifactional ruling class.  And it is has been like that for a while now.

So don’t even engage the lessor of two evils argument with others.  Simply respond that even Rush Limbaugh admits that they are both the same evil just with different animal icons.