Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote for Yourself Tomorrow

Well, it’s Election Day tomorrow here in the United States.  It is significant because this is the last mid-term election before President Obama will be forced to step down due to term limits (hopefully).

Already there are reports from Left-wing biased media outlets that the Republicans are going to make gains in the House and the Senate, quite possibly taking over the simple majority in the Senate.  Even now many pundits are stressing the importance of voting Republican, often citing President Obama’s own failures and tyrannies (both of which are numerous) as President.

As a political nihilist, I oppose voting for either faction since both generally agree on at least 67% of an agenda that is decidedly pro-Statist and pro-corporatist.  On most important issues, the only reason one party opposes it is mainly because the other party supports it.  Ideology is a foreign, abstract, and unusable concept for a politician.

So what am I going to do?

For one thing, I am not going to abstain from voting.  I am going to do something that is equally pointless, but still has the appearance of participation.  I am going to write my own name into the ballot on each candidate position.

For every referendum that comes up, I am going to vote against government expansions of power, especially anything that involves taking out bonds to fund projects, because these jackasses will just squander and/or embezzle the money anyway.

I encourage everyone else to do the same.  Vote for yourself.  You know how to run your life and you shouldn’t have to wait for words of opportunistic weasels who are basically a bunch of failed lawyers, which is a parasitic career in and of itself.

You can do better than Republican or Democrat or any third party.  You are the smallest minority in the world (the individual) and therefore you should vote for yourself.

You can’t really trust anyone else, can you?