Friday, October 31, 2014

The Moral Code of the Left

It has been said that the Leftists do not have an objective morality or rather that they do not abide by one.  This is usually a criticism brought about by people on the Right as a form rational disqualification in order to explain to their followers why Leftists do what they do.

I argue that no group of people can have an 100% subjective moral code.  You either will have an objective moral code or will be entirely immoral.

I don’t believe that the Left is immoral either.  Not in the sense that they lack an objective moral code anyway.  I believe that they have an objective moral code, but it is one that is alien to the common Judeo-Christian morality and so it appears to be immoral.

In truth, their morality is derived from the power and influence of a collective elite, not from a philosophical standard or religious decree.  Yes, it does adjust itself from time to time, but this is because the elite changes the rules as they see fit.

Feminism, for example, was largely a racist philosophy back in the day (like turn of the last century).  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies and wanted abortion legalized in order to eliminate the Negro population.

As the civil rights movement took hold in the 50s and 60s, we saw a shift in Leftists attitudes and so today opponents of feminism are often labeled as both misogynists and racists.

The Leftist morality starts with the sin of envy.  The entire foundation of their moral code is one based in that savage vice that seeks to destroy those who have accomplishments and talent.  The power elite in Leftists circles always starts with envy in mind in order to rally their dumb masses.

Everything about their standards is about being a victim.  Ever since Leftism first gained significant political influence, the highest virtue one could hold was being a victim.  You were a victim of the business owner.  You were a victim of sexism.  Of racism.  Of whatever new form of collective injustice they can think up.

So to move up in the ranks and obtain power within the Leftist hierarchy, one only need to play the victim card as much as possible.  The sad thing is, though, is that the true power brokers behind the movement really don’t give a damn about their followers.  For them, it is about taking power away from those who have it.

This moral code is much less rigid than the moral code of the common man.  It allows for just about any kind of vice to be made into a virtue provided the victim label is stamped on it and approved by the overlords of Leftism.  That is why they will support sexual deviancy and even promote it.  The overlords have decreed that gays are an oppressed group (never mind that they have never been segregated, lynched, or otherwise ostracized to the degree that other groups were) and so promoting them and praising them for their ability to suck cock is a moral good.

So for those of use who are not living under their moral code, we must understand that they have a moral code; that it is just so alien to us that it appears to be immoral.  If they were completely immoral degenerates, then they would have never gained any traction in any political movement at all.  And right now they control nearly all forms of entertainment and nearly all major government agencies.  Immoral people could not achieve that.