Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It Never Was and Never Shall Be

Here’s my campaign platform, if I were to run for President:

  • I will veto every bill that is passed by Congress.  Only super-majority bills will become law under my administration.
  • I will refuse to appoint heads of state for useless agencies such Health and Human Services, Energy, or Education.  Instead I will fire the whole lot of them and sell their assets to pay down the national debt.
  • All members of the Federal Reserve will be arrested for fraud and tried as such.
  • All foreign military bases will be closed down.  Their contents will be sold and their weapons will be stored in the Whitehouse for safe keeping.
  • The borders will be shut down.  All visas will be denied.  Any American who wishes to travel across borders will be free to do so and will not be denied re-entry.  The military will be placed on the borders with shoot to kill orders.
  • All drugs will be legalized by the abolishment of all drug enforcement.
  • No military offense will take place without either a declaration of war or a letter of marque and reprisal from Congress.
  • All allegations of fraud in Wall Street will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.
  • All forms of taxation will be abolished save a national sales tax and tariffs on all imports.
  • Food technologies will be further investigated by independent organizations and any problems found will result in criminal charges to those responsible.
  • The heads of all law enforcement agencies will be forced to resign.  In their place will be competent men who don’t play games.
  • Any government officials who have close ties to the industry they are regulating will be summarily fired.
  • All intelligence agencies will be abolished.
  • All Federal Law enforcement agencies, save the U.S. Marshals, will be eliminated.  The U.S. Marshals will be there to see to it that criminals are properly transported across state lines.
  • The safety of the American people will be the responsibility of the individual.  Therefore they will be allowed to own any kind of gun, explosive, or any other weapon they wish to own.  No Federal agent will stop them.
  • Any politician caught getting campaign money from foreign sources or multi-national corporations will be tried for treason.
  • Any attack on our border patrol along the Mexican border will be regarded as an act of war by Mexico and be treated as such.
  • The budget will be balanced.  Even if the projected revenues do not meet the initial budgetary requirements.
  • The national debt holdings by the various Federal agencies and the Federal Reserve will be eliminated.
  • A competing currency, backed by gold, will be introduced.

None of these promises are perfect and will not bring about any kind of Utopia.  They are just polite suggestions.