Monday, September 8, 2014

Are You Ready For Some Politically Left FOOTBALL!?!

In yet more proof that American football is no longer the territory of masculinity, the Baltimore Ravens have dropped Ray Rice.  All for the crime of defending himself from being attacked by his then girlfriend (and now current wife).

I have long lost interest in football, beyond a passing one, as it no longer excites me.  And now that the NFL is literally telling people it is illegal to talk about the games without their consent and making their players wear pink to raise breast cancer awareness, I’ve found that my lost interest was not unjustified.

Modern football is nothing more than a cheap distraction to sell junk to gullible morons.  How does a one-hour game take three hours?  Could it have something to do with their “Sprint Halftime Reports” or their cuts to commercial breaks after just about every play?

And now in the latest in the soap opera that is the NFL, a player defended himself from a physically aggressive wife.  And the politically correct Leftists who run the NFL decided to make an example out of him and dropped him.

Look, I’m not saying that Ray Rice is a saint.  But his woman isn’t an angel either.  She was dumb enough to attack a professional athlete without any thought to the repercussions.  I’m in good shape myself and I’m not that stupid.

The fact is, when it comes to domestic violence, men and women are equals except in one regard: women are more likely to send their men to the hospital than men are.  This is a statistical fact because more often than not, a man will not fight back except to maybe try and catch the hot frying pan that is heading for his head.

Janay Palmer may have thought that Ray Rice wouldn’t hit her back.  That was her mistake.  And she paid for it.  Many women do make that mistake when they get into an emotional fit and attack something stronger and faster than they will ever hope to be.

Because Leftism has infiltrated nearly every popular institution in the United States, we now have NFL owners dropping players because of alleged domestic abuse.  I know that the NFL can impose their own rules on their players regardless of the law.

But I can also impose my own rules on the NFL by not participating in their bullshit.  You should too.