Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Lawless Nation of Laws

I believe that traffic tickets are nothing more than a scam and busywork for the police force.  And it continues to be proven to me every year:

In Washington, D.C., where issuing traffic citations is a $179 million-a-year business, drivers get speeding tickets for violations they don’t commit and for vehicles they’ve never owned.

Those are among the findings in a 115-page audit of the three city agencies that issued nearly 2.5 million parking and traffic tickets in fiscal 2013, according to a withering report issued Monday by the D.C. inspector general.

While the article focuses on erroneous tickets being issued, the fact that it is considered a “$179 million-a-year business” should come as an insult to good, law-abiding people.  When the law is used as a business rather than to enforce justice, you no longer have a law-abiding leadership or citizenry.

When did the law become a business?  Why are fines used to generate revenue rather than impose reconciliation?

Nobody, not even conservatives and most libertarians, complain about this.  You never hear anyone talk about how speeding tickets and parking tickets are nothing more than a money-making scheme and have nothing to do with safety.

This kind of thing makes me so angry.  It makes me angry because it actually does affect the rest of us.

This nation is a lawless nation with hundreds of thousands of laws.  The Soviets would be proud of us, had they survived.

If there were any justice, any sense of decency in our leaders, the entire government of DC would be rounded up and charged with racketeering charges.